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Ichigo grinned at Rukia, and she returned the smile with a slight hint of sarcasm. He suddenly stopped and stood in front of her, looking down on the petite girl. She shook her head back and forth, wondering what the hell was wrong with his brain.

"You seriously thought I was going to back down?" Ichigo said, one eyebrow raised. Rukia smiled.

"I thought you would be smart enough to know when you're aiming way too high. But apparently you aren't." Rukia walked towards the section that was designated for her and Ichigo. The orange haired boy followed Rukia without a second thought, and placed himself in front of her, the way he had millions of times before. Back hunched forward, arms folded, hands almost touching the other's shoulders.

This time Ichigo's eyes were filled with determination. Almost like he knew something she didn't. Rukia stared at him, wondering what was going through his mind. For some reason, lately, she hadn't been able to stop thinking about him. It was something that pulled her closer to him, some supernatural force making her want to know more about the boy in front of her.

"Go." He muttered, and Rukia's shoulders stiffened at the sudden realization of what was happening to her. She realized that instead of Ichigo's body being aimed at her torso, it was aimed at her knees. And before she knew it, she had hit the floor, and Ichigo was on top of her. She attempted to wrap her legs around his body to try and flip him around, but she realized that she couldn't jerk them up. Rukia was pinned to the ground.

"One." Ichigo began counting, and she tried her best to escape his grip. She found her left arm was free, and so she hugged Ichigo tightly to her, trying to flip him around, to somehow manage to break free from the tight grip he had her in. A growl escaped her lips.

"Two." Ichigo's back was sweating fiercely, and he didn't know if he could hold her down any longer. He took a deep breath, and muttered the last word.


Suddenly, Ichigo was somewhere else. Was this a park? No, it was much too bright. The trees would provide at least some protection from the sun. He looked around, and found himself next to a girl with wonderful black hair and lilac eyes. She smiled up at him, and he found out it was Rukia Kuchiki.

"How did it come out?" she questioned, and he looked at her as if she were asking something completely abnormal. He looked at his hand, which he now realized was holding a small digital camera, aimed at an angle so that he could take a picture of them. He quickly flipped the camera around, and saw that behind them was the sun, slowly hiding itself from the world, escaping from the sky to the sea. The beautiful orange lacing in the sky made the scene even more beautiful. The faces of the two teenagers appeared in the middle, and they were grinning madly, as if they had never been quite this happy before. Ichigo smiled, because even though he had no idea what was going on, this emotion deep within him almost forced him to grin, happy as can be.

"Beautiful." Ichigo muttered.

Rukia was still pinned underneath Ichigo. A puzzled look decorated her face, and she began to wonder why the boy on top of her was suddenly immobilized. His face was somewhere else, as if he were looking at the most fascinating thing in the world, even if he was just staring at her. She grimaced.

"Ichigo, get the hell off me!" Rukia took the chance she had and wrapped her legs around him, flipping him around. Ichigo's eyes shot wide open, and he started panting, wondering what was going on. He looked up, and there was Rukia, staring at him as if he were a ghost.

"What the hell?" Was all that came out of his mouth, and he stared at the girl on top of him even more. What in the world had that been? One second he had been fine, near the climax of whooping this girl's ass, and the next…he was somewhere far away, somewhere he felt he had been before.

"Kuchiki, Kurosaki, is there a problem?" Coach yelled from his observing point. Rukia looked up, and smiled sweetly at the coach.

"No sir. Ichigo here just seems to be a little tired. Losing can wipe you out a bit." Rukia grinned at the teacher, and he couldn't help but smile back. He looked away from the pair, looking over to Rin and Isamu. She looked down again, this time Ichigo hot with anger.

"I did not lose!" he yelled, and she smiled.

"You stopped in the middle of the word three. I am clearly the one on top now, Kurosaki." She pointed towards herself, and smiled cockily.

"That is completely unfair! You know damn well-" He started to protest, but she just got up and started brushing her clothes with her hand.

"Try again. Let's see if you get as close as that time."

Ichigo glared at her with more intensity than he had before, and got up to fight her again.

"Ichigo, my son! How was your second day of wrestling? I hope you didn't embarrass yourself like usual." Ichigo's father kept blabbing, but Ichigo simply ignored him as he sat down to eat his dinner. Yuzu looked at him, eyes full of worry.

"How'd it go?" she asked, and he simply looked up and muttered a 'Fine.'

Truth was, it had gone horribly. As each fight progressed, he lost a little more easily, until finally he couldn't even last five seconds with her. He was so sour about the first match they had had that evening. He was so sure he had won, but Rukia had just kept saying over and over again, You didn't finish saying the number three! Therefore, I win.

To which Ichigo would respond by completely wanting to kick her ass.

To which Rukia promptly responded by kicking his ass.

Ichigo ate the few morsels left on his plate, and got up. He thanked Yuzu, and ran up to his room. He looked around, and laid down on his bed. His mind drifted to this evening's events. What exactly had that been? For a second there, he felt like he knew Rukia like the back of his hand, like he was best friends with her, like he…like he was in love with her.

He shook his head in frustration, and he let out a groan. The pain emerging from his body had increased from his practice that day. He looked up at the ceiling, staring at nothing in particular. He wanted to desperately figure the whole thing out, but part of him understood that what was taking place was beyond his comprehension. He would just have to wait and see what the future had in store for him.

"This is no time to be fooling around, Matsumoto. We're in serious danger." Matsumoto looked up from her drink, and she gave the captain a surprised look. He walked over to her and took the bottle from her hand.

"Sorry. What did he say?" she asked, and Hitsugaya shook his head.

"He doesn't know exactly what we should do. We cannot simply enter the world of the living and separate them, it's just not how it works. They would be more likely to find out about the past, which is something we do not want." Hitsugaya sat down, and he placed elbow on his table, his hand cupping his forehead in frustration. She looked around the room.

"I don't understand why we didn't just kill one of them. That way, we could prevent their meeting. Why is Rukia even there now? Shouldn't she be back here?" Matsumoto's eyebrows furrowed, and Hitsugaya let out a loud sigh.

"We couldn't. We feared it would affect the chain of events in the human world too much. And Rukia has practically lost all of her supernatural abilities. She doesn't even remember herself ever being part of anywhere. We figured it would be simpler to just place her back in the human world, where Urahara would take her care of her. He hasn't even told her about this world, and he meddles with it everyday." Hitsugaya shook his head and stood up, this time staring at the wall instead of his lieutenant.

"That day…I remember it so clearly. Why is it that their simple meeting caused so much damage?" she asked him. Hitsugaya looked out his window, the sky dark and mysterious. The stars in the sky seemed to be little holes on the floor of heaven, the light seeping through and cascading a magnificent light on the dark world below.

"No one is sure. It quickly became evident, however, that their paths were not meant to cross. Rukia should have never met Ichigo, she should have never unleashed his powers, and he should have never stepped foot in Soul Society. It just wasn't meant to happen. When it did, the worlds began to collapse. All these hollows began invading the human world, and all these humans ended up in Soul Society. The worlds were a mess. We decided to just erase everyone's memories, except the captain's and the lieutenants, and of course Urahara's, and begin again. But it seems our plan was flawed…" His icy blue eyes met his partners, and she could easily feel the tension in the air. He remembered the day as clearly as she did, the day where both of the worlds started to drown in darkness.

"We must keep it from happening again, at all costs." He said, his voice low but serious. She nodded.

"I'll do all I can. It's a promise."

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