I don' own Devil May Cry

I don' own Devil May Cry


Kate never liked ledges. They seemed very final for some reason, even now as she sat on one, her feet dangling off the thirty some odd floor of a small skyscraper. She peered down, her eyes glowed and she could see the each person's bundle of sweaters and scarves clear enough to make out designers if she actually knew any. The storm that wasn't a storm still raged over New York, though it had settled for high winds rather than massive dumping on snow each morning. Maybe it was better down there, sheltered by civilization and large amounts of concrete housing, it wasn't the jumping down that scared Kate, it was the fact that she just might survive.

Being the demon spawn, or technically, demonically injected human hybrid thing, would do that to a person. Species twenty-six, species eleven and species five. The ones Dante had called Blades, Shadows, and Plasma's. The problem with mad scientists is that they add too much too fast, and Kate's generation, the first of three, were given too much power and became imbalanced. Hence Michaels odd power. Kate didn't know anything about the last two but Dante had surmised that Blades had insanely good senses, as they often dove underground and came up right in front of you, which was attuned to Kate's current powers.

The three generations they had been called. Michael, Kate and their sister had been a part of the first, which was the grandest and largest failure of the three. Kate and Michael were the only two left, and their sister was the only one of the five subjects to die outside of the first twelve years they spent being tested and experimented on. The second generation was the only one to actually fall under the control of whoever designed the tests, all injected with species eleven, the Shadow. After that they tried to mix it up a bit and the third generation came from two different species in different combination across all five patients. Doug and Alex were comprised of what was assumed to be an adolescent Phantom and a Frost, and a Fallen and a Hell Vanguard respectively. No other generation existed after that, and the rest of Doug's generation was dead as well. The researchers did however, begin injecting normal humans with demon blood as well, giving them lesser amounts of superhuman speed and strength, which accounted for the guards they had. Demonic blood and behavior control hormones abound.

Twelve years of captivity and back to the parents so they'd at least grow into human beings with enough compassion not to turn on those that changed them. What they hadn't expected was for Michael to become worldly, and for two of them to become regular old cops.

What they were really looking for was what they called species number one. The final species they learned of they aptly names number one, as it was the most important. It was elusive and on the point of extinction, they surmised only dozens, perhaps fewer, were left. To inject a fetus with species number one blood would create something more powerful than anything they had previously attempted. According to the research they had not come close to finding one, but they'd found what was in ones wake, at a monastery just north of Beijing, it wasn't pretty.

Two days after they had been captured and rescued by Dante Michael was already out with Trish at some fancy restaurant and Doug was using every pull he had at the station to make sure Alex was safe. It left Kate alone for two days; two days to sit and think, and too much thinking makes one a little crazy.

Dante had left again on a little personal mission. Yesterday they all got a call that Caleb still wasn't back yet and that Dante thought something was wrong, so he took the muscle car he apparently owned (or rather, Enzo owned) and was heading down the interstate to Miami. He was going to call when he got there, and again when he found Caleb. Wallace had mentioned wanting to see the wizards faces when Dante barged in.

Speaking of Dante Kate was having a stupid time wrapping her mind around him. She had, despite evidence to the contrary, had always though of him as at least human. The woman from the facility had called him a demon; so had her landlord's wife, who was possessed and deposed of. His actual abilities were beginning to sink in, especially the video where Dante utterly decimated a small army of vampires without a sweat. She was beginning to think that his hyperbole on the King of the Underworld wasn't at all a hyperbole.

Kate wasn't exactly a fan of her manifesting powers. Especially with the noise and smells of New York City enveloping her whenever she closed her eyes. But it helped her hear the approaching footsteps.

"Whatcha doin' up here?" Wallace announced himself with a usual swagger Kate had come to associate with a Redgrave. Kate answered by intently examining the street below. She could feel the vibrations in the air as Wallace shook his head, "Very melodramatic of you. Why don't we go back to the office and talk?" Was that fear in his voice?

