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Sakura's Master

'Ahh, there is nothing like soaking in a tub… after not bathing for three days.' Sakura thought as she relaxed in the warm water, enjoying the different scents that Tenten had added to it, but was then interrupted by a loud voice.

"Hurry up Sakura, the Council's not going to wait for ever" yelled an impatient Tenten.

Sakura walked out of the changing room, washed and ready to meet the 'Council'.

She walked down the hallway with fear in her heart; she began clutching to her silk blue dress and felt that her choker was literally doing what it's name suggested; chocking her.

Tenten saw these actions and put a hand on her shoulder, "It's going to be ok."

Sakura nodded then took a deep breath and started walking again. And before she knew it she was in front of the King, Sasuke, Itachi, a large audience, and a group she later found out was the Council.

Sakura didn't understand a word of what they were saying.

They were speaking in an old language; very old.

As she looked around the room taking her attention of the trial and the two chained men that were in love with her.

She noticed quickly that she was the only one who didn't understand the only one not looking in the direction of the trial.

Then her eyes met those of a young man with blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes.

The young man gave her a weary smile then looked back at the main event.

Then a sudden voice startled her, it was the King.

"Sakura, we will now here your testimony."

Sakura stumbled to a stand and began telling them if what had happened.

Sakura -as they were now speaking English (A/N: English, Japanese… whatever) - could finally understand them

"The crime has been done, witnesses have spoken, the court has heard enough, and we of the Council have made our decision," said a man who appeared to be the oldest member of the Council. "You two have disgraced our country, deceived this Council, greatly hurt our Monarchy, and now you stand before use to receive sentencing." He said as he looked at Sasuke and Itachi. "Itachi Uchiha, first son to our King, Fugaku Uchiha, Crown Prince to this country, and the Heir to the Thrown, today you have shown this court that you are not the right choice for the crown and perhaps never will be. You Itachi Uchiha, have been stripped of your title and will be separated from your Guardian until further notice. You will also be taken under the guidance of one Kakashi Hatake, until he says otherwise." And with a wave of his hand the guards took the chained Itachi away, and moved Sasuke into view.

"Sasuke Uchiha, second son to our King, Fugaku Uchiha, you have yet to choose a guardian, and with the crimes you and your brother have committed we are considering not allowing you one. But without Itachi you are the next heir." Sasuke said nothing, he just stood their and listened, "We the Council have decided that we will not allow you the privilege of choosing your own Guardian," Sasuke stiffened, "and leave that decision to the King."

Time froze.

No one moved.

It had been the first time in history for an Uchiha not to be able to choose their own Guardian, to choose the one being they were to live out their lives with.

After the initial shock wore off the room filled with whispers and judgment, but all was quiet when the old Council member waved his hand for silence. "King Fugaku, if you please?" Passing the conversation over to the King.

"Sasuke" the King said in a strong but fatherly voice "I have thought of this matter and I have decided that your Guardian should not be for me to decide, and I am not the one who you have hurt," Sasuke looked at him with hopeful eyes "I will leave the decision to my Queen."

(I swear to God people just don't want the job.)

The Councils never spoke a word and nodded.

"Very well, but if the Queen is not conscious bye half past Eleven tonight, the King will choose for you, until then you are confined to your chambers, this court is dismissed."

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Sasuke has to find a guardian to serve him for the rest of his life, but he dosen't know how to choose one. What will happen when he finds a beautiful girl with pink hair and amazing powers, will he let her go free or make her stay with him forever? R&R plz

New summary:

A kingdom from the past. A boy who needs a guardian. A girl who wants the truth. A brother who gets what he wants. So many things could go wrong. Three hearts, two roads, one end. Nothing is ever simple. -Changed the summary- sakuXsasuXita(ish)

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