Charizard's 25 Days of Christmas!

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus and Yoshiguru

Yoshizilla: Well, me and Yoshiguru were chatting with each other this fine afternoon, and Yoshiguru wondered what would happen if Charizard were to prepare for Christmas in twenty five days? I laughed at first, but it seemed like a great idea, so we decided to write this together. I'll start with this chapter, and Yoshiguru will follow in the next, and the pattern will repeat itself until we reach the final chapter! So with that said, I hope you enjoy the introductory chapter!

Disclaimer: Charizard belongs to Nintendo, and why, I'll never know.


It was quiet. It was peaceful. But most of all, it was comfortable.

It was Charizard's small, humble house. Set atop a small, grassy green hill far, far away from the big problems of the city.

And who was the one Pokemon who resided there all by himself? Charizard, of course!

So what happened when someone decided to move into this nice, calm house? Trouble.

And more so, it was twenty four days left until Christmas.

Charizard smiled as he put up a nice, purple vase on the shelf. He placed his hands on his hips, and turned around, much to his surprise, to see the door knob shaking. He slowly approached the door, and when he opened it...

WHAM!!!!! Charizard was smacked into the wall by the door, being flattened and falling to the ground while the door slowly closed. It was then that a brown shell spun around into the house, and out popped a light-blue, tiny turtle Pokemon, giggling.

Charizard shook his head, and he popped back into his fleshy self, to notice the strange light-blue, tiny turtle Pokemon. He titled his head right. "Huh? Who are you?"

The light-blue, tiny turtle Pokemon laughed, putting his hands on his stomach. "Ohohohoho! I'm Squirtle! I'm gonna be your new roommate!" He then ran upstairs.

Charizard's jaw dropped, and he stomped his right foot on the ground, roaring. "OH NO YOU DON'T!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!" He then looked up and fired a powerful blast of Flamethrower, burning the wooden floor and causing Squirtle to fall down from the top.

Squirtle moaned in pain, and he got up, shaking his head. He looked at Charizard, and fumed, squirting the red fire-type dragon Pokemon in the face with a Water Gun attack. He then took off into the kitchen, raiding the refrigerator for food. He then grabbed several fruits and ran off into the bathroom, locking the door.

Charizard closed his fists tight, and he stomped towards the bathroom, bursting the door down. Squirtle screamed, and he stuffed all of the fruit into his mouth, swallowing it. He, however, choked on the watermelon, and fell down from the bathtub, choking. Charizard took this opportunity to knock Squirtle unconscious with a powerful whack from his tail, and then the red fire-type dragon Pokemon pulled the unconscious light-blue tiny turtle Pokemon into the closet, putting as much furniture as possible to block it. Charizard sighed, and he looked at his ravaged kitchen, growling.

Charizard was rather angry. But was that truly the last he see of the pesky Squirtle, or was there more trouble to come? And how will he be able to prepare for Christmas?