Yoshizilla: Well, Yoshiguru, it's been quite a while, but our co-written fanfic has finally come to an end.

Yoshiguru: Indeed it has, Yoshizilla, indeed it has. I have enjoyed it every bit, even though I was sometimes mad at you.

Yoshizilla: All his forgiven, Yoshiguru. And now, with that said and done...

Yoshiguru: Yoshizilla and I would both like to finish off Charizard's Twenty Five Days of Christmas with a big...



The great holiday known by many as Christmas has finally arrived at Nintendo City, after much waiting and anticipation. Charizard was cooped up in his house, telling his three great grandchildren Charmanders the story of his childhood.

"And then there were all of these snowmen on my father's front lawn, and my brothers and sisters and I all started firing fire-type attacks at them. The Ice-type Pokemon weren't happy with us Charmanders, so they retaliated back with their ice-type attacks. I'll admit, they were mighty cold..." Charizard throughly explained, his great grandchildren Charmanders starting to get bored.

The only female great grandchild Charmander stood up, and she chirped in a high-pitched voice, "Great grandpa, why aren't you telling us how you dealt with the Smashers in that snow fight?"

Charizard stopped, and he looked at his great granddaughter. "Sweetums, I already told you for the imminent time, I don't want to talk about those fools during this time of year. Besides..." He stood out of his chair and stretched, "I have to do my annual flight round Nintendo City. You wanna come?"

The the three great grandchildren looked at each other, sighed, and left to play their toys in the kitchen.

Charizard shrugged, and he exited his house, looking upward at the snow-filled sky and taking flight, soaring towards Nintendo City. CHarizard flew over the crowded streets of Nintendo City, and he flew under a large arch. He then swerved to the left and turned to the right, almost crashing into a tall, steel-made building. CHarizard then went under a pipeline within the ground, and resurfaced through a fiery explosion, cheering as he flew around. The red, fire-type dragon Pokemon then turned around on the tight bend of the road and flew upwards, heading towards the Nintendo City Nathan Bridge.

Charizard flew straight through the bridge, and he did a flip through the tall arch of the Nathan Bridge. Charizard then turned around and headed back towards Nintendo City. He headed downwards, and then turned to the right, swerving close to the buildings on the left, Charizard then flew upwards, narrowing missing a speeding taxi, and he then swerved to the left, glancing on his left to see the beautiful pier that extended out to the ocean. CHarizard then crashed into a slow-going bus ahead of him, and thew red fire-type dragon Pokemon unleashed a Flamethrower attack on it, sizzling it and burning the passengers. Charizard pushed aside the burnt bus and turned around to the right, flying upwards and going into a loop, twirling around as he nearly crashed into a large freight truck and turned around, heading down a one way street. Charizard then flew upward the dead end, and he flipped around, flying towards the Kimikora Grand Highway.

CHarizard flew straight down the highway, and he swerved to the right, avoiding collision with a large fruit-carrying truck. Charizard then dug into the hard concrete of the highway and flew under a fast-moving bus, passing it and swerving into the other side of the highway, resurfacing and causing a hole within the road. Charizard flew over an incoming speeding taxi cab, and Charizard then turned to the right and dug into the street, resurfacing above a building in construction. Charizard quickly turned around and fired fiery balls of embers, burning the construction site. He snickered, and turned around, flying back to his house. A few minutes later, Charizard stopped right in front of his house, and levitated downwards, landing on the soft, pure white and cold snow.

"Man, what a good exercise that was!" Charizard exclaimed, opening the door and walking into the living room, grinning, "I wonder where my great grandchildren are."

He walked into the kitchen, and much to his horror, his great grandchildren were wreaking amok, ruining the then beautiful setting and mood of the kitchen. Charizard fumed, and he bellowed loudly in anger, burning everything with his Flamethrower attack. His house was now in flames, and it then collapsed on Charizard and his great grandchildren Charmanders, crushing them all.

Charizard poked his head out of the flaming wreckage. He looked behind him to see what remained of his destroyed house, and he looked straight, shrugging and smiling.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays!