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Star-Crossed Lovers

Ch.3) Speeches and Feelings

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The next day Fllay arrived at school the halls we're covered with posters. From the other posters it appeared she was going against 3 other people.

How am I supposed to pull this off? I'm not doing this thing just to lose!

All the other posters had such detail of what each person was trying to accomplish and what they promised the students. Hers simply had "Vote Fllay!" with a picture of her on it as if she were modeling, definitely Luna's handiwork – she could be very creative if she wanted to. Fllay realized that being all buttoned down serious wasn't going to cut it. After all, how was she supposed to stand out if she was doing what the others were? She decided no matter what, she was going to do it her way.

"Fllay! Fllay!"

Fllay turned around to see Luna running up to her like she was being chased by a murderer.

"Did you do it?" She questioned.

"Do what?" Fllay asked.

"Your speech!"

"Oh that...nope."


"I like the posters," Fllay said, changing the subject.

"Thanks! Now you're gonna have to think of something to say because today you and your opponents are going to be introduced at an assembly."

"What, now?"

"They're presenting you guys so that the students know exactly who's running, it's a time to say a little about what you want to accomplish and such."

"Wait wait wait, I thought I was supposed to talk to Yumi and Anya if I wanted to do this!"

"I did it for you already."


"Yes! Who do you think helped me put up all the posters?!"

"Fllay! I'm so glad you decided to run!"

Fllay turned around to see Yumi and Anya.

"Are you ready for your speech today?" Anya asked.

"What?! A speech?! Already!?" Fllay said as she glared at Luna.

"I told you to work on your speech," Luna said.

"Hang on a sec, what's with this 'a time to say a little about what you want to accomplish' crap?!"

"Well I didn't want to scare you...hehe," Luna said.

Fllay's glare got angrier.

"Well think of it this way," Anya said, "At least whatever you'll say will be fresh in your mind instead of having thought about it all last night."

"Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to wing it."

"Best of luck then, Fllay! We'll be rooting for you!"

"I'm going to need more than luck," Fllay said and left.

"This is a lot of pressure for Fllay, the election date is only a week away. Do you think she can do it?"

"She won't give up if that's what you mean," Luna explained, "She's very stubborn."

"Are you really going through with this?" Shinn whispered to Fllay in class.

"Sure, I think it'll be fun."

"Are you expecting to win then?"

"I'm sure as hell not expecting to lose."

"Well I'll vote for you," Shinn said with a smile.

"Thanks but I don't think they accept stupid people's votes."

"WHAT!?" Shinn said aloud. He resumed his seat after all the weird looking stares he received.

"Shinn if you don't understand ask me after class, right now pipe down!" Mrs. Tokida said.

"Sorry!" Fllay whispered when Shinn sat back down, "It's just the pressure."

"Pssh, what a lie."

"Hehe, yeah it is."

"Ok well if I'm stupid boy, then you're idiot girl."

"Ha. Ha. Ha," Fllay laughed sarcastically.

Shinn stared at Fllay for a while before speaking again.

"Are you scared?" He asked.

"I wouldn't say scared, more like nervous."

"So what about your speech?"

"Luna said she'd work on it during her class."

"What if she doesn't do it the way you want it?"

"She knows me."

"But it's not like she is you."

"If that's the case then I'll make alterations to the speech, no biggie."

"If it helps, I'll punch out anyone who laughs at you," Shinn said with a smile.

"You do that, and I'll join you just as soon as I get off the stand," Fllay said with the same expression.

"Hey, Shinn?"


"There's only like five minutes left in class, I'm gonna say I'm going to the bathroom and see if Luna's done with the speech. Can you take my books back to my locker, or keep them in yours until I come back?"

"Yeah sure, good luck."


Crap! I forgot Luna's class! Oh well, I'll just go and wait at her locker.

On the way, while Fllay was turning at a corner, she felt a hand on her mouth and another on her arm, pulling her aside.

"Hey Luna, where's Fllay?" Shinn asked.

"I was gonna ask you. You just had class with her."

"She left to go see you."

"Does she know where my class is?"

"Knowing her, probably not."

"Ohhh," Luna said amused, "So you know her now, do you?"

"Shut up, I'm gonna go look for her. She's probably just nervous."

The boy who took Fllay removed his hand from her mouth and used it with his other to hold her hands tight so she couldn't run.

"Drop out." He said in her ear.

"You took me to try and force me to drop out of the election? Are you fricken retarded!? I'm new you idiot, am I really that much of a threat to you?"

"Not to me, I'm not running."

"Then what is this about?!"

"As the new girl you're getting really well known. The majority of the voting population in this school are guys, and I know for a fact they want a hottie as the president this year."

"You've got to be kidding me. Ok so what does it have to do with you then? You want a guy instead and not a girl? Because if you're gay I'm not the one you should be talking to."

"Shut up," He said as he shook her, "I'm doing this for my girl. She's the only other girl in this competition other then you. If you drop out she's sure of a win."

"Well then both you and her can kiss my ass because I'm not dropping out. It's not my fault that she's too ugly."

"Yea well there's no one to help you now so unless you want to be locked in here then drop out."

"Make me!"

"Fine!" He said as he threw Fllay to the ground.

"Who's going to help you now?" The guy said before he turned around because of the poke he felt on his head, the idiot.

"Me!" Shinn said as he punched him square in the face. He fell to the ground.

"What was that?" Fllay asked.

"I punched him, didn't you see?" Shinn said with a frown.


Shinn's eyes were wide open.

"You didn't think I could take him myself?! Am I weak to you?"

"WHAT?! I just saved your ass! Why are you complaining?!"