"We can talk here." Kate said. She didn't look at Wallace, she didn't need to see him to know he was moving towards her still, quieter than before.

"Alright then." Wallace succumbed, "At least off the ledge?"

Kate pushed herself up and jumped down from the top of the building and leant against the ledge she had been sitting on and crossed her arms disapprovingly.

"So you're a part human, part demon hybrid." Wallace stated.

Kate craned her neck to the left, "Gee, now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks for the pep talk."

"We've been there." Wallace shrugged.

"Has Dante called yet?" Kate changed the subject.

"Yeah," Wallace answered, "He called earlier this morning. He drives fast. And don't change the subject. We're talking about you now."

"I'm fine." Kate muttered.

"Says the woman leaning over the ledge." Wallace said, "Can you imagine finding something like this when you're fourteen?"

"I guess not." Kate muttered again.

"That's when I found out." Wallace explained, "I nearly drank my first girlfriend dry. And look at me now."

"You're psychotic?"

"Relatively speaking. Frankly I'm fine, and given time so will you be." Wallace shrugged and looked away from Kate, "It'll take some time, and things will happen to you that you won't like, but it'll end eventually. Hell you've got about five, six hybrids around you. I had no one until I met Dante. Relatively speaking you're lucky."

"Say relatively more." Kate jested, probably.

"Relatively speaking, you sound like a bitch."

"Ooh, good one." Kate laughed.

So did Wallace.

The next morning Kate woke up in her apartment. She tried really, really hard not to wake Wallace up from beside her. He was part vampire though, and those vampires could be heavy sleepers. She rumbled downstairs into what once was her landlords house and now her official office space for being a detective. Which was awesome.

Kate sat in one of Dante's old leather chairs he had given her. You should have seen her answer the door and have him standing there with a housewarming gift in the form of a chair and a table in one hand, and his sword on his back. Funnier if you were there.

Unlike Dante however, Kate had resigned herself to a modern phone, one with caller i.d and message recording. "Hey." Wallace announced from behind her.

He was shirtless, which didn't help Kate's memory much. Kate slumped against the table and waited.

"I should go?" Wallace thumbed in the direction of the door.

Kate sighed a little; her mouth was too dry for her tastes, "Maybe." She licked her lips, they were dry too.

"Are we going to talk about…" Wallace thumbed in the direction of the door upstairs.


"Anything definitive?"

"Not now."

Hours after Wallace drifted out the door Michael returned without Trish. He had dropped her by the office that morning for work before coming home. Shortly after Doug and Alex, carrying a couple bags of what Kate hoped would be breakfast. She looked at the clock, brunch apparently.

"So it looked like we all had the same general idea." Michael said as they sat around Kate's front desk, "My name is Michael and I'm a half human half demon hybrid. I've been sober for six weeks."

Doug barked a laugh, "This isn't AA bud."

Kate sank deeply into her chair, "They're looking to you." Other-Kate muttered from behind her.

Kate didn't say anything, "I know, but you're the one whose the cop, the private detective, the first one to have powers manifest. Michael and Doug might not even know it but they're looking to you to make a move so they can back it up."

"Why can't they just take charge?"

"Doug thinks he's too young. Michael doesn't really feel like failing so he's trying to be the snide, sarcastic one." Other-Kate assessed, "I mean Doug is strong, Michael is fast, knows when people are lying and god knows what else, and no one knows what Alex is capable of but none of them want to lead, and you are the one who found Dante, and brought them all together."

"Force field." Kate said, "I can feel it around her, I doubt she's even aware of it, but a shield of kinetic energy is all around her, protecting her. That's what Alex can do." Kate looked at the girl even harder. She wasn't big, but bigger than Kate was. Taller too, and with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that just strained her forehead and pushed her cheekbones up like she was a predatory bid. She made Kate feel more than a little self conscious, as many petite girls like her did when confronted with a well-curved woman. All in all she was pretty, and Kate didn't much like the way Doug looked at her. No more the object of his affection Kat was.

"Just like what the Fallen can put in front of their wings." Other-Kate surmised.

"How do we know that?"

Other-Kate opened her mouth, and then closed it. The was a brief flicker in reality and Michaels moving mouth suddenly began making sound again, "Anyone thinking, hey, we should start a superhero group. I mean we could have a watchtower and everything."

Doug rolled his eyes, "This is serious."

"So is robbing a bank." Michael retorted, "Hey, we could probably do that."

"Shut up." Kate said quietly. "What we know is that we were made…changed to fight a war Dante may have stopped or slowed down."

"Um," Alex interjected, "Who is Dante?"

"Guy in red," Michael said, "Saved all our asses a couple days ago."

"And what is he?" Alex asked.

They all looked at her, and then their eyes turned to Kate, who squirmed a little in her seat, "He, I think, is a half demon like us. Well, born that way maybe."

"But he's a good guy right?"

"He has a good guy streak about him," Michael said, "Seems to me like he's just defending his turf. With, you know, superhuman powers and whatnot."

"Whichever." Doug muttered, "He's on our side and the other team is demons, bad wizards, and weird ass scientists."

"Hey." Michael laughed, "Well that's all settled. I propose an ambush. You know, call the demons some bad names and see what we're all capable of."

Alex blinked, "Are you…joking again?"

Michael smiled, "Why not? I don't mean, like, go up to the biggest badass demon we can find but a think we could take a pack of whatever was at that bar."

"Dante called them Hell Prides and Hell Lusts. Apparently there eight of them, one for each of the seven sins and a upper echelon Vanguard type guy." Kate explained.

Doug craned his neck to the left and then to the right, "I'm up for it, so long as we don't get ourselves killed. Kate?"

"I…" Kate began. She looked at Michael, who was nodding in agreement before she even said anything, and Doug, who didn't look like the doughy-eyed rookie she thought he was. Alex looked like a small puppy stuck out in the cold. "We bring Wallace and Trish, just in case."

Michael hollered for a second before feeling extremely foolish. Doug looked at the table gravely, like it was his own tombstone. Alex didn't move. Kate didn't much like bringing Alex straight into the fire, but as far as they knew it, the fire was right in front of them and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it. They'd better learn what they could do before something big and bag decided to burn them to death.

And so, guns a ready, they all crammed into a cab and followed a plowing truck almost all the way to Dante's office. Wallace was there, sitting across from Trish, as Kate could see from the front doors windows. She motioned everyone to stop and reached out with her new senses.

"You slept with her?" Trish asked, sort of.

"I already told you I did." Wallace replied.

"In the same bed?" Trish continued.



"For a time."

"How was it?" Trish asked.

Wallace shrugged, "Aside from the insane emotional backlash this morning just wonderful."

Trish's eyes widened, "Emotional?"

"You know, or maybe you wouldn't, but anyways she says, hey, nothing definitive, we just had sex and all but don't worry too much since it's all about me."

"And you rebuked her claims?" Trish raised her eyebrow.

"I left." Wallace said sullenly, "Honestly, have you ever met a woman that hasn't wanted a relationship after something like that?"

"No." Trish said.

"You suck at this." Wallace said, "I wish Dante were here."

"He called." Trish brought up.

"When?" Wallace stammered, "And really, why'd you leave that out?"

"You wanted to talk." Trish answered.

"Not when something important is going on."

Kate took a step back. Something important huh. She barely even registered opening the door. She did, however, register the look of pure terror on Wallace's face, "Dante called?" Kate said.

"Yes. He and Caleb had been attacked by a dark wizard." Trish explained, "Caleb won the day."

"Good ole Caleb, very good at the whole making things blow up." Wallace muttered, "So when are they going to be back."

"They said a couple more days." Trish answered, "New York cannot be reached by teleporting means, whatever darkness is making this storm is magically baring any wizard from teleporting in or out. As Caleb is one of maybe three wizards in the entire city that can actually teleport outside of their line of sight it is a moot point."

"It'll be a moot point when these dark wizards are dead." Wallace said under his breath.

