CHAPTER ONE - I Cant Get Enough Of You

He had just turned the shower off when he heard a knock at the door. He was a little surprised considering it was after ten o'clock and he was the only person on campus - apart from campus security - due to spring break.

Then it clicked. He suddenly remembered his phone conversation from earlier. The one where he invited a certain ace reporter to cut her spring break short and keep him company on an otherwise abandoned campus.

He stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel to dry himself off and then wrapped it around his waist. He took another one to dry his hair with as he left the bathroom and headed for the door. He smiled to himself as there was another knock at the door. Someone's eager, he thought to himself as his face pulled into a smirk. Reaching the door, he threw the towel used to dry his hair onto the couch and then opened the door.

WOW!!!! She had never expected to see him standing at the door with nothing but a towel and a smile on his face.

She stood there, holding her bag, mouth open, eyes wide. Wipe the drool, she thought to herself. She had always thought he was gorgeous, but the vision before her was stunning. The wet messy hair; she just itched to reach out and stroke into place. His face, his smile. Logan's smile lit up his eyes, and the dimples on his cheeks could make a girls knees go weak. His torso was perfection. He was tanned and perfectly toned, his abs were tight and smooth and when you were the one pressed up against that warm, taught body, everything else seemed to disappear. He was beautiful. Pure and simple. He was a beautiful specimen of a man and when he gave her the mischievous grin he was giving her at that moment, she knew she was in trouble.

"So, are you going to come in anytime soon, or are you planning on standing out there, staring at me all night?" He asked, looking her up and down, still smirking. "Coz, all I have on is this towel and I'm wet and I don't want to catch a cold or something." He finished in a mockingly innocent tone.

Rory finally closed her mouth and then smiled back at him. "Well, maybe you shouldn't answer you're door wearing only a towel…"She said, her eyes searching his body. "…or at the very least, you should give a girl some warning, therefore preventing the near heart failure when you open the door."

He laughed, and then grabbed her arm pulling her into his room, closing the door behind them and pushing her up against it. His lips came crashing down on hers. It was a long, hard, hungry kiss. He had definitely missed her, although he would never admit that.

"Wow! Hello would've been fine, but you sucking the life out of me works just as good." she stated, as he pulled away letting both of them catch their breath. His hands were on her hips; hers were on his chest. She could feel his heart beating rapidly as he moved in for round two. His lips crashed against hers, his hands were in her hair, his body was pressed flush against her, backed up against the door to his apartment. Both their breathing was heavy as their kiss grew more intense. Her lips parted and his tongue dipped inside accepting her invitation. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as his hand moved from her face, caressingly down her side to her waist, where he pulled her closer against him, leaving no space between them. His other hand moved under her shirt and slowly upwards, cupping her breast. She gave out a little breathy moan as he gently squeezed her breast. She couldn't think straight. She never could when Logan was around. He had this ability to make her completely lose control and it scared her how much she liked it.

As his tongue continued to play havoc in her mouth, she suddenly felt something pressed against her thigh. Unable to control herself, she moved her hand down and pressed it hard against his erection. At this point, his lips had moved to her neck and when he realised where her hand was, he stopped. Logan looked up at her and smiled raising an eyebrow.

"All you had to do was say, Ace!" At that, he unwrapped his towel and let it drop to the floor, so he was standing in front of her, pressed up against her completely and totally naked. Rory could feel herself blush. She had seen him naked before many times, but the sight never stopped having that effect on her. Feeling a little braver than usual, she ran her hand down his chest and gently stroked his erection. A little surprised at her making the first move he groaned, as she began moving her hand up and down his hard length. He could feel himself about to lose control as her hand movements began to increase in pace. Then he pulled away. She looked at him. His eyes clouded over with lust, she was confused. He then pushed up against her and started kissing her hard on the lips.

"Not. Yet!" He breathed in between kisses. "I have plans for you." He smiled, as he slid her jacket off her arms and gently pulled her towards his bedroom.

