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"Aang. Aang, wake up."

Aang groggily open his eyes to see his earthbending teacher, a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong Toph?" He asked quietly, sitting up only a little as to not wake the sleeping lemur on his lap.

"I think we might be being attacked." She replied.

Aang chuckled. "Shouldn't you be kicking butt then? You've never woken me up to share the fun," a smile drawn across his face.

Toph shook her head. "No… I think they're attacking from the air. And it feels like bombs." She added.

A frown made its way across Aang's face. He nodded, pushing the lemur off his lap and leading Toph out of the cave they were temporarily staying in.

He was careful to watch for any movement as he walked outside. He heard a large boom, and immediately pulled Toph and himself back into the cave. He took a deep breath, told Toph to stay put, and walked out of the cave again. He looked up to the sky, looking for any sign of balloon or aircraft of some sort. He heard the noise again behind him and spun around to face it, taking a fighting stance.

Toph waited nervously, petting Momo who was sleeping in her lap. She heard a boom and felt Aang spin around and get in a defensive position. She held her breath. She did NOT expect what was coming next. She felt two arms come around her waist, pulling her up and spinning her in a circle. She screamed and latched onto his neck. "What are you doing, Twinkles?!" She yelled. He laughed and sat her on the grassy hill right outside the cave.

"Toph, you thought they were bombs?" He chuckled.

She nodded slowly, not knowing what Aang was meaning. If they weren't bombs, what were they?

Aang smiled and turned to her. "They're fireworks." He said.

Toph made a small 'O' shape with her mouth. She shrugged. "Okay, so they're fireworks. Big deal. I hate fireworks. I'm going back to sleep now." She said, turning to go back to the cave. Aang grabbed her wrist. "No, Toph, please watch them with me. I've always loved fireworks."

She crossed her arms. "Fireworks are just loud annoying sounds that make weird vibrations. I'm going back to bed now." She turned again, only to be stopped. "What, Twinkles?" She said irritably.

"You don't like fireworks because they're loud, and they make weird vibrations….. So if you covered your ears, and your feet weren't touching the ground, you'd be fine. Right?"

She nodded.

A grin spread on Aang's face.

He scooped up the young earthbender, with one hand under her knees and one on her back, to make sure her feet weren't touching the ground. She yelped and clung to his neck. "What the heck?" He smiled. "Now just cover your ears. Then you can stay with me."

She glared at him, but placed her hands over her ears, muffling the sound.

Aang carefully sat down on the grassy hill, watching as bright colors filled the sky.

Eventually Toph put down her hands, and placed them around Aang's neck. She listened intently to the fireworks, trying to see if the different colors made different sounds. Aang had taught her colors a few years ago after the defeat of the fire nation. He had described each color with different things that happen in nature. Like when an autumn leaf first fell from a tree. When it hit the ground, the minute vibrations might be described as the color orange, or tawny. And now she could tell the colors of the fireworks by Aang. Subconsciously he would whisper the colors as the firework exploded.

She smiled.



"I like fireworks."

Another one for Riia. ) Based on another picture she drew, of Aang and Toph watching fireworks.

Sorry if this one is rather short, but its 1:20 am and I have to go to bed -'