December 1st - Candle by Cleo the Muse
All Ages
Gen, Drabble, Holiday (Christmas), Humor
Warnings: None
Episodes: None
Synopsis: The AO Happy Place Advent Calendar challenge, in which each day of December (until Christmas), a new door is opened on the Advent calendar, and a picture prompt revealed.
Word count: 100
Status: Completed as of December 1, 2007

December 1st - Candle

"Well, I learned MY lesson," Jack O'Neill drawled, flicking his beer cap at the trash can and propping his feet up on the coffee table.

"It couldn't have been THAT bad," replied Daniel Jackson, thick eyebrows scrunching together. "I mean, it's Teal'c."

Jack blew out a breath. "Yee-ah! It's Teal'c."



Daniel rolled his eyes. "Okay, so what happened when you took Teal'c Christmas shopping?"

Jack snorted. "Well, we were in the mall and everything was going just fine, but that's when Teal'c discovered the Yankee Candle store. So guess what everyone's getting for Christmas?"

"Scented candles?"

"You bet."

Author's Notes:
Now, there are no guarantees I'll be able to write a drabble for every day, but I'll do my durndest!