Kevin's Eyes scaned the crowed. The group of students stared back. Kevin then took a deep breath and stepped forward. "YOU'RE Nothing!" He started. "Your useless." Kevin began to breath harder. "You thought you had what it takes. Well, you don't! You're just a baby!" Kevin then looked at his feet. He then swallowed hard and stepped up again. "Your not even worth any." He then looked out into the crowd. "I spent my whole first semester believing everything that Chase told me." The crowd gasped as the finally made the connection. " I thought I deserved everything that he put me through." The crowed of un-amused boys stayed quiet. "I don't want anyone to go through what I did."

"I thought hairs died." One voice broke the silence. Kevin then saw a young boy resembling his old self smirking at him. "Why didn't you fight back?"

"I was scared! He threaten my life… he threaten MY FRIENDS." Kevin yelled. "He ….sexually assaulted me!" Kevin breathed looked at the coach and started to hyperventilate. It had been the first time he had spoke those words in public. It had been only a little over a year , since he had first realized that he was assaulted in that way. A minute later he starred back at the crowed. "Look, This only happen a few years ago." From out of the corner of his eye He saw a figure. He quickly glanced over to see Janis. He then went back to the crowd. "It changed my life ! I was one of you." He said as the crowd came to attention. "That's right!" Kevin spoke up, "It happened at Football camp." The group became quite once again. The coach stepped up and Patted Kevin on the back. Kevin then looked at his watch. He nodded to the coach and raced back towards Janis.

"Sorry." He said as he kissed her. That one kid got to me.

"He got you to admit what really happened." She laughed

"Come on we're going to be late for your meet. I hope I can run after that." he said as he grabbed his bag. Kevin had gotten into cross county do to Janis persuasion. "I know the scouts will be there."

"You'll be fine" She said putting his arm around him. "You look ok."

" I guess I'm getting better. The guys are meeting us , Right."

"They already gotten a table." Janis Laughed. "Nazz had brought muffins and everything." The two headed out to her car. Kevin then grabbed her and kissed her.

"Oh, Your parents heard from the lawyer." Janis said as she got in.


"Chase pled guilty right away."Janis laughed. Kevin then smiled . "Hey, we shouldn't dwell on that right now. Start the car." Kevin then started the car. Janis then looked at her hand. "I really liked the ring she said looking at her promise ring.

"Thanks" Kevin said with a smirk. "It's just until I graduate." They then Kissed again and headed off.