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Chapter Twenty-One- Loose Ends Tied

A week had passed since Ukitake had been named as the Head Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads and he and the other captains were once again assembled in the Squad One conference room. Each of the remaining captains had submited a list of people they felt were qualified to lead the squads that were without captains and Ukitake scanned them briefly before addressing the group.

The old captain found Hitsugaya's to be the most interesting out of all of them, extremely interesting in fact. For one thing he was the only captain who hadn't suggested that Matsumoto be made an acting captain and for another he'd suggested that Urahara be named as acting captain of Squad Twelve.

"You do realize that he was banished, right Toushirou?" Ukitake asked the young captain of Squad Ten.

"Of course I know that," Hitsugaya snapped. "But you can't deny the fact that his skills would prove extremely useful in the upcoming war. Besides, you're the Head Captain and it would be a simple matter for you to rescind his banishment and give him access to Soul Society once more."

"We'll discuss it," Ukitake said, realizing that the kid had a very valid point. "Now would you like to explain why you didn't suggest that Rangiku be made an acting captain, when everyone else did? I would have thought you'd be the first to suggest it."

"I asked her how she felt about being an acting captain when I returned from the meeting last week and she went off on me. And since you can't force her to do it I saw no need to submit her name. It just seemed like a really big waste of time to me."

"I see," Ukitake said. "So we'll scratch that option then. Well seeing as how Hinamori, Hisagi and Kira were all unanimously nominated to take over their respective squads I guess we'll go with that. Now who should be in charge of Squad Twelve?"

"Well it shouldn't be the vice-captain," Soi Fon stated. "She was under Kurotsuchi's thumb for too long. I just don't think she'd be able to lead effectively."

"Well I'm with Captain Hitsugaya," Kyouraku spoke up. "I think you should see if Kisuke would be willing to help us out."

"Who else thinks that's a viable option?" Ukitake asked, gazing around the room.

Soi Fon, Kenpachi, Komamura and Unohana all raised their hands. Only Byakuya seemed against the plan.

"Okay that's a majority," Ukitake said, already fully aware of why Byakuya was against it and not willing to discuss the matter. "So I'll ask if he's willing to help but think about other options incase he says no."

The captains all nodded.

"And that leaves Squad Thirteen," Ukitake said. "And I would like to make a suggestion there. Sorry to take your vice-captain Byakuya but I think Renji should take over Squad Thirteen."

Captain Kuchiki shrugged. "You can have him. I couldn't care less."

"Any objections to the appointment?" Ukitake asked.

No one raised their hands.

"Alright then," Ukitake said. "This Captains' Meeting is adjourned and I guess I'll go and inform our new Acting Captains of their appointments."

An hour or so later Ukitake finished his talks with all the new Acting Captains and thankfully none of them had refused the appointment.

"Now all that's left is Kisuke," the Head Captain thought to himself as he made his way toward the Senkaimon.

Upon arriving in the world of the living Ukitake made his way to Urahara's shop and when he arrived he knocked on the door. The door slid open and Jinta stuck his head out. "You again?"

Ukitake nodded. "Me again. Is Kisuke around?"

Jinta nodded. "Come in."

Jinta led Ukitake to the shop's back room, where they found Urahara sitting at the table in deep conversation with Yuruichi.

"Welcome Jyuushirou," Urahara called out. "Please join us."

Ukitake nodded and sat down across from the two former captains.

"So what brings the Head Captain to my humble little shop?" Urahara asked.

"News travels fast," Ukitake said with a chuckle. "I came to ask a favor."

"What kind of favor do you need?"

"Well as you know, Aizen's betrayal, coupled with recent events, has left us five captains short. Which considering the upcoming war is decidely bad. We've managed to temporarily replace four out of the five however Squad Twelve remains without a leader. Which leads me to the favor. I know you have no desire to return to Soul Society but would you consider helping us out at least until Aizen is defeated?"

Urahara held a thoughtful expression on his face for a few minutes before replying. "I'll help you out on one condition: that you allow me to use the shop as my base of operation up until the war."

"Done," Ukitake said. "And Yuruichi, any help you're willing to offer would be greatly appreciated. Same for Isshin, if you'd pass the message along."

Yuruichi nodded.

"I'll remove the seal that prevents you from using the Senkaimon," Ukitake said, getting to his feet. "So if you need to come to Soul Society for any reason you can."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Thank you Kisuke," Ukitake said as he turned to leave. "I'll be in touch."

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