Move Over Mandy, Miley Has Arrived

By: Anna-Morgause

Description: The'That's Just the Way Hannah Rolls!' Sequel: With the summer tour over,Poor Miley has to deal with a secret life, High School, The normal dating troubles, people being nice to her because she's dating a Jonas Brother, Nick trying to win her back, And A certain Zombie Slayer not wanting to be just friends anymore. PS: Long Distance Relationships don't always work out. (Moe? Niley? Jiley? Moliver)

Disclaimer: If Iowned Hannah Montana I would be rich and dating Nick Jonas…. Man… I wish I owned Hannah Montana

Quote of the Day: "Look! I'm on the front page! Don't I look so cute when I'm scared?" – Emily Osment (As Lilly Truscott)

A/N: That's right; I'm back with a vengeance! The sequel is here! I'm so excited about this, I wasn't planning on writing with so soon, but, The title just came to me and wouldn't let me forget about it!

Chapter One: This Is My Life



As soon as Miley got home, she went straight up to her room jumped on her bed, and snuggled under her covers.

She took in a deep breath; it was good to be home!



Miley slowly sat up and found her phone.


"Miley?" the person on the other line asked

"Joe!" Miley said happily,

"That's My name; don't wear it out! How are ya doin' Miles? Did you get home yet?"

"I'm fine, and we literally just got home"

"So… Does that mean you're free Friday night?"

Miley's face turned a bright red color

"Definitely," Miley said, smiling.

"I'll pick you up at 8:30?"

"Sounds Good!"

"See you then" Joe said


Miley closed the cell and squealed excitedly

"What's with all the racket?" Robbie Ray Called from the living room

"Nuthin' Daddy!" Miley answered



Lilly sighed when she got home… She missed Trevor!

She missed his laugh, his beautiful blue eyes, his kisses… She missed everything! And she had only been gone for one day!

"Lilly," The blonde heard her mother call, "Miley's here to see you"

"Kay…" Lilly replied

"Lilly, Guess what?!" Miley said cheerfully when she reached her best friend

"What?" Lilly asked, not really interested

"Hey, what's wrong?" Miley asked, noticing Lilly's unhappiness

"Nuthin'" Lilly muttered

"Come on, Lilly, Tell me"


"Lilly!" Miley said sternly

"Fine! I miss Trevor! Okay?!" Lilly shouted

"Aww, Lils Why didn't you say so before?"

"I don't know!"

"It'll be okay, Hey why don't we go out this weekend, we can go shopping!" Miley suggested

"That'd be awesome! How 'bout Friday"

"OooUmm, I can't go on Friday" Miley said

"Why not?"

"I have plans…"

"With Who?" Lilly asked, shocked, "We just got back!"


"Jonas "

"Mm-hmm!" Miley confirmed

"That's it, I officially hate you! You have a date with Joe Jonas and My boyfriend lives in another state!" Lilly said angrily

"Lilly, calm down, We'll go to the Mall on Saturday" Miley said

"Alright…" Lilly agreed reluctantly "But you better not cancel!!"

"Lilly, why would I cancel a shoppingtrip?"



Miley smiled as she got ready.

It was her first real date with Joe!

They hadn't really had time to go on dates on the tour… Not to mention that once Roxie found out that there was something going on between them, she wouldn't leave Miley alone!

"Stupid bodyguard…" Miley muttered to herself.

As Miley added the finished touches, she looked at her watch: 8:05.

That meant that Joe would be there soon! …ish

As Miley went to the living room, she thought about how long it took to convince her dad to let her go…

"But Daddy, I already said 'Yes!'" Miley protested

"I don't care!" Robbie Ray said"You spent enough time with that boy on the tour!"

"Daddy, I really like him!"

"Miley Ray Stewart, He's three years older than you!" The girl's father said angrily

"So?! Daddy, please, I really want to go! We won't do anything bad! I promise!"

Robbie Ray sighed

"Fine," The Father said, defeated, "But if I find out that boy tried somethin'-!"

"Oh, thank you, Daddy! I love you so much!!!" Miley said as she hugged her father

Miley shook her head, that man could be so stubborn sometimes


Oh, That Must be Joe! Miley thought.

Then she looked at her watch, He was a little Early though…

Miley went and opened the door, to fine…

Jake Ryan

"J-jake!?" Miley said, surprised

"Hi, Miley" Jake said


"Umm, Can I come in?" Jake Asked, "I want to talk to you about somthing."

"Oh! Yeah, sure!" Miley said nervously; this was not good!

The two teens went into the living room

"So… What'd you wanna talk about?" Miley asked, "Is it gunna take long? 'cuz I was gunna go out…"

"Don't Worry, Miles, This'll be quick, I promise" Jake assured her

"Okay, shoot"

"Miley, Remember when I said that I just wanted to be friends with you?" Jake asked




Both Jake and Miley turned to see Joe Jonas in the, open, doorway

"Joe!" Miley exclaimed

"Miley, what's going on?" Joe asked

"Umm, Jake just came over to tell me something, I'm not entirely sure what, but he's leaving now." Miley said, Pushing Jake out the door

"But, wait-!"

Jake was cut off.

"Bye" Miley said, closing the door

"Miley, why was he here?"

"Didn't I just explain that?"

"Miley, I'm not sure if you know this, but, it's not exactly normal to invite your ex over when you have a date!"

"I didn't invite him!! He just showed up on my doorstep!"

"So you invite him in?!"

"He's my friend, Joe! That's it! I swear!"

Joe sighed

"I believe you, Miley…I just don't trust him!"

Miley smiled

"Don't worry about Jake, he's Harmless"

"You better be right"

"When am I wrong?"



"So, how'd the date go!?" Lilly asked Miley as they looked through a rack of cute t-shirts

"I'm guessing that you feel better."

"Come on! Spill!!" Lilly demanded

"Well, before, the date even started, Jake came over" Miley said

"Jake Ryan?!" Lilly excliamed

"Yup, he wanted to tell me somthin'" Miley said, moving to look at some jeans

"What?! What?!" Lilly asked, following her

"Actually, I'm not sure," Miley admitted, "Joe showed up and I kinda kicked him out…."

"Why?! What if he wanted to get back together?!"

"Jake said that he just wanted to be friends, remember?"

"Yes, but people change their minds, Miles!!"

"Still, That's crazy!"

"Fine, whatever," Lilly said pouting, "just tell me about the date."

"It was amazing! Joe is so sweet!!"

"No fair, you get a super hot/ sweet Jonas Brother, and Trevor's probably cheating on me!!"

"Trevor is not cheating on you, Lilly!"

"Yes he is!!"

"Lilly, calm down! He'll call you and everything'll be fine. "

"Okay…. Oo! Look at those shoes!"

Lilly rushed over to aforementioned shoes

"That's the spirit!" Miley said, following Lilly



A/N: Well, what did you think?I think it's a little short. Is it?

PS: Spread the Word: Miley/Joe equals Moe!

End Quote"If you don't get over yourself in about 3 seconds you're going to look absolutely adorable."- Miley Cyrus (as Miley Stewart)