Chapter 13: Chaos at the Castle

-Shippo and Rin-

"What did you do?! Was this your hair-brained plan?!" Shippo asked her, pointed as he stared into the darkening sky. "You baka! This wasn't the plan...I don't, I can't do things like that!" Rin said poking his chest then pointing at the sky.

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Sanji was about to take Sango to watch soldiers training when they saw Miroku and both males are 'growling' over Sango making the situation tense.

Kagome is daydreaming on her bed about ice-cream and Sesshomaru had to leave her to check out something that happened (a disturbance)

The Daimyo is getting impatient.

What do Rin and Shippo have up their sleeve this time?

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Mmm…When I get my hands on Sesshomaru I want to pour Chocolate syrup on him and eat him…no maybe strawberry syrup with sprinkles and oreo's. Yummy. just like Sesshomaru. Her Sesshomaru.

-End Kagome-

-Future- (500 years)

Hojo walked out of the Library. He gave up. He was way in over his head. Kagome didn't like him and he knew it. Hell her mother had said that she was gone with Kagome's husband and their children! What more proof could he possibly need? It wasn't like he could fight for Kagome now.... Possibly some ancestor of his way back when had met a previous Kagome ancestor and had gotten her instead and his future Kagome didn't like him. He sighed and made his way home. Perhaps they could still talk and be friends, that is if her husband wasn't over-possessive.

-Rin and Shippo-

"Then who is doing the weird thing with the sky?" Shippo said. Rin gave him a 'do I look like I know everything look.' She thought of something but shrugged it aside. She learned something new and it was up to her and Shippo to fix it or make it right. You learned new things everyday.

"Forget the weird sky Shippo leave that to Sesshomaru-sama, I have a plan. We already helped Kagome-mama and Sesshomaru-sama to get together but now…." And she trailed off.

"Oh for the love of…" Shippo exasperated. How did he get into this again? Wait…she was the younger sister and he had to protect her from whatever she did even if it was dangerous.

"Come with me." She said and both ran down the hall to eavesdrop but on who?

-End Shippo and Rin-

-Somewhere not in the palace-

"I'm getting impatient and now its time to act." The Daimyo said staring out his window. "Kagome will no longer be a prisoner to that demon lord….she is mine."

"As you wish sire. Do you wish for me to release the first warning?" he said still bowing his head. Truth he didn't like his lord but he had to comply. He was certain that none of his staff and soldiers and guards liked their Daimyo lord, Hojo.

"Yes." Hojo-sama said turning around. The soldier bowed never turning his back to Hojo-sama and then left. 'Do not worry your pretty head Kagome, we'll be together soon.' He said touching the window and smiled evilly when he saw the sky darken.


He frowned as he looked up at the sky. It was the Daimyo, he'd always be a thorn on his side and now he was threatening him? Ha…he'd kill him before that happened. Kagome and him were fully mated and he'd be damned before a human lord challenged him for his mate. Huh the Daimyo had already sent his worthless guards to fight him and his men? He thought he would catch Sesshomaru, unaware and Kagome would be kidnapped under his nose. He smirked. No one would take Kagome away from him. With that thought he made his way back to their room where Kagome was sleeping. Better to protect her if he was there. Surely he'd meet the Daimyo face to face and he would die…

The sky was of little consequence to him. It was just the first wave of the threat and that was the guards of the Daimyo's. After Sesshomaru's men defeated the daimyo's men the sky would clear.

-Sango, Sanji and Miroku-

"Guys be nice and stop growling for the love of god!" she said throwing her hands up in the air. Sheesh! men and their over-possessiveness. She did love Miroku but his perverted ways just didn't 'fly' with her. "I was going with Sanji to watch the soldiers train Miroku and I will go with him to see them!" Sango said firmly. With that she took Sanji by the arm and asked him where they were. She never saw Sanji throw a triumphant look at Miroku. This time Miroku didn't follow. Was Sango following her heart then? She always did have an infatuation with demons….He sighed and walked out of the palace Inuyasha following him.

-Rin and Shippo-

"They are almost upon us. Too bad the both won't be watching any fights or fighting in the upcoming battle. They will be busy in the bedroom." Rin said evilly. "Shippo you wrote the letter right?"

"Yes Rin I wrote the letter and its sitting on the bed. Really how old are you? Are you sure you're not a demon/demoness in a small body? Like me? How can you think like this?" he said to her.

"The time has almost come." Rin said and both backed into a dark corner of the hallway to await their victims.