"We want to go on a mission." Kate said, rather abruptly.

"Mhm." Michael chirped in from the sidelines.

Trish looked perplexed and Wallace was smiling that vampiric smile of his, with the canines showing and all, "I…We do have a mission right Trish?"

"Well no." Trish said, "But there was a sighting last night, nothing formal, but it could be something demonic."

"Consider it closed babe." Michael chirped in again, and Trish actually smiled, "Round up the gear everybody we're going hunting…where?"

And so Michael stood, waiting to be answered as Wallace practically grew out of his chair and slung that pump action shotgun of his over his shoulder. He grabbed what could be estimated at a bazillion daggers and snuck them into every nock and cranny his Armani looking long coat could hold. Doug hunched his way over to the gun rack, which had mysteriously grown larger since Kate had last seen it, holding Alex's hand. He slid magazines into a pistol too small for the clip and attached a cord around it and grabbed a sword, not a massive one like what Dante slung along his backbone but big enough. After that he slid the gun into the depths of his zip-up hoodie, effectively hiding it from public view. Alex didn't take a gun, but she took a largish dagger and hung it at her hip. She didn't look like she was going to move from Doug's side. That left Trish, who had two pistols remarkably similar to Dante's, Michael, who snatched a relatively ornate sword with a ruby at it's hilt and put into over his back in imitation of Dante, except he actually had a sling on it.

Kate sort of swayed towards keeping her own pistol, which was convienently attached to her hip beneath her shirt. With Wallace and Doug looking like veritable arsenals she didn't much care for more firepower, but who the hell knew what they'd get into. And she might have the same super speed or strength Michael seemed to have mastered. They had, after all, come from the same three demons. She grabbed a dagger, or a small sword, she didn't know which, and stuck it where no one could see it, and it was cold.

Bearing with them battalions worth of armaments the five hybrids and whatever the hell Trish was set out in one of Enzo's assumingly many cars. Except Wallace, who just loved the motorcycle. He veered through traffic like no ones business, and one would think there would be ice on the roads after the previous nights light rainfall and nigh freezing temperatures, which reminded Kate of Wallace, in bed, and she tried to focus. Damn him.

Kate was in the passenger seat. Trish was the only one who knew where they were going so she was half driving half distracted by Michael's roaming hands behind her. Kate looked out the window on much less disgusting images. There was a couple drinking coffee together, god damn it.

Trish pulled into some warehouse district and began inching along the industrial street, "Where is Wallace?" She asked peevishly. Kate looked around. Holy hell he was gone.

Michael jumped from the car and bolted forward with that peak human borderline superhuman speed he had. Ducking into a side alley between two massive warehouses he began climbing what could possibly be the most rusted ladder ever. Within seconds of leaving the confines of the car he was perched atop a three-story warehouse surveying the land.

He made an offhand gesture to his right, or Kate's left and Trish pulled into the left street and went a steady thirty until Wallace, leaning against the motorcycle, was waiting for them. Michael jumped from the building with no ill effects. Massive jumps, check and possible, sweet.

Wallace made a knowing gesture as Michael jogged back to the group, which could be considered an Olympic athletes sprint. Kate unleashed all of the senses she knew she had and smelled something before any of her other senses picked anything up, it was a mixture of burning flesh and what she assumed would be brimstone.

Even with only a smell Kate began tracking, like a canine, to the north. There they found a burnt dockworker, who looked like a big chunk of him had been eaten, by something big. Everyone had their guns ready, and Kate could have sworn she saw electrical spark fly from Trish's forearms to her guns. Alex looked scared out of her wits and nearly bolted, had Doug not been behind her to catch her.

"Haven't you seen the movies?" Doug soothed, "You don't run away from the group in these situations. Besides, I'm here."

Michael snorted, "Don't forget about me, nothing is going to happen when someone as good looking as I is around."

Trish shushed them and stared at a single spot for about a minute as Wallace inspected the corpse, "Shit." He muttered.

