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(Part 1)

"Not. A. Word," he growled warningly.

Too late. His half brother was already on the floor, laughing.

"What's going on?" his mate questioned, as she pulled back the curtain that led their balcony. She frowned upon seeing her brother-in-law first, on the floor, practically in tears. She then turned her head to see her mate. Her eyes widened in shock.

His entire length of once glorious, silvery hair was platted in pink ribbons! And his face…! She covered her mouth. His entire face had been doodled on with permanent marker pens!

Oh, that mischievous daughter of their's, Yume! She had definitely gotten into her yellow backpack again! She would have to have a word with her… Right after she stopped her own peals of tearful laughter at her mate's predicament.