Random story! lolz, I had this idea after reading the Gaara vs. Lee fight in manga volume ten. I hope you like it!

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"Lee," shouted Sakura, "give up before he kills you!"


"What now," exclaimed the proctor. Everyone suddenly heard someone sniffle. They all looked around, before realizing that it was coming from someone on the battlefield.

Everyone's jaws dropped. Gaara's shoulders were shaking, and sobs could be heard.

"Why is it people always think I'm going to kill them?!" Gaara looked up at everyone. Tears were streaming down his face. "You know what?! You people SUCK!!!"

He ran up the stairs of the balcolny and locked himself in the bathroom.

"Gaara! Come on...!" Kankuro ran to the bathroom door.

Temari looked at Sakura. "Way to go, people! Make fun of him, why don't you?!" She ran to the bathroom door also. "Gaara, come out of the bathroom!"

A huge sniff was heard within the bathroom. "No..."

"Come on, otouto..." pleaded Kankuro.

"I don't wanna..."

Kankuro leaned against the door. "Did they make fun of you again?"

Another sniff. "Yes..."

Temari and Kankuro sighed. "Do you want Mr. Fluffykins," asked Temari.


"You want a blanket?"

Sniff. "Yes..."

"Want some warm milk?"

"Uh huh..."

Temari turned to Kankuro. "Go get his bear...I'll get the blanket and the milk."

She turned to the door again. "We're gonna go get your bear, okay Gaara-kun?"

The door opened a crack, exposing a single tearstained eye. "Okay..."

The weeping Sand-nin was now wrapped in a large fleece blanket, with a cup of warm milk sitting in front of him and a careworn, scruffy, brown teddy bear in his arms. His eyes held a contented look in them now, and he sighed happily.

"Okay, Gaara-kun" said Temari softly, "do you want to finish the fight now?"

"Uh huh..."

The teen sat up, blanket slipping off his shoulders. He wordlessly handed the bear to his older sister, and the cup of milk to his brother.

The rest of the fight commenced without incident, and Gaara won.

Today was a good day for Gaara.

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