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"Oi…Haruhi. What are you doing?"

"Getting ready for school…speaking of school. Why aren't you ready?"

"It's Saturday, why would I get ready for school?"

"Um… in Japan school is Monday thru Saturday, with Sunday off" the brown haired girl sweat-dropped. "I already explained this to you yesterday Rei-chan" her short hair fell in front of her face, covering her light brown eyes.

"You did? Oops, well I guess I should get ready then" Rei laughed lightly walking away from Haruhi's room and into her own.

Rei has long brown hair that falls mid-back, her eyes are a light purple, and her skin is a tan color. Overall, she looks slightly exotic compared to most people who live in Japan, who have pale almost white skin.

Haruhi is Rei's childhood friend, however, just before middle school Rei moved to America to participate in a 4-year school for Enlightened Students. Haruhi was invited but couldn't afford it. Once Rei returned, the two girls moved into a 3-bed, 2-bath apartment (with their parents' approval of course).

Today was Rei's first day at Ouran Academy; in other words, a school for a bunch of rich bastard, and those random 'commoners' who managed to get in with a scholarship. (A.k.a. Haruhi and Rei). Haruhi had been posing as a boy at the school to pay off a debt. She had knocked over an EXTREMELY expensive vase, and has to pay it off by being a host; in The Host Club. (A host must be a guy, which is why Haruhi is posing as one). Now then, what's a host? A host is 'a male prostitute without the sex' in the wonderful words of Rei.

The Host Club is made up of seven boys. Ootori Kyouya, Suoh Tamaki, Hitachiin Hikaru (twin), Hitachiin Kaoru (twin), Fujioka Haruhi, Mitsukuni Haninozuka (college student), Morinozuka Takashi (college student).

Ootori Kyouya is the youngest of three brothers. He is smart calculating, devious, the 'cool type' and undeniably hott. ( - with 2 t's)

Suoh Tamaki is the son of Ouran Academy's headmaster. He is over emotional, over exaggerates things, the 'prince type' and is stunningly beautiful.

Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru are twins, enjoy playing pranks on unsuspecting people, the 'devil type' and are freakin' gorgeous.

Fujioka Haruhi is an only child, her mother died when she was younger. She is smart, a little dense at times, the 'natural type' and a super cutie.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka is referred to as Hunni-sempai. He is really small, a master of martial arts, the 'lolita type' and adorable. Since he attends college he can only come to the host club 2 days a week. (He's also Mori's cousin)

Morinozuka Takashi is referred to as Mori-sempai. He is really tall, kendo master, the 'wild type' and attractive. Since he attends college he can only come to the host club 2 days a week. (He's also Hunni's cousin)

"Tell me why I need to cross dress again?" Rei asked Haruhi in a whiney voice.

"Because I'm tired of being surrounded by a bunch of boys. Plus, it'd be fun to have you join the club" Haruhi smiled

"And what exactly makes you think that they're actually going to ask me to be part of the host club?"

"I just do"

"You have no idea do you?"

"Nope! But I'm hoping for the best. Now hurry up or we're gonna be late"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Rei sighed pulling her hair into a low ponytail and putting on her blazer. Rei grabbed her bag and followed Haruhi out of their front door.

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