Kate slowly strutted up behind Wallace, as his words incited the idea that they should make a semi circle around the body and all look for signs of them about to be crushed to death by something really bad. "What is it?" Kate asked.

Wallace stood and pointed his shotgun into the air, "Everyone take cover." And everyone except Kate did, who stubbornly stood beside Wallace for some reason. "Let's flush this thing out." He fired into the air and pumped another gauge into the chamber. "C'mon out bitch! Afraid of us?" He cried. And something answered.

At first Kate thought it was an elephant, then she thought it was a spider, then she decided on an elephant sized volcanic spider that jumped far higher than it should be able to. Except it fell to short and slammed into the warehouse Trish had been staring at. It rumbled from the ruins and rubble and roared.

"You dare mock me?" It cried, "You weak mortals!"

There was a buildup of fire in the things mouth and it spat a fireball as large as Caleb straight at Wallace. Wallace laughed and leapt into the air, soaring over the fireball with grace that put Kate to shame.

Alex cried out in protest and the fireball slammed into an invisible barrier not five feet from the stunned Kate. Then everyone opened fire and everything went to hell.

Michael, being fast, was already at the full-grown Phantoms left flank and spat an entire clip into one of its legs. Sadly an adjective like spat really doesn't say much for the impact he inflicted. As Michael was doing this, however, Wallace had landed close to the Phantom and fired point blank into one its front legs, sending the thing tripping over itself into the ground.

What Kate thought was a good start turned out to be a bad start as the Phantoms head slammed into the ground and a small pillar of fire erupted from the ground where Trish had been a second before, and Trish fired her twin handguns with some electrical charges of her own. Lightning demon maybe? Not a great time to be thinking about Trish.

Doug skipped backwards, keeping Alex behind him until they had ducked behind a warehouse and Doug began firing from cover. Alex didn't seem ready to do much other than cover her ears and sink to the ground.

Michael was having a blast, especially after he figured out that the Phantom was far too slow for him. He raced in a full circle around the creature, sending another clip into the body of the Phantom. Kate dropped to one knee and squeezed off only a few rounds, but each one hit the Phantom square in the head. She felt the Phantom begin to leap into the air almost before it crouched low. As it soared Doug stepped forward straight into its landing spot.

He moved at the last possible second, and as the Phantom regained its composure Doug grasped one of the things legs. Kate was surprised he wasn't burnt. With something akin to a war cry Doug lifted the Phantoms leg off the ground and then, to everyone's amazement, the rest of the demon followed. Doug was apparently very strong.

Wallace and Trish stood agape as Doug tried to hurl the Phantom, only to have it slam into the ground not three meters from where Doug was. Then he staggered backwards and fell.

Alex rushed to him and the street beneath them took on an entirely liquid visage as the Phantom's scorpion-like tail grew from its behind and struck out at them. As it came closer Alex and Doug drifted into the street and appeared seconds later on the rooftop of the adjacent warehouse.

But that tail was not done its work and it quickly hurtled towards Kate. Kate thought she had moved with Michael's speed for a second when she realized she was sensing everything about two or three seconds before it even happened. Wallace came up to the Phantoms face and sent one round into its skull before ducking under its swipes and jumping away.

Trish had charged her guns again and fired, sending almost unperceivable flinches through the enemy. Michael supplemented that by jumping onto the things back and letting loose.

Wallace cried out the obvious, "God, does this thing not die?" Then bad things happened.

With a familiar crashing sound almost a dozen Hell Prides appeared and lumbered towards Kate specifically. She crouched low and fired while moving backwards. She had only killed two before she was up against the far side of the loading area. Michael raced across the loading zone until he was right in front of one of the Hell Prides. Even as the Pride rose his scythe Michael sent a good half dozen bullets into its sandy brain before turning the rest on the clip onto the others.

Wallace fired two more shots into the Phantom and it cried out in pain, or irritation, it was hard to tell. Doug, as it turned out, was not entirely unconscious and he began firing blindly from the rooftop. Alex sank into the floor and appeared out of the wall by Kate as the Prides closed in. Grabbing Kate Alex sank both of them back into the wall and came out of the middle of the loading zone.

