December 25th - Plate of Cookies by Cleo the Muse
All Ages
Gen, Drabble, Holiday (Christmas)
Warnings: None
Episodes: None
Synopsis: The AO Happy Place Advent Calendar challenge, in which each day of December (until Christmas), a new door is opened on the Advent calendar, and a picture prompt revealed.
Word count: 200
Status: Completed as of December 26, 2007

December 25th - Plate of Cookies

A hand sneaked out toward the plate of cookies, but was sharply struck before it could snag a prize. Yelping, Vala jerked her wounded limb back and thrust out her lower lip in a pout.

"But Mitchell just--"

"Mitchell's done his part," Daniel answered, eyebrows lowering. "You haven't."

"But I almost--"


"But just a few more--"

"You know the rules. No."

Crossing her arms, Vala sulked. Just then, the timer went off in the kitchen, and she leapt up from the couch and raced to get it. Moments later, she was using a silicone gripper to pull a tray of M&M cookies out of the oven and triumphantly putting it on the top of the range. Brandishing a nylon spatula, she quickly transferred the treats to the waiting plate, turned off the oven, then returned to the living room in triumph.

"Now you can," Daniel smiled when her plate was placed on the coffee table next to his offering of oatmeal raisin, Jack's peanut butter, Sam's chocolate walnut, Teal'c's snickerdoodle, and Cameron's macaroon.

Vala snatched up a cookie from another of the plates, then happily joined the rest of the team next to the Christmas tree.

Author's Notes:
That's all folks! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.