-Somewhere not in the palace-

Hojo-sama thought he was being very clever and smart. Sending Sesshomaru away from the palace and then Kagome would be free for the taking. Really he thought the demon lord would be smarter and at least send one or two guards of his to protect her from enemies after all, he was sure that he knew that they were under attack. Demons did have a good sense of smell. The Daimyo had no idea that Sesshomaru was on his way back to Kagome, rather sent some guards of his personal army to check out what was happening. Looked like human daimyo's didn't have a good sense of smell.

-Sango and Sanji-

"I'm surprised you gave your monk the brush off like that." Sanji said. Was she upset that she sent her monk away so abruptly? Sango tightened her hold on him and sighed.

"He's not my monk Sanji. For my entire life I have been told that demons of all types are cruel, evil and should be killed at any cost no matter what. I have been taught everything and anything about demons from their mating rituals to their courting ways to their sensitive smells and their possible powers."

"I believed it because it is what I had learned. I just never saw it with my own eyes and never experienced that demons are not bad only the evil ones out for power. I had been taught to respect the one's with holy powers like Miko's and Monks but look at the monk that I travel with. He doesn't act holy at all…" Sango leaned against his chest and said in a whisper, "I'm sorry." Sanji wrapped an arm around her and hugged her to him.

"It's alright. You learn something new everyday ne?" he said and she smiled gratefully up at him.


Rin came tearing down the hall and yelled, "Sango-sama! Sanji-san! It's horrible! You have to come quick! It's here!" Rin said beckoning them to follow her. Sanji pulled out his katana and Sango followed worried. "Quick you first Sanji! And then you Sango-sama!" when both ran into the room there was a loud…


And Shippo shut the door behind him. Rin smirked and both did a high-five. "Why are grown-ups so hmm…what's the word for it….Gullible?"

Sango stared at Sanji who stared back at her. "I think we've been beaten by a couple of children. Rin-sama who tries to 'help' everyone." Sanji said sitting on the bed and then heard a piece of paper under him. He stood up and then picked it up.

"What does it say?" Sango said walking over to him. She looked at his expression and was he blushing a little? She took the letter and then read it:


Hi Sango-sama and Sanji-san!

Congratulations! You've just been caught in one of our traps. It's Rin and Shippo! You're not leaving this room until you, Sanji admit you love Sango!


Rin and Shippo (Aka: the mischievous rascals)

-End letter-

"Err…." Sango said.

How did he get into this? He was so going to get his butt fired! Suddenly both heard someone running down the halls:

"THE EVIL FORCES ARE UPON US AS WE SPEAK!" Jaken yelled. Hmm...maybe he was right this time.


"So…I wanted to tell you that I have started to care for you and may even possibly love you in the future." Sanji said looking down at the ground. "I have always been taught that humans are vile creatures and should be killed especially slayers….I do hope that my family accepts you as my mate…if you wish to be that is." Sango widely smiled at him and hugged him. It was time for a change and Sango needed to settle down and she'd have little pups! maybe four or five....hmm. She blushed when she looked at Sanji. Whoa there Sango! You're thinking way ahead into the future.

"What are you thinking about?" he said smirking down at her.

"Ummm....." Sango said turning away cheeks red. Nothing came out.

"I'd like a lot of pups too...." he whispered into her ear. Sango, had she her boomerang would've bonked him but she just glared at him and then told him he was a baka and then kissed him.


He paced in his throne room. No one could do anything right in his castle. All of his guards came back defeated by Lord Sesshomaru's guards. Looked like he'd have to go and get Kagome himself even though he was risking his life but Kagome was worth it.

He made his way into the demon lord's castle and then climbed undignified towards the royal chambers and saw Kagome sleeping there like a fallen angel. "My Kagome." He said softly and ran a hand through her raven locks.

"It is not wise to touch what belongs to this Sesshomaru." He said coldly leaning against the doorframe. He was itching to draw his sword out and kill this bastard but that would have to wait. The Daimyo rose and smirked at Sesshomaru.

"A vile beast such as yourself should never lay a hand on an angel like this. Tell me, did you force yourself upon her? Just because she is a powerful Miko?" The daimyo sneered at him. Bad idea and Sesshomaru growled dangerously and then pulled out his katana within a blink of an eye and struck his katana straight through the Daimyo's heart.

"Kagome's mine and I don't share." Sesshomaru said coldly. He called for Jaken to have someone remove this worthless beings body. No one would take his Kagome away from him.

"Sesshomaru? What's going on?" Kagome said yawning looking up at him and smiled.

"Nothing at all my Koi. Just go back to sleep." He said. Putting both his katana's on the rack he laid down next to his mate Kagome and wrapped his arm around her.




"Milord the Daimyo is here to kidnap Lady Kagome! How can you rest at a time like this...why if I had a mate like Kagome then I'd...." Jaken yelled through the door and then stopped short. Sesshomaru had opened the door and picked Jaken up and threw his out the window.


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