He closed the door behind them and turned to look at her. He was still completely naked and she was amazed at the confidence he had in himself. She would never be able to stand in front of someone completely butt-ass naked and not feel self-conscious. Logan had seen her naked obviously and he made her feel comfortable, but she still felt the need to slip on one of his shirts if she had to go to the bathroom or something. Feeling his eyes on her made her thoughts drift away, as he walked towards the bed and sat down on the edge. She moved to walk towards him but he stopped her with his hand.

"Don't move!" He said in a low voice, never taking his eyes away from her. She suddenly felt unsure and self-conscious, even though she still had all of her clothes on.

"Take them off!" he requested.

"What?" she asked, not hearing him properly.

"Take your clothes off. I want to see you" He replied, inching himself further back on his bed until he was propped up against the headboard, getting comfortable for what was about to happen.

"Logan!" She protested, feeling not so comfortable anymore, but then she looked at him. Really looking into those chocolate brown eyes of his, and saw the lust and hunger for her. The need. He wanted her. She could see it, but he wanted to see her first. An air of confidence blew over her and she started to undo her buttons on her shirt slowly. Never taking her eyes off him as he stared intently back at her, she let her shirt drop to the floor and then removed the clasp from her hair, letting her hair fall loosely over her shoulders. She moved her hands down to her belt slowly undoing it and then unzipping her jeans and gently sliding them down her legs, lifting each one out, removing her shoes in the process. She stood up straight keeping her gaze on him, as she slid the straps of her bra down her arms and unhooked the clasp at the back. Both their breathing at this point was heavy. The lust for each other burning inside of them. She threw her bra at him teasingly and then gently started caressing her breasts - moaning with pleasure - although wishing it was his hands on her instead of her own. Soon enough, she thought.

He thought he was going to explode as he watched her massaging her breasts. This was his idea, but it was beginning to feel like torture as she toyed with him. When he told her to strip he had no idea she would have so much fun with it. It was taking all of his strength to stop himself from grabbing her and having his way with her right then and there. He was sitting back relaxed on the bed watching this beautiful creature take her clothes off. He had had girls do stripteases for him before, but nothing this intense. She was standing in front of him completely naked apart from the pair of delicate lace panties he was sure she had picked out especially for him. He had never wanted anyone as much as he wanted her in this moment. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she slid her hand seductively down her stomach, underneath her panties and began to pleasure herself right in front of him. He couldn't believe it. She suddenly paused as if realising what she was doing and then blushed a little. He stared at her in awe.

"Don't mind me. Please continue!" He encouraged her with a huge smirk on his face, quirking his left eyebrow suggestively. She smiled back at him.

"I could, but you're so much more better at it than I am."

She then removed the last remaining article of clothing, sliding them down her legs until she was completely naked. She stood there for a few seconds before suddenly moving her arms as if to cover herself.

"Stop!" He told her. "Let me see you!" He couldn't believe that now was the moment she decided to feel self-conscious. She thought for a few seconds and then moved her arms back to her sides.

He took in the sight. She truly was beautiful. She had a perfect figure, beautiful breasts, curves in all the right places. She was slim but not stick-figure skinny. Just perfect. Her porcelain skin was accentuated by her dark hair and her big blue eyes. Logan thought that he could get lost in those eyes of hers. As his eyes continued to search her body, he noticed her start to shiver. She was cold. At that, he reached his arm out, offering her his hand which she accepted. He then moved to join her at the edge of the bed, looking up at her eyes as she stood before him and smiled, placing his hands on her hips and softly kissing her abdomen.

"You are so beautiful. You have no idea what you do to me." he whispered as she moved her head down and crashed her lips onto his, at which point they fell back on the bed.

He wrapped his arms around her, as they continued to steal each others oxygen supply. Then he rolled her over so that he was on top of her pinning her arms beside her head. He bent his head down and kissed her softly on the mouth, before repeating the kiss, this time softly on her neck, her chest. He traced a path of kisses over her breasts, before latching onto one and began sucking and gently teasing her nipple eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. She arched her back as he continued paying close attention to her breasts, but the feelings he was awakening in her further south were becoming too intense to ignore, so she grabbed his hand and gently moved it down her body and placed it between her legs, rubbing it against herself.

