Title: After taste

Pairing: None (Akito/Agito POV)

Genre: Angst

A.N. Recently I started reading the manga for Air Gear and I fell in love with one or should I say two characters. The ever so adorable Akito and Agito and as a result I started writing this one shot for them. Enjoy and please read and review if you have some spare time because after all we know how much writer love reviews. The story is not beta so forgive this pitiful fan writer for her lack of poor grammar.

Disclaimer: Air Gear does not belong to me so please don't sue.

After taste

I survive again today. Yet, no matter how many times I rinse my mouth I could still taste the blood in my mouth and smell the stench of the battle. The glorious after taste of my preys have calmed the beast within me. For years I had known nothing but darkness and death. Everyday I would wake up not knowing if today would be my last day on earth. My world was painted with black and red streaks. My precious road was built on living corpses and I have long forgotten what light felt like. I have long forgotten what freedom taste like because inside my cage there was no freedom and no light would penetrate through my windowless room.

So I can't help but wonder what was my purpose for living then?

"Devour them"

The headache is back and I could hear the echoing of Kaito aniki's voice in my head once more. He was my only source of light. I had always looked up to Kaito aniki since I was a baby because it had always been just the two of us. Ever since I was a little kid I know that I would do anything for Kaito aniki because after all he was the only one who cared enough to spend time with me. Kaito aniki was the person who taught me how to use air treck and gave me my first taste of freedom. Ironically, he was also the person who had kept me inside this cage and locks me up night after night.

Freedom that I had taste so long ago had become a false sense of illusion. My wing was cut off and no matter how high I extend my arm I could never reach the sky again. I was trap in a cage and with each passing second my heart would bleed a little more.

My body would grow colder with each new droplet of blood coming from my enemy. The moment I devour a new prey I would also die a little inside. The insanely low body temperature started to numb my once warm beating heart and I become a killing machine. The magnificent after taste of the human blood cloud my sense and I become the hungry shark that my brother had created. In the end I was and will always be a machine with no regret and no need for human emotions. I will always be a machine whose sole purpose was to kill and to destroy.




They are all things that are as useful to me as having a pair of wings to fly.

"Akito no Agito it is time to go." Commented Kaito.

"Don't worry Akito, I will protect you." I whispered softly as I move my eye patch to the left eye and step out of my cage.