Luckily that was nowhere near any demons currently trying to kill them.

Kate felt numbness in her arm and looked down at it, dropping her pistol to the street with a clang. It had turned black and became much more like a spear point than an arm, which didn't make Kate feel too good.

She raised it towards the eight or so remaining Prides and swung horizontally, as if her arm was a baseball bat. The blackness extended ten or so feet and decapitated the closest three Prides. Before she could try her backswing Kate's arm had returned to normal. Hadn't Shadows been able to change their bodies like that?

Trish swept through the remaining Prides quickly with bullets to the head for all. No charge. She took a deep breath and turned to where Michael was keeping the Phantom occupied by quick movements and the occasional, "Hey is that all you got?"

Trish leapt into the air and came crashing down on the Phantoms spine, causing bits of rock to go flying, but the Phantom just howled and bucked her off like a cowboy on a bull. Michael was the only clown to save her as he sped underneath her and caught her before her head slammed into concrete.

As much as Kate didn't really want to admit it but they didn't seem to do much other than piss the Phantom off.

This was proved by a highflying Michael, spinning end over end, just as though he had been struck by something large and spider-like. No one could catch him in time and he struck against the brick and concrete wall of one of the loading zone warehouses. He slumped to the ground and didn't get up.

Wallace spun quickly and fired into the Phantoms leg, and then it's under belly. Then he just sort of went crazy and fired a good dozen and a half times before the Phantom even got over the fact that the fight wasn't over. The Phantom shuddered.

Caleb slammed on the brakes and the muscle car stopped slightly in front of Trish's car. He got out and Kate saw him seize his massive staff and thrust it outwards. The Phantom didn't move or try to dodge and the invisible block of energy slammed into the demon. The beast flew with a groan into the ruins of the previously destroyed warehouse.

Kate took it as a change of pace and so did everyone else. They began pouring bullets into the struggling Phantom. It looked confused more than anything. Then Dante appeared before it and it recognized him.

With a mighty swing the Phantoms front leg caught Dante on his shoulder and Dante fell to one knee. "I sensed something bigger." The creature mocked. Then Dante tore the leg off and stood up.

As the Phantom staggered back Dante sized the elephant sized spider up, "You all sound the same." He dashed forward and sent a fist straight into the Phantoms jaw with a sickening crack and flung his arm back into a pose, "Try and touch me." Dante roared.

And the Phantom spat its fireball at the close Dante. But Dante crouched and there was a clang and then a whoosh of air as the fireball exploded and Dante stood in some sort of judo stance, completely unscathed. Dante dusted off his red coat and laughed heartily. The Phantom backed away. Dante jumped and hovered above the Phantom for a second before he came tumbling down. Sword first.

The Phantom shrieked, a totally unbecoming thing for a Phantom, plus it spewed some molten rock that would've hit Wallace had he not been looking that way. Dante stood atop the Phantom as it fell to the ground and began burning itself to ashes with its own lava, which really doesn't make sense. Dante flew from the decaying demon and landed deftly beside Wallace and was sure to turn coolly to allow Caleb to mutter his way to Dante's other flank, his staff burning a little at the top end.

Kate watched as Doug jumped from the warehouse landing beside Alex and Trish, who were both watching the demon intently, as though it'd just get up again. Michael jogged his way over to the group at a human pace, holding the back of his head and his gun gone.

Dante pointed at the dying Phantom and hollered, "I beat down your King. You think you had a chance!"

The Phantom wailed finally and blew away as ashes in the breeze.

Caleb twirled his staff, sending smoke everywhere. "So, what's a Phantom doing here?"

Dante shrugged, "They're supposed to be too strong to pass over the shield."

"Summoned?" Trish supplied.

"You know the kind of foci you need to raise something like that? And to actually control it?" Caleb said.

Dante put his hand to his chin and his other hand on the opposing elbow and swayed forward a little, "The same kind you need to keep up a magical storm for weeks."