"Logan…need…inside…" She breathed. He noted her request and inserted two fingers inside her pressing gently against her clit. She let out a moan of pleasure and arched her back trying to urge him further inside her. He continued circling his fingers inside her. Sensing that she was beginning to lose control, he slowed the pace and removed his hand, gently moving it back up over her body caressingly, and then placed both his hands by her side. The loss of contact was driving her insane, but as she opened her eyes, she looked up to see him looking down at her. His face was inches away from her and he looked slightly hesitant.

"What's wrong?" She asked, her voice a whisper, placing her hands on his arms so as to regain contact with his skin. He was silent for a few seconds before moving his hand to brush the hair from her face.

"You're beautiful." He said. He didn't know why he felt the need to tell her that. He didn't usually tell girls that right before. It was usually a case of in, out, see you later. But she was different and that scared him a little. Actually, it scared him a lot. He wanted her to feel comfortable and safe with him, even though this wasn't their first time together, he had this sudden, overwhelming urge to protect her, but he didn't understand why. This was just a casual arrangement. They didn't mean anything more to each other than the occasional hook-up and witty banter. But lately he had found it hard to stop himself from thinking about her. In fact, he had no idea why she was the one he had invited to join him over Spring break, but he knew that he was glad he had.

As he hovered above her watching her watch him, he smiled to himself. She really was beautiful and he knew that he had to be careful not to break his number one rule. Never fall for a girl. He was not the commitment kind of guy, but here he was inviting this girl to come spend the week with him. She would be there in the morning. That was another one of his rules. Never spend the night. Maybe for this girl he could make an exception.

She stared up at him. He seemed to be in his own little world. She wondered what he was thinking about. She wondered if maybe he was thinking that what they were about to do was a mistake and what would be the quickest way to get her out of his apartment. Then he told her that she was beautiful and it all melted away. The fear, the rejection, she wanted him to know how she felt. But she wasn't sure herself. The only thing that she did know was that she wanted to feel him inside her. Making love to her. Although, they weren't quite at the stage where they would use that term with each other. He wasn't her boyfriend. She didn't lay claim to him.

Originally, he was the annoying, arrogant, rich, snobby playboy who had become her source for an article she had done for the Yale Daily News. Then, she had realised that he was so much more than that. She saw the smart, sweet, fun guy who was a little lost like everyone else. Soon, she had found herself falling for him against all her better judgement. She knew he was a playboy. She knew he couldn't give her commitment. He had told her that himself. Normally, she would've stayed well clear, but she couldn't help herself. This beautiful man who challenged her and made her take chances - that she would never have even considered previously - was like a drug. She felt it was better to have just a little rather than nothing at all.

His lips on hers brought her back to the moment. It was a gentle kiss that warmed her heart and gave her reassurance. He brushed soft kisses over face, her eyes, her cheeks, and her forehead before planting a tender kiss on her mouth. He then pulled away and looked down at her, as if he was asking her permission to continue. At that, she smiled at him and then moved her head up closer to his to catch his mouth in a deep kiss. She then rolled over, reaching towards the nightstand and opened the drawer. She felt around for a few moments before finding what she was looking for. Pulling out a condom from the box, she tore open the wrapper, before moving back to her position underneath him and moved her hands down to gently roll the condom onto his already erect penis. He let out a moan as he felt her gentle touch and with one hand, he lifted her hips as she raised her legs alongside his torso, and in one swift stroke, he entered her as carefully as he could. He was afraid he was going to break her.

As he slid inside her, he could feel how tight she was as her muscles contracted around him. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him flush against her and let out a moan.

"Logan…" She whispered, as he caught her mouth in a long hard kiss. She began panting as he began thrusting rhythmically harder and faster as she dug her nails into his back. She arched her back encouraging him in further. Both their breathing was becoming more erratic as they convulsed and clung to each other. He raised himself above her as he watched her begin to lose control.

"Open your eyes." He told her, panting, as he pushed further inside her. She did as he said and he planted his lips on hers dipping his tongue inside. Her breathing had become frantic and she was getting louder with each thrust, letting him know that she was close to the edge, as was he.

