A/N: Okay

A/N: Okay. At first this story was about Edward and Bella, but then reviewers kept telling me it sounded more like Jacob. Eventually I got so many I just said fine, you know what? It'll be Jake; it sounds more like him anyways. But seriously, don't give me a review saying that it should be Edward with Bella, or anyone else for that matter. It's really irritating and know what? I REALLY REALLY REALLY DON'T CARE WHO YOU THINK SHE SHOULD BE WITH. Please don't whine to me saying how it shouldn't be like that. This is . I'm allowed to play with the characters and storyline. It's all just for fun. So for God's sake, please no more Edward/Jake stuff.

Thankies for all the reviews with kind words guys. And Thankies for the reviews on telling me how to make it better. You guys rock.


- xImperfectlyX