I want to sincerely thank everyone who has followed along on this journey of my AU Trilogy series-The Voyager's Aide. It has been quite a voyage and adventure to write these tales. I remember when I hit a major writer's block after chapter 9 of the first story. Then the gentle nudge of a fan reader got me pumped again and here I am, having completed this last entry and many other stories.

I want to thank all my friends and readers for your sharp, hysterical and very flattering reviews. Also, thanks for your comments and questions on my Voyager's forum (Now defunct, sad to say!) and for pointing out discrepancies and mistakes. We all make them, and no one should be told their work is perfect, because that would just be a lie! Dealing with time travel leaves a lot of room for error and miscalculation. I always say, as long as we don't think too deeply about it, we can enjoy it. Otherwise, we would frustrate ourselves. Questions, comments and criticisms have really helped me progress as a writer. I also know that it would benefit anyone here that wants to write a solid tale.

It's all of the readers and fans that keep me writing for the series and give me the boost and confidence I need to continue. I'm a live wire, so I write like a madwoman and just post away, hoping that Voyager's fans everywhere enjoy it. I also like to be secretive about my plots, because they constantly change and I'm constantly editing! (Sorry Leanne! Take stock in Purple Paper!) I know that in the long run, I would drive an editor crazy.

The ideas for this story are not completely mine. There is a world of fantastic sci-fi movies and books out there pick and choose from like a grand buffet table and that's what I did. I take no credit for coming up with the concept of the new omni. I was watching an episode of my one of my favorite shows since I was a little girl, The Adventures of Superboy, and I thought that it would be an awesome idea to use for Voyagers. So yeah, the ideas in this story may seem trite, but for Voyagers! it's brand new!

This final story is a dark one; sometimes what we write reflects our moods or situations in real life, even without us knowing it. After Chapter five, I figured that out big-time. However, it is interwoven with humor, (A big staple in my stories!) This story also includes the loving friendship of Bogg and Jeffrey that spans across time and space. This is a tale of deep regrets and new beginnings. It also shows us the outcomes of decisions and what can happen on the 'Road not taken.'

Enjoy it, and as always, don't hesitate to leave your comments and thoughts on the chapters. Please join me on this Road that I've created.