Alright, so, here's a look at my first fanfiction ever. Yeah, it's a high school AU romance fic, but I'll try to add at least some originality to it. This is just the prologue, so stay tuned for more. On with the fic!


The Fox and the Hound


The city of Konoha: population 25,000. It's not exactly what one would call a metropolis, but it is just large enough for one to take a walk down the street and meet just about every type of person there is in the world. The moral philosopher, the drug addict, the aspiring actor, the struggling comedian and, of course, the shy, love-struck schoolgirl. Yes, all were present, and Hinata Hyuuga was situated squarely in the middle of this last category.

Indeed, for many years she had been eyeing a certain someone at Konoha High, but could never manage to make her feelings known. It was hard enough just to be around the boy, let alone talk to him. If she so much as felt his eyes upon her, even if it was just her imagination, Hinata would feel her face start to burn up, a fact that she tried so desperately to hide. Now she was sixteen, though, just starting her sophomore year at Konoha High, and the young Hyuuga could feel her one chance at true love slipping through her fingers. Surely he would be searching for a love of his own, and what would possibly draw him to such a plain girl as herself? No, he probably had his sights set on Sakura or Ino, not the shy, pale-eyed girl sitting nervously in the corner…

As hopeless as her situation seemed, though, Hinata could not help but feel some slight happiness as she sat on her bed, gazing at her freshmen yearbook with the painful longing that had haunted her since the sixth grade.

"Naruto Uzumaki," she said with a sigh as she gently brushed her fingers across said blonde's picture. "Why can't you just see me like I see you?"


Like I said, short intro chapter. Feel free to give me any comments or suggestions!