Claire's P.O.V.

Wow, today is my 20th B-Day! So many years has past since I've been down to La Push. Every since I left for USC a few years back, I never have been back to see my aunt. So, here I am, on a plane to Washington.

Mom told me it would be good to see where I come from. Plus, summer vacation would be a complete bore since Greg wouldn't be here. Unfortunately he went to New York for a job. If he gets this, he said that he will be able to get an apartment and we could move in together. Sometimes I wonder if Greg is the one for me. I mean, I love him more then anyone could fathom. Every time we are together it is like I'm being born again. However, for a while now I've been questioning our relationship.

Sometimes it is like I'm not meant for Greg though we never get into fights. Actually, he is the perfect gentleman for any woman. He pays for everything, he is polite, my mother loves him, my dad seems to like him, and he is at the top of our class. What woman wouldn't want this man? No! No! I'm thinking too much into the subject.

I don't know, it is really bothersome. Good thing this plane is relaxing. I can get some sleep and allow my mind to clear. Of course, Greg is the man—the only man for me.

I had forgotten how cold, damp, and green it is in Washington. Ugh. California weather had grown on me. I'm used to sun! Here, I'm lucky if it is not raining. I pulled my jacket tighter around me while I pulled my two suitcases.

Someone was suppose to be waiting for me here. Aunt Emily only said he would be tall, dark and handsome. Yeah, I hadn't told her about Greg. I'll have to tell her to stop trying to hook me up with her 'boys' out here in La Push. So my brown eyes searched the crown for a tall, dark and handsome man. To my surprise, there weren't too many tall, dark and handsome men. So what was I going to watch when I was sitting on La Push beach?

The water started to soak through my jacket. My body started to shiver erratically. "Come on," I mumbled under my breath.

"Ready Claire?"

I turned to face the chest of a man. Well more of a very big, very tall man. I'm talking really huge. I looked up at his face. He was dark and handsome. He chuckled at my expression I assumed. I must have been staring like an idiot.

"Remember me?" He had a deep voice. Figures.

"No, not really." He picked up both of my bags, single-handedly mind you, and carried them to a SUV. I followed like a dope still trying to figure where I had seen him before. He looked around my age or older, with long black hair pulled into a ponytail and the familiar look of one of the La Push gang. I tapped him on the back since I couldn't reach his shoulder.

"Yeah?" He opened the door for me.

"What is your name?" I asked while getting into the car.

"Embry." He said as he got into the driver seat.

I remember him. Except I was about ten years old then. Yeah, I remember the whole gang now. There was Jared, Paul, Jacob, Sam, Embry, Seth, Leah, and Quil. How could I ever forget Quil? He was my best friend when I was younger.

"How's Quil?" I asked unconsciously. I don't know why, out of all the names I remembered, Quil's came out.

Embry seemed a little puzzled by my question. "He's fine. Except he's been asking about your visit for almost a year now. It got annoying after the 365th time." He chuckled.

"How about the rest?" The car felt so good. Heat!

"They are all just as excited. I had to beat an old lady with a stick just to be the one to pick you up. Between you and me, look excited when you get to Emily's."

"Sure." I laughed.

I watched the scenery. It was really beautiful out here. Everything was green and brown. Though the weather wasn't to my liking the whole place was. I could really see myself out here—living here. The quietness alone makes this a perfect place for me. But, I have one more year at USC before I want to transfer.

It wasn't long before we arrived at the familiar house of my Aunt. Not much has changed since the last time I've been here. Reluctantly I opened the door. A gust of cold air hit me in the face. Yeah, that was going to take some getting used to.

Embry was already beside me with my bags under one arm. That was pretty fast.

"I scent the excitement," he nudged me.

"I can't be that famous." I joked.

Boy was I wrong. When Embry opened the door, everyone turned to see. There had to be at least twenty people in Aunt Emily's small house. I was then devoured by arms and lips of everyone. Most of the people I didn't know. Embry had to get out of the way or he would have been smothered by love like I was.

"My you have grown!"

"Look at her! Our college girl right here!"

"See those hips. She gets that from side of the family."

"I love her eyes. Their size and color is spectacular!"

More and more compliments were thrown my way. That was until I was pulled out of the crowd and into a hug by my Aunt Emily. I kissed her on the cheek. Oh it has been so long—to long.

"Hello Aunt Emily. Long time no see. I missed you," I repeated. She hugged me even tighter.

"Good to see you, Baby. Come in the kitchen. The boys want to see their old Little Girl."

"I'm hardly little anymore," I laughed lightly.

I was led through the throng of people by my aunt. I had forgotten all about her scars. It is funny how I don't even know how she got them. I'll have to ask he one day. We walked into the kitchen. I found myself in front of six very tall beautiful people. I recognized all of them. Only Jared was missing.

"Hey everyone," I smiled.

"Little? What happen to you? I was expecting some insignificant runt." I was pulled into a hug by Seth.

"I require air," I said.

"Hey there Claire! I see you have grown up." Leah kissed both of my cheeks after Seth let me go.

Then Jacob came over gave me a bear hug. "Nice to see you again Little Girl."

"Again, air." I gasped as he put me down. Yes, he was the biggest.

" What's up Claire?" Paul kissed my cheek and left the room quickly.

"Hello Baby Girl. I'm glad you will be staying with us for these three weeks. Hope you are enjoying your time here at La Push. They have a lot planned for you," he gestured to the 'boys' and Leah. He hugged me and kissed the top of my head.

"I can only imagine Uncle Sam. Mind if I call you Sammy?" I teased.

"Uh…No," he nudged me before snaking his arm around Aunt Emily's waist. I loved to see them together. It was like watching a romance movie. So much love in their eyes. The simplest touch so loving.

Then it was like time stopped. Everyone that was in the kitchen watched the place the last La Push gang member stood. I, too, turned to face the last to greet me. Quil leaned casually against the counter. However, one of his hands was quivering a little.

Our eyes met. I don't know why by I got butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't look away; it was like I was connected to him. It may have been quick or it may have been hours, but we held our gaze. Something about Quil made the blood rush to my face. I was blushing for no reason at all. A smiled crept onto Quil's face.

"Hello Claire. Glad to have you back home," he pulled me into his warm embrace. I stiffened at his touch. He pulled away hurt. "I, uh, have to go to work Sam. I'll be back later on tonight." He smiled at me once more before disappearing, too quickly, out the kitchen.

"Um, should we eat?" Jacob cut the silence.

"Claire?" Aunt Emily put a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm fine. Just a little jet lag. But I'm still ready for your cooking Aunt Emily." I tried a smile. Even though she saw right through me, she didn't say anything.

"Let's eat!" Paul announced, coming back into the kitchen.

I don't know what happened back there with Quil. I mean, I know I shouldn't compare it to this, it was like going on my first date with Greg but stronger. The self-consciousness, the embarrassment, the butterflies, the longing to have an endless conversation was all there. Why would I have that feeling? Maybe it is just nerves. Maybe it is because I'm not sure about Greg yet.

Or Maybe……

I don't know.

Nice way to start off my vacation.

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