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Spring Break

Chapter Six: No Place like Home

He stood at the bar waiting to be served, relieved that the worst part of the evening was over. He had successfully given his speech, talking about how wonderful a human being his father was and how much he truly deserved the recognition. There was a few occasions where he almost choked on his words, but he got through it. He presented the award for Outstanding Contribution to the world of Journalism, or whatever it was, to his father and then posed, fake grin in place, for pictures.

As soon as the flashbulbs went away, Logan had made a desperate dash towards the bar. His throat was dry and he needed something to take away the bitter taste from his mouth.

Having finally managed to place his order, he scanned the room looking for the one bright spot in his evening; his Ace. During the speech, she had sat at their table a few feet away mouthing the words of his speech to him in case he forgot. He had kept his eyes on her practically through the whole thing. It wasn't purely to calm his nerves; he couldn't have taken his eyes off her even if he wanted to. She was truly mesmerising.

He had spent most of the night introducing her to famous journalist types and watched as her eyes lit up with the excitement of it all. He had to admit how impressed he had been with her though. After the first few shy encounters, she had held her own in esteemed company asking questions and listening intently, memorising every word spoken for future reference. She was truly in her element and he couldn't deny the little shot of jealousy he felt as others monopolised her time. He wanted nothing more than to be alone with her and have her all to himself. It surprised him how possessive he felt over her. He wanted her as his own, he knew that much. He wasn't willing to share her anymore. He just wasn't sure whether he was really ready for all that entailed, or if she even really felt the same way. They still hadn't had the talk. He promised himself that as soon as they were back in New Haven he would sit her down and pick her brain. He just needed to be patient until then and remember that she wasn't his girlfriend and that whenever some guy was all over her, he had no right to want to pummel them into a bloody mess.

His eyes narrowed and darkened as he found Rory standing talking to Raymond Hoffit. He worked for his father at HPG here in New York and on the few occasions that they had met, he knew he didn't like him. He was a slime ball, and going by the way he was leering at Rory, it was pretty clear that she was in his sights.

The bartender finally handed him his drink and he made quick work of it before heading in Rory's direction. He kept his eyes firmly on the pair of them, his jaw clenched and his hands balled into fists every time Raymond would slyly touch Rory's arm. Rory didn't seem to notice what he was up to but Logan did and it made him seriously pissed. As he crossed the dance floor, he felt someone tug on his sleeve and pull him away in the opposite direction. His eyes were still fixed on Rory and the sleaze until he finally turned to see who was pulling him away.

"Colin? What the hell?" he tried to snatch his arm from his friend's grasp, but Colin held on firmly. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I was going to ask you the same question." Colin replied as they came to a halt outside the main room. Logan turned to go back inside, his anger was bubbling away nicely, he was ready to knock that guys block off or maybe even Colin's if he stood in his way.


"You cannot pick a fight with that guy here, tonight." Colin explained his reasoning.

"I wasn't going to…" his voice trailed off and Colin gave him a pointed look. "He had his hands all over her, Colin."

Colin shook his head and rolled his eyes at his friend. "First of all, no he didn't. And second of all, she's a big girl. She can handle herself. She doesn't need you rushing to her rescue. You're not her boyfriend."

Logan dropped his gaze to the floor and let out a long sigh as he ran his hand through his hair. Colin studied him curiously.

"I thought we talked about this. We agreed that you weren't ready," Colin reminded him of their earlier conversation. Logan met his gaze and shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe I am," his voice came out sounding unsure but Colin noted the certainty in his eyes. He really wanted to go through with this. Colin was speechless.

"Are you…? Do you…? You don't…?" Colin struggled to ask his question, his expression full of disbelief. He was standing in front of Logan, his best friend of nearly twenty years and he felt as if he didn't recognise him anymore.

Logan dropped his eyes to the floor and then said in a voice barely audible to him, "I don't know."

Colin was gob smacked. Never in all his life did he expect Logan to be the first one to fall. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I…I don't know what to say," Colin was truly lost for words. Logan looked up at him slightly annoyed.