"Oh yes, you just HAD to save my ass because I can't do it myself?"

"...You're unbelievable!! If you could've done it by yourself why didn't you?!"

"Because stupid boy wanted to play hero!"

"Well maybe idiot girl shouldn't have worried me!"

"Worried you? I worried you?" Fllay asked in a curious tone.

"Yes...I happen to care about people."

"Really? I didn't know you had a heart, I just assumed you were some experiment gone wrong at a lab or something."

"Is that some wise crack about me being a coordinator?!" He yelled at her, putter his face closer to hers.

"Your mom's a wise crack about you being a coordinator!" Fllay exclaimed as she put her forehead with Shinn's while exchanging an icy glare.

"That doesn't even make sense!!!" He yelled as he waved his hands up in the air.

"It doesn't have to! You're stupid!"

They both stopped when they heard the guy Shinn punched out giving a hurtful groan.

"What do we do about him?" Fllay asked.

"Who?" Shinn said as he led her out the closet and shut the door.

When it was time for Fllay's speech she began to grow more and more nervous. Luna had given her the speech she wrote minutes before. Fllay and her other competitors were standing before the student body.

As the opponent before her was finishing up his speech, to which Fllay paid no attention to, she was scanning her own to see what Luna wrote. Fllay did, however, pay close attention the first two speeches and had a pretty good feeling about hers, considering her competitors speeches were basically the same, just with changed words. She was called next.

As she approached the stand, Fllay threw her speech in the air.

"I thank you all for staying awake long enough to hear what I have to say. And I'm also sorry to my friend, Luna, who took her time to write out a speech for me. But I will not bore you with the same kind of speech in other words. Instead, I will make what I have to say short and simple."

Shinn and everyone else had a front seat view, and all eyes in the auditorium were on Fllay.

"I can honestly say I had NO intention whatsoever of becoming a hard-working president. Instead, I saw this as a game, a challenge. One that I didn't want to lose. And I still don't. I'm not here to talk about the same kind of crap you've been hearing from everyone else. In fact, I'm here to say I'm lazy. If you vote for me and, I will do all in my power to give you what you want, because I don't plan on wasting my time with all of our schools affairs. Whatever you want, I'll make happen. In that way you'd all be doing my job for me."

"What the hell is she doing?!" Luna said angrily, "Is she nuts?!"

"She's got guts I'll give her that," Shinn said with a smirk. He never met anyone like Fllay before, someone who wasn't scared to speak her mind or do what she wanted. It was annoying most of the time, yes. But it was also fun. Shinn looked at Fllay with different eyes, but shook at the unwanted emotions that were creeping up on him. His heart skipped a beat.

"Oh crap." He thought to himself, realizing what was happening to him, but chose to ignore it.

"Screw it, I'm probably only feeling this way because of how attractive she looks," Shinn said.

"What...?" Luna said looking at him.

Shinn looked at her until a light went off in his head.

"Shit! I said that out loud!?"

"Yea! No duh! Ahaha! I knew you liked Fllay!"

"Do not!"

"Do sooooo!"

"I just think she's beautiful. I'm attracted to her looks, that's all." Shinn flatly said while folding his arms.

"Then why not refer to her as "hot" like all the other guys do?"

"Because that's not a good enough word to describe how I see her."

Luna looked at Shinn with confused eyes. Although she never really hung out with him the way Tolle and Athrun did, she did talk to him from time to time, and from those experiences she knew that Shinn was not one to show those kinds of feelings. Luna was head over heels for Athrun, sure- but even she could admit Shinn himself was a good catch. She saw more than just "some" girls trying to take a swing at him, all to which he refused. He may have been on the loud-stubborn side, but he was also very bright and handsome. She was sure Fllay would have some feelings for him, if she didn't already. Stubborn and loud- what a good couple these two made! Luna giggled at the thought.

"What's so funny?" Shinn asked.

"Oh nothing!"

"Luna, don't tell her, ok?"

"Tell her what? I thought you didn't like her," She said with a smirk.

Shinn blushed.

Everyone met up with Fllay shortly after the speeches were over.

"Fllay! How could you?! Have you lost your mind!?" Luna asked. She was going crazy, until Athrun put his hand on her shoulder.

"Luna calm down. Fllay really did appeal to a lot of the student body. If she wins it'll be the students who are in charge of what goes on and many people like the thought."

"Oh...well then she shouldn't have made me write her speech," She said, glaring at Fllay.

"Hehe, sorry," Fllay giggled.

"So what now?" Shinn asked.

"Now we go to the mall!" Luna exclaimed as she happily jumped up and down.

Everyone agreed.

At the parking lot Luna, Tolle, and Steller left first. Athrun's dilemma was conserving Fllay and Shinn's seating arrangement.

"I said I wanna sit in the front!" Fllay yelled at Shinn.

"Too bad! Because I am!" Shinn said as he pushed Fllay away.

"They're like children fighting over a new toy" Athrun thought as he looked at Shinn and Fllay aimlessly pushing each other.

Athrun settled that both Fllay and Shinn would sit in the back.

"Why did you make us go together?" Shinn asked.

"Yea, I'd rather take the bus then sit back here with stupid boy."

"Well ANYTHING is better than being with idiot girl!"

Athrun made a sharp turn, making Fllay fall on Shinn and she ended up on his lap.

"Idiot girl can't even sit in a moving car?"

"Shut the hell up Shinn!"

"STOP FLIRTING WHILE I'M DRIVING!" Athrun yelled, causing both of them to have wide eyes.

There was a moment of silence.

"Shinn started it!" Fllay yelled pointing to Shinn.


"Give me strength" Athrun thought.