Emmett and an Interesting Day!

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Chapter 10:

Paybacks a Bitch

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Mush, where are you?


I turned around to see Emmett grinning to himself.

Didn't you hear me coming? He asked through his thoughts. I nodded a yes, lying to him and myself. He didn't buy it though.

Edward you're a damn liar. I caught you off guard and you know it! I sighed, giving in.

"What can you possibly want at six in the morning Emmett?" I hissed in his direction. The room was getting brighter by the second, a sunny day 'till twelve. I remembered Alice mentioning something about that; our trip to Seattle would have to wait till mid-day.

"I came here to wake up Bella!" Before I could react to his words, he was shaking her shoulders yelling "WAKE UP!" at the top of his lungs. I pulled him away from the bed, slamming him into the other side of the room and into the wall.

"Oh good job bozo, you messed up her wall." He climbed out, and I saw the insides of the wall crumbling away where his body had been. I'd have to get Esme to fix that before Charlie could find out.

I sneered in his direction, turning back to Bella. She was now waking up, her eyelids battling against the light now coming through her window. She had a faint crease in between her eyebrows. Emmett swiftly left the roof, heading downstairs somewhere. He was probably going to look around and make another kind of mess, so I didn't even bother to tap into his thoughts.

"Mmm Edward?" She reached up to find my face, and I cradled against her delicate hand. Her touch always warming me, I leaned into it more trying not to be obvious.

But of course, Emmett was there to ruin everything.

"WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!" He was standing by the door again with a pan and metal spoon in hand, banging them loudly against each other. Bella shrieked, and jumped up from her position in my arms. Before the thought of slamming into the cold floorboards could cross her mind, I had her standing up again.

"Holy crow Emmett! What was that for?"

"Have no fear, Emmett is here!" I growled in his direction, seizing the pan and slamming it into his face. I pushed him out of the room, closing the door in his bewildered face.

Handing the pan to Bella, I sighed. Emmett was supposed to be 93 years old yet he acted like a mere teenager.

"Sorry about that, love." I carried her back to the bed, trying to figure out her reaction. It was quite hard, because there wasn't one. Then, she snickered.

"Well now I can have a pancake that looks like Emmett's face!" We both burst out laughing, and Emmett barged back into the room.

"That's not funny." He sat down in Bella's rocking chair, taking up nearly the whole room.

"I want you to leave." I hissed through my teeth, looking back at the gaping hole in the wall that now had to be replaced. He merely smiled, shaking his head.

Nuh uh, I'm here to stay for today. I thought about throwing the pan at his face again, but the thought passed by. Why need to inflict more damage in Bella's room when I knew he wasn't going to go anywhere?

"It's okay, he can stay I guess. With you here, he wont get much of a kick outta me today." She smirked in his direction, still fumbling with the pan. She then tossed it to Emmett, which he caught two feet in front of him.

"Nice toss."

"Nice catch."


"Go make me some of your famous pancakes." She emphasized the famous and I could see she actually liked them.

"You would eat those again?" Utter surprise crossed his face. She really liked 'em? I looked back at her, and let her answer for herself.

"I told you before, they were delicious. Just please, don't get batter everywhere again this time. Or any hot things on my face." I thought back to what I saw in the movie, and smirked. "Edward Cullen you thought that was funny?" She tried to act hard, but I saw the amusement in her eyes.

Wiping the smirk off my face, I composed myself into a statue-like structure, shaking my head. "Of course not!" She laughed and ruffled my already untidy bronze hair, holding me closer.

I noticed Emmett was gone, and heard the tiny sounds through out the house. The fire igniting on the stove, water running through the pipelines, insects invisible to the "human" eye scurrying around on the floor. I tried listening to the one sound that I could never hear, and found it silent. I groaned in protest, sitting in an upright position.

"What did I do?" Bella asked with her eyes resembling a deer's caught in headlights.

"You didn't do anything. I'm just frustrated that I cant read your mind!" I complained to myself for the millionth time.

"Want me to tell you exactly what I was thinking about?" She smiled coyly. She stood up, and started inching towards the door. A faint emotion of excitement lit in her eyes, bringing me to become more frustrated with myself.


"Well, that's too bad. My mind is private for a reason!" Emmett's booming laughter filled the house, and Bella's joined it.

