Alice: Chapter 15

Alice: Chapter 15

My mind has disappeared. I feel as if I am trapped inside of a torturous fire, but somehow the bite of the fire sooths me. Whenever I felt as thou it was too much I simply let my mind wander to the thought of him. The man that saved me from the war fields of hell.

Guns went off around me, and I was found myself to be stuck inside a battle of men over things that would mean little to me. Blood stained my white skirt as I ran threw the walls of bodies that were continuously yelling and fighting, and I was frightened. But that is until I first set eyes on him. In that instant, relief washed over me. My pain was gone, and it was replaced with the comfort of his words. It was if the world had gone mute. All I could hear was the whisper that he spoke.

"Come to me, Alice."

I reached for his hand, and years flew by in moments. I saw us on a mountain top with his arms braced around me. I saw the kiss that forever entwined us in marriage. I saw the fun we had with the family we would have, they were not different from us, but in a way we were all the same. We would never grow old. We would be together for all of our existence.

The fighting stopped then, but it had gone on for far too long. I was alone with him on a mountain top above the clouds. When I look to the right I find myself meeting the gaze of his mahogany brown eyes. He takes my hand and places a smooth red stone in my hand. It takes me moment before I realized it was a jasper stone.

"I love you." He whispered into my ear, but before I could say more I was back.

All too soon, the vision ended. The floor beneath me feels cold and uninviting. The only warmth I seem to be able to feel is a patch on my arm. My eyes peel open like it was the first time I've ever opened them. My site emerges into a field of thousands of sparkling lights.

When I sat up the light disappeared, and I felt amazing. There is not a single ache in my bones or a tickle in my skin. I feel as thou nothing could bother me even if something tried. I searched for the warmth I felt earlier. I found the warmth when I reached up to grab a blanket sitting on a chair. The warmth came but not in the blanket, but by a patch of sunlight. The warmth felt amazingly conforting. Then I placed my arm into the ray of sunshine only to discover that it sparkles like as if it were on fire. At first I was afraid but the warmth felt so good.

Then it hit me, where am I? My mind had gone blank. I could not remember a single memory except for those of him. I tried to remember what had happened, who I was, and how I got to this room, but I stopped asking questions when I realized that I had not taken a breath, and when I did a strong scent hit me. A strong scent of metallic seemed to replace the oxygen I was used to in the air around me. I craved this scent. I knew I wanted whatever it was.

I smashed threw the wooden door and found the source of the scent. There, lying on the floor was a body. His blond head was surrounded by a pool of blood. I reached for him and my hand filled with blood. My mouth ached for it. I brought my hand to my mouth, and was only stopped by a vision. It was a vision of hundreds of people being murdered that went flashing before my eyes.

I quickly wiped my hand on my blouse, and set my sights on this body. When I turned him over I could not help but stare. Red eyes shocked me immediately at first sight. I felt like I knew him, and I needed to do something. I needed to help this man; I could not leave him here in this condition.

In seconds I dug a grave with my bare hands. I gently lifted his body up and placed it in the grave. Once buried, I placed a beautiful boulder over the grave and placed the one thing I had found laying next to his body on top. It was a name tag engraved with the words, DR. JASON HARTFORD.

Characters are copyrighted by Stephanie Meyer

Written by Kaitlin Krebs

Edited by Mary Enwall (who is a lifesaver)