On the fourteenth day of Christmas,
My True Love gave to me
Fourteen scary fangirls

"Never tak a job as a singer Tomb Robber," Atemu commented as he walked by him and the karaoke machine.

"Ahahahahahafuck you," Bakura snapped back, glowering and tossing the wireless microphone at him. Atemu grinned and ducked the flying object.

"Atemu, don't antagonize him!" Yuugi called from the other room as he heard the microphone crash into his favorite lamp.

"I didn't do anything!"

"You called me a bad singer you prick!"

"I did not! I told the truth!"

"Exactly!" he yelled.

"It's cruelty to be kind!"

"That's a song, you retard! Now shut the hell up before I dump Anzu's pudding down your shirt!"

"You will not touch my pudding!"

"Of course not Anzu," h said automatically. Atemu's smirk fell when Yuugi's pie smacked him in the face.


Yuugi forgave Bakura for ruining his pie when he received the photos in the mail the next week.