Kagome's WHAT! the sequel

Lady Nefertiti: A sequel to my fic Kagome's what! just like I promised and posted soon after my other sequel Truth or Dare-the sequel. Nothing real fancy in this fic…and oh for all of those who think that I own Inuyasha? Guess again. I don't.

For those who haven't read the original first fic, 'Kagome's what?' you'll be totally lost as to what's going on in this fic…so be sure that you've read that one first.

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Here's a flashback of what happened last fic for those who don't remember.

Sesshomaru and Kagome mated…(baby on the way? Who knows?)

Jaken still wondering if the danger's over…(can someone say Baka? Or maybe he's right this time….)

Inuyasha wondering if he's more surprised that Kagome mated Sesshomaru or the fact that she could be with child…

Shippo and Rin out of trouble (finally)….

And one more thing, Why didn't I mention What Sango really thought about Kagome and Sesshomaru mating and him marking her (etc) (etc)???

Inuyasha: "You talk too much…"

-Cast of Inuyasha look appalled at the gall of Inuyasha saying something like that to the author-

Lady Nefertiti: "You're mating Miroku in this fic Inuyasha…"

Inuyasha: "WHATTTT??!!!!"

-Cast Snicker while Miroku falls into a dead faint-

Chapter 1: And just when you thought you knew someone…

-Sesshomaru's study-

Inuyasha was not happy. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. But he'd dared not say or do anything in front of his half-blasted brother. Kagome…got drunk and decided to have a one-night stand with his brother. Fine. But she was still his.

'FINE?! Whadyaa mean FINE?! They are mated baka! M-a-t-e-d!!! she is M-a-r-k-e-d!!! they are M-a-t-e-s!!! his conscious said angrily.

'So?' Inuyasha thought as Miroku gave him a weird look. He knew his hanyou companion and what he was thinking. NOW he wants Kagome when he knows he can't have her anymore….

Miroku gave his friend a look which said, 'Don't even think about going there Inuyasha' but Inuyasha just huffed and looked the other way.

"I think I will go and meditate somewhere…" Miroku thought.

"Yeah…Yeah …Hentai go off and 'meditate' studying woman's derrieres why don't you? What a waste of a Monk….." Inuyasha said scoffing. He watched as Miroku walked out of the large doors and then turned to glare at his big brother….

"It's just you and me now Sesshomaru…." Inuyasha said cracking his knuckles as he spat out his big brother's name with venom. Sesshomaru just looked downright amused…..

-Shippo and Rin-

"Inuyasha-sama doesn't look happy Shippo, do you think we should do something?" Rin asked him. Shippo shook his head and then both scampered away. No one noticing them of course.


She didn't know how to come about this situation, so to speak. Sure she supported Kagome in every way but being someone who came from a clan that was taught to demolish the very existence of them and her best friend, sister being married…. Well mated to one? Who cared whether he was powerful deadly and overprotective? It wasn't sitting well with her…

"Kagome will you come take a walk with me outside?" Sango asked her softly. Kagome looked at Sesshomaru who silently said yes and then she let go of his hand and walked out of the study with her, shutting the door with a firm 'click.' Sango frowned as she followed the lady of the western lands… 'And she had to ask for permission from Sesshomaru to go somewhere…' No this just wasn't sitting well with her. They turned a corner and walked outside towards the gardens.

"Ah I just love Sakura blossoms in the springtime don't you Sango?" Kagome said as she watched one slowly fall to the ground. Sango sighed and nodded her head. It was just too hard to be angry at her best friend. "I remember last spring in the future when I took a walk with Hojo to the movies, my friends practically pushed me to go and said otherwise they'd never talk to me again. I saw Sakura petals fall to the ground….it was the day…." Then Kagome broke off suddenly and stared at the ground as if it was the most interesting thing she'd ever seen.

"What day?" Sango asked gently prodding her on gently. Kagome looked like she was going to sob her heart out then and Sango grimaced. 'No doubt Sesshomaru would smell her tears and kill me.' Then thank god Kagome composed herself in time.

"It was the day that Hojo asked me to marry him…" Kagome said in a choked whisper.

"HE WHATTTT??" Sango said in shock. Okay so she knew that this Hojo guy had a crush on Kagome and always asked her out on 'dates' but he was that serious? But why was Kagome so….so scared? Now that she had Sesshomaru? Like Hojo was going to appear out of the blue and fight Sesshomaru for his mate?

"Sango you know how I'm the re-incarnation of Kikyo? I'm afraid that I'll somehow meet the incarnation of Hojo here in the feudal era…." Kagome said. Sango didn't say anything, all of her anger dissipating. It was possible! Even Sango could be in the modern era somewhere and Kagome hadn't met her yet…..Weird….

Suddenly Sango felt ashamed of her actions and thoughts. She knew why she was angry at Kagome. She'd been jealous of Kagome! Of her best friend! Sure being concerned was one thing but she'd been jealous that Kagome had someone to love and there were three guys (well four counting Kouga) who had affections for her! How dare could she even think that?! Sango shook her head and then threw those jealous thoughts out the window, so to speak. She was going to help Kagome no matter what and stand by her no matter what!

"Kagome I think that…." Sango began.

-Inuyasha and Sesshomaru- (A/N: don't you just love these boys?)

"Indeed. It's just you and me…." Sesshomaru began in a bored tone. Inuyasha gritted his teeth in anger. He always treated him like a child! "What pray tell do you want? I'm a busy demon…" Sesshomaru said.

"Yeah! Busy fuckin' my Kagome!" Inuyasha said in anger. Alas Inuyasha always let anger get the best of him again…..Suddenly Sesshomaru had him by the throat pressed against the wall, his eyes flashing red.

"Kagome.Is.Not.Yours.And.Will.Never.Be. And the next time you use such vulgar language this Sesshomaru will torture you, cut you to ribbons then kill you." Sesshomaru began in an evil voice. "No one will take my mate away from me….no one…" and Sesshomaru pressed his neck harder.

"Damn you! let go!" Inuyasha said gasping for air. Sesshomaru complied and threw him across the room in disgust. Both brother's glared at each other in hate.

-Shippo and Rin-

Both had easily 'disappeared' on Jaken who was muttering things about foolish children. Jaken passed by the missing the children hiding in the bush

"I'm bored." Rin said.

"Me too." Shippo said sighing.

"Me MORE!!!" Rin said.

"Hey lets stop arguing and find something constructive to do! Well Kagome mama said that she didn't need our help so lets help someone else!"

"Yeah!" Rin said agreeing.

-With the lovable monk Miroku-

He'd heard their entire conversation and smirked. Sesshomaru would sure love to hear this conversation….he thought. Suddenly he saw Sango's hurt and upset expression and his brow furrowed. What was she thinking? Then he heard Sango say,

'Kagome I think that….'

Think what?! Why did his beloved have to stop there?! He sighed and walked off towards the meditating area of the palace….Alas his Hentai radar was still on……and he ended up in the woman's hotsprings….

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! YOU HENTAI!!!!" A lot of females screamed.

Lady Nefertiti: Well that was chapter 1 of my sequel!

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