"Oh really?" I raised an eyebrow. Rising into a crouching position, I asked her again to state what she was thinking.

"Sorry to burst your bubble Edward, but you really don't intimidate me." She was backing out of the door now, having her bag of toiletries in the left hand. I got into a full crouch, ready to launch myself at her.

"You wouldn't!" I would, and I did. I enveloped her in my arms, flipping around on the floor to do a somersault as we landed perfectly in the hallway.

"You know.." She mused. I waited. "This is almost exactly like the first time I came to your house. I said you don't scare me, and you tackled me just like now. I think you have a problem." She laughed in my face, before covering her mouth.

"Ugh I have morning breath." I shook my head.

"I didn't even happen to notice." I wasn't lying this time, either. She held her hand out for her bag, and I picked it up and gave it to her.

Yo, tell her breakfast will be ready in ten so she better be down here or else I will throw something at her again! I drowned out Emmett's threats to my fiancée and let her get past me.

Still grinning at the word fiancée I jumped from the top floor to the bottom, skipping the stairs. Sniffing the air, I grimaced. Human food.

"Need help?" Emmett looked so into his cooking, he didn't even spare a second to answer. Checking into his head, he was happily singing a very old song, from 1936 exactly.

"Every street I walk on becomes a lover's lane, when I'm with you.

I can see the sun, though we're out in the rain, when I'm with you.

To lose you would be tragic, here is my heart unfurled,

You have the certain magic, you are the seven wonders of the world."

Images of him and Rosalie's first years as a couple together ran through his mind, showing the big teddy bear side of him. I decided to ruin his moment.

"Aww is Emmett reminiscing about the past with his lover? What, missing her so soon?" I laughed at my pathetic attempt, but it worked. He swftly threw the pancake in the pan over his shoulder, right into my face.

"EMMETT!" I pulled the foul substance off my face, throwing it into the sink. I noticed the pancakes actually had come out to his appearance, and much to his liking.

I laughed at the pancakes, forgetting about what he had just done. He went on humming another old song, and I bored myself by counting the minuscule cracks in the ceiling. What seemed to be a lifetime later, my angel bounded down the stairs, looking vibrant and energetic.

"So what's on the agenda today?" She asked happily, pulling the plate of syrup coated pancakes and a glass of juice in front of her. It smelled revolting, but I didn't bother with the side comment.

"Well! I know!" Emmett suddenly seemed back to earth again, throwing Bella's old apron to the side. His black muscle T and basketball shorts looked like they were going to rip off with all the flexing he was doing. "Car shopping." He looked over to Bella, who paused mid-bite.

She finally shoved the bite in her mouth, and then took her time swallowing. We heard it travel through her body and land in her stomach. Emmett sniggered, but I squashed his toe and he shut up.

"Okay." She finally said, leaving me once again astonished.

"You don't mind?" She shrugged and took another bite.

"No, not really. You need a car, anyways." I laughed, and thought of the irony. So did she.

"What?" She looked at me this time; probably with the same expression I had given her earlier. I had asked Alice how long her car truly would last without us tempering with the engine, and she saw it would soon become another collection in our driveway by the time we were married. I planned on getting her something that would keep her safe, and look extremely nice at the same time. She gave me a chance to gift her, so that is what I plan on doing.

"Oh nothing, nothing sweetheart. Just thinking to myself." I glanced at the clock; it was now eight fifteen. Had time really flown by that quickly?

She continued eating her Emmett-faced pancakes, enjoying them immensely. Standing next to me, there was Emmett grinning to himself.

I gave him a look, and he smiled wider.

I bet she would like these better than yours anytime. I sighed low enough for us to hear.

"You're right."

"I am?" Bella looked at me funny, and then shook her head. "You can't read my mind!" I laughed at her expression, and pointed to Emmett.

"I was answering him. But seeing it could fit in both cases, what may I be right about?" She smiled wryly, glancing at Emmett.

"That I will never bet against Emmett without talking to Alice first. And that I am a big jerk for wrecking your cars." Her smile drooped at her words, causing a smile to form on my lips.

"You silly human, when will you get it through your head Bella?" She looked up at me.

"Never." Emmett laughed and shook the entire table with his fit.

"Bella pretty much just said she's stupid. You don't get things!" He laughed at his little joke as I rolled my eyes.

"Don't mind him." I winked in her direction. She cocked her head to the side, and sighed.