"I'm not in love with her. Not…not yet anyway." He tried to sound more certain about himself, but deep down he couldn't make sense of anything.

"But you care enough that you want to go rip that guys throat out for just talking to her?" Colin found himself smiling at the absurdity of the situation. Logan shrugged his shoulders.

"I can't stop thinking about her. She's so easy to talk to. She's smart as hell and she challenges me, you know. Life's never boring when she's around and she's so beautiful, although she doesn't see it. Which just makes her even more amazing. When I'm with her I don't want to be with anyone else. And when I'm with someone else, I spend all my time thinking about her and what she's doing and who she's doing it with."

"When I called her my girlfriend, it felt natural and that freaked me out completely. But now I just think that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing. I mean, I have to settle down eventually right?" Logan rambled on as Colin tried to keep up with him. His eyes widened as he mentioned settling down.

"Are you serious? You want to settle down with her? You're not going to ask her to marry you are you?" he asked sounding truly horrified at the prospect. Logan just rolled his eyes and punched him on the shoulder.

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course I'm not going to ask her to marry me. What do you think I am? Crazy?"

"I was starting to wonder," Colin admitted his mind was whirling with all these new developments in his friend's life.

"Who's crazy?" Finn appeared behind them and slung his arms around both their shoulders pulling them close together.

"You are, Finn." Colin rolled his eyes and tried to pull away from the obvious stench of alcohol emanating from his breath.

"Aww, you're so sweet Colin." Finn pinched his cheek then planted a kiss on his other cheek.

"Get off!" Colin shirked his arm from his shoulders and moved out of his reach while wiping his cheek with his sleeve. Logan chuckled as Colin glared at Finn.

"What are you laughing at, Huntzberger? I just saw your girl shimmying on the dance floor with some guy." Finn informed him and then pulled out a flask from his inside jacket pocket. Logan felt his blood boil and he pushed away from Finn and stormed back into the main room. Colin and a swaying Finn followed after him.

When they got inside, Logan stopped in his tracks. His eyes narrowed as he saw Rory dancing with Raymond Hoffit. His fists clenched and his jaw tightened as he saw where Raymond had his hands.

Before Colin or even Finn could stop him, he was across the dance floor in a flash. He stood behind Rory, glaring at Raymond, wishing him a painful death. He listened as Rory and Raymond talked pleasantly enough, but his temper was threatening to explode as Raymond slid his hand onto the small of her back. Her bare back. Her dress was backless and Logan didn't want anyone but himself touching her back or any other part of her.

Closing his eyes, he counted to ten and then cleared his throat, interrupting the pair. Rory turned around in Raymond's grip to smile at Logan, while Raymond didn't look too pleased to see him.

"Hey. I was wondering where you disappeared to," Rory's smile remained as she moved slightly away from Raymond and kissed Logan on the cheek, her hand taking his.

"Hey Huntzberger. Good to see you again. I was just telling Rory here, how much I loved your speech," Raymond smirked at him and it was all Logan could do to remain standing where he was. In his mind, he was imagining ripping his head off.

"Thanks," he managed to speak as civilly as possible.

"Yeah, I particularly loved the part where you said how proud you were to be his son. Changed days, huh?" Raymond snorted and Logan squeezed Rory's hand a little tighter as he tried to hold back from punching him. Rory must have noticed as she slid out of Raymond grasp all together and placed her hand on his chest as if to hold him back.

"I guess," Logan smiled tensely. He really was having trouble restraining himself.

"Gone are the days when you used to show up to these things, get blind drunk and end up having to be escorted off the premises," Raymond laughed and then eyed Rory appreciatively. "You're choice in dates has significantly improved also."

Logan noticed Rory shifting uncomfortably under Raymond's lustful gaze. He dropped her hand and snaked his arm around her waist in a protective and reassuring gesture. Rory moved closer into him as she squeezed her waist. "Well, it was nice seeing you again, Raymond. But if you don't mind, I'd like to dance with my date."

