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Traitor's Punishment

The Wonderland Bank is one of the most impressive building in the US. It's enormous cream-white form, topped by a round rotunda, reminds its visitors of a Roman temple. It takes an entire block, with fresh green Maple lining the street and neatly plotted red and pink Impatience lining the building edge. A wide stairway of smooth, light-gray concrete are frequently used both as a place for entrance and for sitting. Even so, at 5am in the morning, the place is quiet and silent, and the sun has barely ascended.

Suddenly, a small tornado of yellow and red appears at the bottom of the stair.

"Kid Flash! Put. Me. Down!"

A girl with cotton-pink hair glares at the boy who held her in his arm, who smiles to her in return. She narrows her cat-like eyes, slaps him in the chest, and gives him a look that warns of real, impending physical damage should her demand not be met.

The boy – and the girl's very wise boyfriend - Kid Flash, gently releases her. The girl pats her skirts smooth while he gives her a reluctant, kicked puppy look. Ignoring his obvious attempt to attract her attention, she walks up the concrete stairway.

"Come on, Jinx. It's a bank robbery. I just wanted to get here, quickspeed!"

Jinx turns and give Kid Flash a look that says he is an idiot, "We're one street way from a normal, regular bank robbery." She points to Kid Flash a light blush colors her cheeks, "You just want to embarrass me!"

Kid Flash shrugs with an innocent look on his face, though in his mind, he was quite happy Jinx's reaction.

'Well, I can't help if she's just too cute when she's embarrassed.'

As if she gained mind-reading ability, Jinx intensifies her glare before turning swiftly on her feet and continues up the stair.

Little did the two know that this robbery would be anything but normal.

The Titans East walks quickly past the automated glass door and into the living room of the Main Titans Tower. The large living room seems to shrunk with the amount of people inside. The room is humid and noisy from the large crowd gathering within, but no one cares. They are too concerned about something else.

The crowd inside chats furiously, as each person tries to figure out what has called every Teen Titans to the tower. Rumors and speculations runs amok the room as time pass.

Near the large curtain window, Robin retreats from his teammates. He nods to the Titans East, which is the final group to arrived. He then turns to face everyone.

"Thank you to all the Teen Titans that gathered here." The firm sound of Robin's voice resonates loudly in the room, snapping the chaos between the room's occupants. The room quiets down as Robin's authoritative voice successful pulls everyone's attention to him. Robin takes a deep breath and began.

"As some of you may had heard, Kid Flash and Jinx was ambushed and severely hurt this morning."

The Titans look at each other with worry and shock - to bring both Kid Flash and Jinx down together is not an easy accomplishment. They are strong individually: Kid Flash was trained by Flash and one of the best among the Titans, while Jinx was the leader and top student of the HIVE 5 that once took over the Titans Tower. In addition, their excellent teamwork makes them even more powerful and strong together. They are difficult to ambush, much less defeat.

"Jinx is in a coma right now. She suffered severe brain damages from the battle."

Grasps and frantic worried looks flew among the audience. The sounds of chatter begin to raise again. Robin takes another deep breath, knowing his speech will only get harder as it goes on. Even he still had problem trying to comprehend reality of what had happened to one of his closet childhood friend and a close comrade.

"They were attacked by the Brotherhood."

As if a mute button is pushed, all chatters are brought to an abrupt stop. Robin continues on, knowing he must continue right now, or he may not have the will to continue.

"Kid Flash and Jinx were trying to stop a bank robbery, but it was a trap. Kid Flash turned on his communicator the moment he saw Madam Rouge. Madam Rouge, Overload, Psimon, Warp, and Atlas ambushed them, with Jinx as their target. The noise of the fight was enough to send the five of us in the main Titans team to help, but we were too late. Jinx... was down, and Kid Flash was barely standing. We were able to chased out the Brotherhood. Kid Flash just left the emergency room a moment ago. The doctor said he should recover in a week, thanks to his quick healing speed."

He closes his eyes for a moment, trying to will his image of a dying Jinx and Kid Flash away.

"It is unknown as to when Jinx will wake up from her coma, or if she will wake up at all. The assault from Brotherhood was their twisted way to punish Jinx for turning, and a message to us." He scans the audience.

"They are back."

Robin is greeted with silence and looks of disbelieve, until a lone voice speaks out.

"But how could that be?"

Beastboy steps forward, still shocked from Robin's speech.

"We froze them and buried their headquarter!"

Robin looks at Beastboy sadly. He wishes that he could give his friend a concrete answer, but life has always been cruel for those in his line of work.

"I don't know, Beastboy, I don't know."