"The most brilliant student in his grade." The teacher said with a smile in his direction.

Mari watched Ai run away, tears running down her friend's face. She huffed at him. "You could've turned her down nicely." She turned away. "You just don't have a heart, sempai." With that, she stomped off.

"Breaking ladies' hearts again? You're so mean to them, Loki!" His brother laughed at him as he cooked dinner.

The words were becoming echoes in his mind. The tall teenager brushed a hand through his hair, and glanced out his classroom window. "Nothing ever happens around here. I take a test, get an A+ on it, take another test, get another perfect score. Girls swoon, I reject. It's like a routine." The blonde boy sighed, putting his head on his desk as the teacher droned on about the English classics. "All I ever do is study, reject girls, and read the newspaper." The teacher was now writing someone's name on the board.

"Why can't something exciting ever happen to me?"

A chill ran down her spine as she watched him take her father's throne."Finally, I've taken what is rightfully mine--Olympus."

"Athena! So glad I found ya...something bad is happening back home. You'd best escape while you can--you're on the target list."

"Go hide in the human world! I'll meet you there soon, promise. Apollo'll come too, don't worry. We'll find you." Her sister promised, pointing away. "Go! You're the goddess of wisdom, sis! If anyone can defeat Hades, it's you."

"...I think the sign looks nice, Mayura-sama." The green-haired man said, adjusting his glasses at the sign that read "Enjaku Detective Agency".

The pink-haired woman smiled. "Despite the chaos back home, we can at least solve mysteries here. I wonder if there are ghosts in the mortal realm..." She said, eyes glittering at the concept.

The butler sweat-dropped. "Mayura-sama...let's focus on getting clients before worrying about what cases they'll present."

Mayura nodded, walking towards the entrance to the mansion. "Yamino-san..." She said, tapping her chin.

"Yes?" Yamino asked, turning away from the sign.

"If you see my sisters or brothers, they're probably here to kill me. So I'd advise being careful." She said with a warm smile. "Ever since he took over, I've been marked for death."

"Eh...right, Mayura-sama." Yamino said nervously, following her into the mansion. "But why does...he want you to die?"

"Because I'm the fair goddess of wisdom..." Mayura trailed off as Yamino closed the door. "And Hades hates all those who are kind and true."

"Athena-sama..." Yamino started awkwardly, but was interrupted by a wave of his mistress's hand.

"I'm okay with it, don't worry, Yamino-san." She was still smiling. "We get to solve all sorts of exciting mysteries down here, right? With luck, I might even meet a bishonen!" She said, adding more skip to her steps.

He nodded, also smiling. "Then I'll get to preparing dinner, Mayura-sama. Any special requests?"

"Hm...how about some traditional Japanese food? Like cake!" She said, clapping her hands.

The butler sweat-dropped again. "All right, Mayura-sama..."

Then, the doorbell rang.

"What's this? A guest already?" Yamino asked, surprised.

"Kyaa! A human! Let's go, Yamino!" Mayura said, running to the door. Summoning her most serious face, she opened the door.

"Welcome to the Enjaku Detective Agency. How may we be of service?"



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