Rory lifted her gaze to hold his and smiled as he calmly manoeuvred her away from Raymond and his sleazy eyes. Logan's jaw was still tense and she could sense the tension radiating off of him, but she was proud of him for not reacting to someone who was so clearly trying to get a rise out of him. Her smile widened and she slid her arm around his waist and hugged him.

"What was that for?" Logan studied her closely as she pulled back. Her eyes sparkled as she gazed back up into his inquisitive ones.

"What I can't hug my date for no reason?" she asked with an innocent expression on her face. Logan smirked and then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her petite frame firmly against his. They began moving in time to the music, swaying and drifting slowly around the dance floor, all the while, their eyes remained firmly fixed on each other. Logan stared down at her big blue orbs and lost himself completely. He loved the feel of her body in his arms; he breathed in the scent of her perfume and knew that there was no other place he'd rather be. No other girls, Rory was home for him and he couldn't help but grin like a fool.

"What are you smiling about?" Rory narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him as they continued moving around the room, unaware of anyone else.

"I can't smile at my date?" Logan threw back at her and she giggled softly. Logan's smile grew brighter as the sound of her musical laughter ignited something inside of him. He needed to kiss her. He didn't care where they were or the fact that his father would see them, he just needed to feel her soft lips pressing against his.

His smile softened and he closed the distance between them, moulding his lips to hers in a tender kiss. It wasn't as heated or passionate as their usual kisses which Rory found surprising. It was slow, soft and full of things unsaid. Logan had never kissed her like that before. It was much more intimate, despite their surroundings, and made the butterflies in her stomach flutter like crazy. She thought it was quite possible that she might faint.

"What was that for?" she asked after a few minutes once she had managed to compose herself somewhat. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest, she was sure he could hear it. Logan just smiled and brushed the loose strands of hair from her face.

"You are the most beautiful woman in this room tonight," his voice was low and husky, causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up. She was suddenly aware of everything, as was her body. She was aware of his hand burning into the small of her back, his thumb drawing light circles on her skin, driving her insane. His breath on her face made her feel dizzy and she knew she had to hold onto him a little tighter to ensure she didn't collapse into a pile on the floor. Her knees felt like jelly and her whole body was just intoxicated with him. No one had ever had this kind of effect on her before; she was completely bewitched, bothered and bewildered by him.

Logan smiled again and leaned towards her, his mouth lingering at her ear causing the thumping in her chest to increase tenfold.

"You're shaking," he whispered softly and then kissed the spot behind her ear which made her whole body shudder. Logan noticed her reaction to his antics and laughed heartily, "Rory…"

Rory felt his lips move down her neck and her eyes rolled back in her head as the sensations he was eliciting in her drove her to the brink. "Logan…"

His name died on her lips as he kissed a trail down her neck and along her jaw, where he found her lips and kissed her with everything he had. Rory let out a breathy moan as his tongue dipped inside her mouth and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer to him. Logan was only too happy to oblige.

They kissed each other frantically as if the end of the world was coming tomorrow, completely forgetting their environment. It wasn't until the need for oxygen broke them apart, that Rory suddenly remembered where they were and instantly a blush crept over her features. She opened her eyes to see people staring at them with looks of disgust and shock at such a public display of affection. Horrified, Rory took a step back, breaking free of his embrace. Logan was panting for breath, but his eyes were firmly fixed on hers. He tried to pull her back to him, but she raised her hand to stop him and then backed away.

"I just…" she was completely breathless, "…I'm going to go…to the bathroom." Logan watched her with lust in his eyes.

"Do you want some company?" he asked playfully and arched his brow at her. Rory's eyes widened and she blushed again.

"No. You…stay here. I'll be right back," she told him and taking a deep breath she backed away from him and quickly made her way to the restrooms. She could really do with a cold shower right about now. She couldn't believe how carried away she had gotten with him in front of so many people. But Logan had always had some kind of power over her that made her forget about everything. She was firmly under his spell. She was helpless to his charms. That was both a blessing and curse. She loved spending time with Logan, but it also made it more difficult when he wasn't around.

She couldn't allow herself to let her guard down so freely with Logan; it would only make it more painful when he pushed her away.

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