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Kate was…bewildered to say the least. She, among others, had been on the same case for almost three weeks now. Seven murders. Each within two blocks of a little street, believed to be the killers home, or at least his hangout. The problem was that none of the victims had anything to do with each other, save two brothers, who were murdered together.

And so there Kate was. Sitting the corner of a disgusting, unnamed dive in the slums. Locals called it the Love Planet. Not an official business establishment. Most in the area never got permits to conduct anything. But they still did it. Kate's nose drifted over the dull musk of sweat and alcohol, a lot of alcohol. Most of it was simple beer, though a sharp scent of rum and brandy wafted over to her from the adjacent corner. Near the bartender.

People around the Slums were superstitious. Kate saw many walking around with charms, bracelets, and other trinkets. The problem was that here, they all believed. Every last one of them, and they just had to defend themselves, some with guns to be sure. Not the best place for her to slip up. Not on that but the murders. People here thought it was a vampire.

Each victim had two puncture wounds in the neck. Just like in the movies. The DA thought the killer was a vampire lover. Some one so obsessed they actually believed they were a creature of the night. Morons. Kate tried to casually get the attention of one of the waitresses, a blonde woman in a bunny suit, but failed as she snuggled up against a short, chubby man of obvious Italian ancestry. A Ferino.

The Ferino's were a national gang, much like the Hell's Angels but with more legitimate fronts. Few in the precinct even thought of them as a mob, just a wealthy family with a whole lot of nieces and nephews. Some more illegal than others. But they had close ties to another family. The Redgraves.

The Redgraves were a close-knit group and the family they were names after even closer. No one in the DA had anything on them, or even knew who they all were. They were supposedly guns for hire and ran jobs with and for the Ferino's occasionally. They were the mercenaries, mercenaries feared. Kate didn't know anything else about them. Whenever she asked some one all she got was an earful about their prodigal son. Tony.

However secretive the Redgraves were, everyone knew Tony Redgrave. Kate had never seen him but he was known to take jobs solo, jobs a battalion of soldiers wouldn't touch, and come back without a scratch. And he would usually itch for more too. He was a legend. People had apparently seen him when a gigantic tower rose from the ground but the same witnesses said they saw him falling from the top of the tower. Reports all said he had died from the free fall.

Awkwardly brushing her shoulder length blonde hair between her fingers Kate tried to appear shy and uncomfortable, hoping some one would notice her. Once she had some one's attention, it was only a matter of time before she knew what was going on around here.

The door crashed open. Kate could have sworn the thing should've been broken but it swung back with surprising resilience. A young man entered and snickered at the poor door. He refitted his graying pants and shook the rain from outside like a dog. He sauntered towards the bar, running a gloved finger through his silvery hair, allowing it to part above his forehead and drape over the sides of his boyish grin.

She saw him lean in and whisper something to the bartender, who nodded and pointed towards the Ferino in the corner. The boy slapped some coins on the table and moved with the same grace as before.

The girl in the bunny suit was soon on her feet. She rubbed a finger down the boy's chest, along his tight red shirt and along the skintight black material underneath it. Directly under a long silvery chain that disappeared into his shirt. Ignoring her he clapped hands with the Ferino and sat beside him. Kate's head jumped up as she saw a small piece of paper pass between them. A deal was going down. What kind it didn't matter. Legally in a place like this was enough to warrant an arrest, or at least a seizure.

The boys deep blue eyes pierced her as she clicked her safety off. It was impossible that he had heard her but she couldn't help but feel he did. Somehow. Still in character Kate snuggled in beside the boy, across from the Ferino. "Hi, I'm Kate." She announced, as sultry as she could muster.

The boy didn't say anything but the Ferino flashed red. "Enzo. 'xcuse us but we've got business to conclude here." He said sharply. "But don't worry, we'll be around for a while after."

Kate smiled and snuggled closer to the boy, "Really? What kind of business?" She feigned naivety. She couldn't help but notice the boys hand on her gun, she heard the click of her safety and his hand was gone. She froze and her eyes widened.

"I did a job for him." The boy muttered, in a more manly voice than she would have thought a face like that could have had. "Enzo, I'll see you later." The boy pushed her a little and then shoved past her into the bar floor.

"But you're payment…" Enzo protested, "And the night is young."

"My nights over. You can give the money to the orphanage. Those kids need the clothes." The buy uttered.

"But…" Enzo shook his head, "But that's a whole lot for some orphans. Besides you haven't paid the rent on that place in months."

"Fine. Pay the rent for me with it first. Then give it to the kids. I don't need it. Call if you've got any more jobs."

"But…" Enzo flustered after him, "There's a murderer about. Guys been saying it's a vampire, like they exist…"

"You'd be surprised at what's out there Enzo." The boy interjected strongly.

"Don't matter what he thinks he is. People want him taken care of." Enzo finished unceremoniously.

The boy shrugged and walked out the door. Kate started breathing again and looked at Enzo. The Ferino looked scared, or at least too confused to know what he was. Kate put her face back on and was about the pry for information when she felt the sudden urge to follow the boy out the door. She held the feeling in for a little while before bolting after him.

Kate snatched her coat and draped it over her. Walking out into the cold night she looked side to side but the boy was nowhere to be seen. No one else was on the street, save a bum huddled in an open alley. Down the street she saw the crumbled remains of a sad apartment building with red neon on it. It spelled a name, but Kate couldn't tell from that distance and in the rain.

"Lost girlie." A man stumbled onto her, putting his hand over her shoulder. He smelled of alcohol so much Kate choked on it. "Shouldn't be out at night at this time of night." He slurred, "Dangerous 'round her."

Kate pushed him lightly with her hand and moved in the opposite direction trying to use his own drunkenness to her advantage. But he kept a firm grip on her. She struggled harder this time but the man no longer appeared drunk, or any lighter than before. Getting a small chance she dashed down the road quickly.

She soon felt his hand on her head. He ripped her back by the hair. She let of a bloodcurdling scream but that didn't stop him. He jumped on top of her and grinned maliciously. She smacked her hands against his chest, "Oh, now that's nice girlie." He cooed to her then threw his head back and let of a howling laugh.

Kate brought her knee up between his legs and he curled over onto her side and tried to get up. As she ran her ankle became caught in his hand and she fell flat on her face. Reaching back she grabbed her pistol from the back of her pants and raised it to his face. He immediately knew what it was and stopped doing anything. He slowly backed away and then darted into one of the many back alleys. "He sure knows how to woo a lady." A deep voice echoed around her.

Kate spun, her gun cocked and ready. The silver hair boy leant against one of the dirty walls on the side of the street. His eyes rose to meet hers, then they scoured her body before returning. "Nothing hotter than a girl with a gun." He murmured under his breath loud enough for her to hear. He pushed off the wall and stood straight. She looked up at his tall stature.

"It's for protection." She explained waving it away from him. "Can never be too careful around here."

"Oh it's not so bad here. I try to stop most baddies from scheming but I'm a busy guy. You understand?"

Kate laughed, "Yeah, sure. So that deal back in the bar, what was that all about?"

The boy looked up into the sky, "I take care of a problem, I get paid, I go home."

"Sounds illegal?" Kate pressed.

"Sometimes. Usually the law has nothing to say about it. I mean the NYPD doesn't really deal with demons a lot." The boy grinned devilishly.

"I'd like to speak with you about these deals." Kate said.

The boy laughed, "Most girls want to know. But a gentleman doesn't kill and tell."

Kate raised her gun to his level and aimed at his head and flashed her badge, "It wasn't a request."


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