A/N: This is a poem about Hinata and her relationship with Naruto. Not so much about their relationship as it is about what her name means. I think it is a sweet poem, though. Kind of emo-ish, but emos rule! They are just regular people with dreams and emotions. Don't hate the emos! Anyways, here it is... It is written as Hinata's POV.

Naruto. My Sunny Place.

The sun.

A bright star circulating throughout the limitless void of space and lluminating the world.

Such is my name.

Hinata. A sunny place.

I am nothing like a sunny place,

More like a dark corner.

I do not speak. When I do, it is quiet and studdered.

I can not fight. When I try, all I do is make things worse for me and everyone around.

Not like Him, though. He is perfect.

The kind of flawless I could only dream of or read about in fairytales.

He is the only one who makes me strive to complete my dreams, no matter the difficulty.

But He doesn't know... He'll never see...

My life's dream is Him.

Hinata. a sunny place.

I am nothing like a sunny place,

More like a black whole.

One that roams aimlessly around, causing everyone pain.

One that everyone despises.

But He doesn't.

He always saw a light in me, even if it wasn't so large or so warm.

...Or even if there really wasn't one there at the time...

He always seems to find it.

He replenishes it. Restores it.

Makes me fell as if I am just as important as that one star up there in the cloudy Heavens.

Hinata. A sunny place.

I am nothing like a sunny place,

More like a rainy day.

Such days that brim my eyes with tears until they trickle down carelessly.

But that doesn't stop him from wiping away those tears.

He never stops caring,

Whether it is for me or another person,

He just doesn't stop caring.

Though others may have wronged Him, never showed Him kindness, never showed Him hope...

...or love...

He still fills my dreams with happiness,

He still fills my heart with light.

He still keeps me from my bestilling darkness,

He still shows me wrong from right.

Hinata. A sunny place.

Naruto. My sunny place.

And that He will always be.