"Oh… my … god…Logan!" She cried, as the pleasure became too much for her and she ran her hands down his back and over his behind. She clung to him hard needing more. She raised her hips. She was almost there. She could feel herself let go as he continued to thrust inside her and she screamed with pleasure, as she found her release.

As they came together, he collapsed on top of her, his tired limbs unable to support him any longer. They lay like that for a few moments, in silence. The only noise being their erratic breathing, which was beginning to return to a more relaxed state. They were both exhausted and he found himself unable to move from his position on top of her, not that she minded at all, the post-coital cuddling was always enjoyable for her. Eventually, he rolled onto his back beside her on the bed and removed the used condom before letting out a huge sigh. She moved onto her side, supporting her head with her arm and looked at him. She reached out and brushed her hand over his forehead, brushing away a bead of sweat. He turned his head, looking up at her and smiled. It was a mischievous smile and she knew that no good was going to come of it. He grabbed hold of her and pulled her on top of him placing a long, lingering kiss on her lips. When he pulled away, she moved so she was straddling him and placed his hands on her hips.

"I always like it better when your on top." He told her, raising his eyebrows, giving her an evil smirk.

"Is that so?" She asked teasingly, placing her hands on his chest. He wanted to go again. She knew he had a high sex drive, but she sometimes found it hard to keep up with him. However, she was more than willing to try.

She bent her head down to catch his mouth in a hard kiss, before moving her hand down to take his hard length in her grasp, sliding it gently inside her and began moving her pelvis back and forth. He groaned with pleasure at her gyrating on top of him. Moving his hands from her hips caressingly over her body.

"Mmm!" She moaned breathily, continuing to rock back and forth on top of him. She could feel herself tighten around him as he began lifting his hips to meet her, trying to give them both more friction.

Logan awoke, as the first signs of daylight slithered into his room. He wiped the sleep from his eyes, trying to adjust to consciousness. It always took him a while. He wasn't a morning person. Usually, because he never went to sleep until the morning. His limbs were heavy and sore. He was in pain, but it was a good kind of pain. A kind of pain that he would gladly welcome, if it was the price he had to pay for having mind blowing sex all night long with a beautiful woman.

He then suddenly registered the fact that he was not alone in his bed. There was a sleeping body by his side. He looked over at his nightstand, where his alarm clock sat. It was 7.30a.m. It was the next morning. He had spent the night with a girl. This was a first. Usually, he would sneak out as his latest conquest would fall asleep. Usually, he wouldn't invite a girl to spend the night. Or if he did, it was only because he was too drunk to think straight. Usually, he wouldn't ask a girl to come and spend Spring break with him on an abandoned school campus. As he thought to himself, he began to realise that he didn't really mind the fact that he wasn't alone. He was actually quite happy that he wasn't alone, and it was beginning to concern him that he wasn't overly concerned with the fact that he was happy to have woken up with this girl.

He rolled over onto his side, supporting his head with his hand and watched her sleep. He watched as her chest steadily rose and fell and he smiled to himself. She was beautiful and he liked her. He liked her more than any of the other girls he was seeing. He knew that this would cause a problem. A big problem. But, he decided just to ignore it for now and just enjoy watching her sleep. He'd deal with his potential future feelings when the time came.

As her eyes fluttered open and she began to yawn, the sight looking back at her made her remember that she wasn't in Stars Hollow any more, as she had dreamed. She was greeted by a pair of beautiful, chocolate brown eyes gazing back at her and a warm smile.

"Good morning Ace," He whispered, as he brushed her hair from her face with his hand. "Sleep well?"

Slightly disoriented, she remained silent before remembering that she was naked. She grabbed for the sheet that was covering her, pulling it further over her and wrapped it around her chest. Logan laughed at her actions, before reaching over to pull her closer towards him.

"You're not going shy on me now are you?" He asked, wrapping his arms around he "Because, if I recall correctly, last night you were definitely not worried about being naked in my bed." He finished, referring to the previous nights escapades.