"I'm full." She then announced, picking up her plate. Once it was clean and dry, I figured we might as well pay Esme a visit, as well as everyone else before we left to Seattle.

Where are we going? I looked over to Emmett's too interested face and told him we were going to visit Esme, but I'd have to ask Bella first.

"Bella, would you mind coming home with me for a couple hours today? Before we leave to go look at a car?" It would give me time to think of a way to get Bella the car I had come up with, the new Mercedes Guardian. It wasn't on market yet, but with some extra cash it could be delivered in the next couple of days.

"Is Alice going to force me to listen to the wedding details?" She looked annoyed when it came to that, and I swallowed. Yes.

"No, not if I'm with you the entire time." Emmett looked at me.

You know she will Edward. I sighed. I knew she'd try, but the little monster couldn't take her away from me if I threatened her Porsche.

"Ready?" Emmett finally asked.

"Let's go."

"Oooh, I like this one!" Emmett ran his hand along the side of the Volvo standing in front of us; it was light silver. The Volvo C70 08' stood in front of us, and I liked it. But I needed another car, like I had told Bella before; we had to try to blend in.

"It is nice…" I turned to watch Bella approve, and she sat behind the drivers seat. "You know, I could see myself being conned by this cars speed. Then I'd wreck it accidentally." She frowned behind the wheel, disapproving of the vision she had set in all of our minds.

Collecting cars was one of my hobbies, and though I didn't like to flaunt our money, I couldn't help myself when it came to cars. I called the sales man up, and told him I'd take this car, today. His eyebrows rose, and he told me he'd need me to fill out all the information in his office.

"I'm not done yet." I walked on and looked at the other Volvos, trying to decide on one I'd drive daily. I don't know why I was getting another Volvo, I could have gone with a Toyota or Honda, but what was the fun in that? Plus, there was just something classy about a Volvo.

Or maybe it was just me, who knew.

But, there was nothing I wanted to buy other than the convertible.

Ay, Edward. I heard Emmett call me over to a car.

What about this? I looked down at the C30 and shook my head.

"The front is nice, but the rear end is too big." He laughed at my choice of words, obviously taking it the wrong way.

"Edward?" Bella tugged on my hand, catching my attention.

"Mmm, yes?" I looked into her eyes.

"What was that car you were talking about the first time you were bashing on my truck?"

"An Audi?" She nodded.

"Why don't you look at one of those? You said so yourself that they were nice." I liked her suggestion.

"Good thinking Bella." I planted a kiss on her lips, and she reached up on her tippy-toes to make it last longer as I pulled away. I smiled as she huffed in anger. She didn't know it was just as hard to pull away, but for her sake I did.

"I'll finish up here, then we'll go look at some Audis'."

Emmett drove Bella's truck to the next dealership screaming profanities and protests the entire way. He hated her car, and hated the limited speed it would allow even more. Once we reached the lot, he parked the truck the first chance he could, and walked swiftly inside.

"Whoa." I looked over at Bella, laughing at the look on her face. "He really hates my car, huh?" I nodded my head, helping her out.

"You don't even want to know." We walked hand in hand inside, and I saw Bella's eyes wander around the area. We walked around, looking at the different cars.

There was the Audi Coupe A5, the Audi S5, and the very nice Audi TT. Seeing as I already got a car that screamed trouble, I took out the Audi TT. Though the Audi S5 was nice, and the body was nicely built for a car, I like the Audi Coupe A5, in black.

Which one do you like? Emmett looked at the two cars side by side. I tilted my head towards the left, and he whistled.

"Pretty nice. I like the way it looks." He approved, and Bella ran her fingertips along the roof of the car, picking up dust she couldn't see and leaving a trail.

"You sure you want this one Edward?" I grabbed her by the waist, nestling my head in the crook of her neck.

"If you like it as well, then I'm completely sure I'll get it." She entwined her arms around my neck, moving her face to the left so she could see me a little.

"For you, its perfect." I smiled at her words, kissing her neck.

I was vaguely aware of Emmett who had sneaked up in front of Bella, and suddenly tickled her sides. She burst into a fit of laughter, leaving the moment we were having broken.

"Thanks Emmett." He winked at me, leaning on the side of the car.

"Paybacks a bitch, homie." I laughed at his new word.

Yes, payback was a bitch.

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