I must remind myself that I am an assassinator. I've killed people for money. I've ruined lives yet I feel no guilt. My midnight blue hair blew in the wind as I tried to constrict its movement with my hand, failing to do so. I must remind myself I cannot be weak and feel pity. I work for a killing machine and I'm proud. I'm Hinata Hyuga.


I woke up screaming. I had that dream again. The one where I was chased by carnivorous toast. Their slogan 'You eat us we'll eat you!' I was afraid to eat toast then. I used to LOVE French toast but I can't eat it anymore. I'm afraid if I eat it, it'll eat me but this time it'll have a French accent. NO TOAST! I glanced at my pretty princess clock. It was 6:00. Yea your probably wondering why I have a pretty princess clock. Well in this household I'm supposed to be the innocent, cutesy, shy one. HELLO I'm 16! No one has a damn (Sorry Emily I know you're gonna hit me now) pretty princess clock.

I sighed and sat up. I kicked the covers from my legs and started walking to my personal shower room. I peeled off my clothes and hopped in the shower. I turned the water on hot but cold water splashed on my bare skin. I jumped at the temperature but soon adjusted. After I took a shower I got in my school uniform. It was a blue skirt with a yellow line going across, a blue shirt with a yellow tie, and blue knee-high socks with a strip of yellow going across the top. I looked in the mirror. 'Why do I always look bad?' I thought. I go to Konoha High, a prestigious high school only for students who get accepted. My best friends are Tenten and Temari. We're all assassins for the group, Bloody Rose.

I walked to school and met up with my friends. They were in the same outfit as me except Tenten's was……modified. On one of our missions she just had to wear her uniform under her year then a bullet pierced right through it. She told everyone that a branch off a tree caught it and ripped. We sat in our homeroom for a mindless 10 minutes. Then something happened... Uh damn it" Temari cursed under her breath. (Too bad your gonna have to find out in the next chapter what it is)

I'm sorry it was extremely short I swear I'll make the next chapter longer