"Yeah, well that was last night." She told him. She blushed just thinking about what they had gotten up to the night before.

Rory Gilmore was not the type of girl to just lose herself like that. To be honest, no-one had ever brought that side of her out into the open, so to speak. But, for some reason, she couldn't control herself around Logan. He was definitely a bad influence on her. He had the ability to make her forget her inhibitions and just let go, which is exactly what happened last night. She had never experienced the feelings Logan was able to elicit from her. She just knew that whenever he was around, she wanted to be near him. She wanted to feel his breath on her skin, to feel his hands on her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Certainly not with Dean or Jess.

Now here she was, lying beside him in his bed, having spent the night. She wondered how many girls had spent the night there before her. Instantly, she cleared all thoughts of other girls from her mind, remembering that she was the one he had asked to spend Spring break with him. That had to mean something. Right?

Logan's lips on her neck brought her back from her thoughts. Her skin tingled as he placed little, delicate kisses over her finding his way to her mouth, catching her in a long, tender kiss. He then pulled away and looked down at her, as he hovered above her. The mischievous smirk she knew so well had returned to his face.

"We are going to have to do something about this whole innocent, shy girl act you've got going," he told her in all seriousness. He was sitting on top of her, with his hands at her waist. The sheet was still separating them. "I mean it is definitely a turn-on, but after last night, you are no longer allowed to play that card with me. I know all of your secrets now, Ace!"

At that, Logan tugged at the sheet, whisking it away to reveal her in all of her nakedness. She immediately moved her arms to her chest to cover herself, much to Logan's annoyance.

"Come on Ace!" He exclaimed, trying to pry her hands from her body. "You don't have anything that I haven't already seen before."

"Yeah well I'm cold." she replied.

"Well then, that's where I come in. It is my duty to keep you warm." He told her, raising his eyebrows as his smirk grew wider.

Realisation suddenly dawned for Rory. He was in the mood. Again. She laughed to herself as he bent down and caught her mouth in a deep kiss. Keeping up with Logan during this spring break was going to take it out of her. Not that she minded in the slightest. At that, she moved her arms from her chest and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him down onto her. The feeling of his skin on hers seemed to burn her. He was telling the truth, she thought to herself, she was warm already.

She was standing in the kitchenette at the counter waiting for her coffee to boil. She had checked the time. It was about 1.30p.m and Rory needed coffee to build her strength up after the mornings events. Logan certainly had an insatiable apetitite. As he was finally asleep, she decided to recharge herself and coffee was the best way to do it. She stood in a daze, wearing only Logan's shirt, her thoughts drifting back to her previous activities. They had spent the entire morning having sex. It just seemed like neither could get enough of the other. She had never felt like that before. Granted she had only ever slept with one other guy before Logan, but with Dean, it was more like a weekly chore compared to with Logan. She found herself daydreaming in class about him, about their encounters. Sometimes just thinking about him would get her all hot and bothered.

"There you are! I was starting to think you ran off." Rory startled from her thoughts, as a half naked Logan entered the common room, running his hand through his already messy hair. She smiled as she took in his appearance. He still looked beautiful even after only having gotten about two hours sleep all night. She, on the other hand, must have looked like death warmed up.

Logan walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. As he heard the kettle brew, he glanced towards her, seeing her staring at him. She was wearing only his shirt, her hair was messy and she had no make-up on. In that moment he had never seen her look so incredibly beautiful. He smiled to himself as she poured herself a cup of her beloved coffee. She raised the cup up to breathe in the rich aroma and gave a little moan which caught Logan's attention. He watched in awe as his shirt rode up her thighs, as she raised her arms to drink her favourite beverage. He was amazed at how sensual she could be just through drinking coffee.

Rory noticed how quiet he was and eyed him, sceptically.


"Nothing." He took a sip of his water, his eyes never leaving her. He couldn't get over how much he wanted her, again. They had been up all night having sex to the point where they were both aching, but as he watched her all he could think about was ravishing her on the counter of the kitchen.

Quite simply, he couldn't get enough of her.