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"Dad! What are you wearing?" Haruhi shouted, looking at her father in horror.

"What do you mean? I think that I look quite nice in this outfit" Ranka huffed.

"You're not going to walk Rei down the aisle in a dress!" Haruhi yelled. "This is Rei's day and you won't ruin it by cross-dressing"

"Fine! But can I at least wear a dress to the reception?" Haruhi sighed and nodded.

"Sure, as long as Rei agrees" Ranka clapped happily and scrambled to find a tuxedo. Haruhi shook her head and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. "Shoot! Rei's going to be here any minute!" Haruhi ran from the room and down the hallway.

"Where are you going Haru-chan?" Haruhi pulled to a stop and turned around to face Hunni-sempai.

"Rei is supposed to show up any minute now" Haruhi explained.

"Oh~, okay. Takashi can give us a ride"

"It's fine, I can take the carriage-"

"Nonsense! Takashi! Let's take Haruhi to the airplane runway!" Mori-sempai nodded and easily lifted Haruhi and Hunni-sempai into his arms. After making sure that he had a good grip on them he sprinted off.

"Are we there yet?" Rei whined.


"How many times do we have to tell you?"

"How much longer until you take off this freakin' blindfold?"

"We already told you that it was a surprise" Kaoru murmured in her ear nudging her face with his.

"We don't want to spoil it for you" Hikaru murmured in her other ear.

"Well I'm going to continue to ask until this blindfold is off" Hikaru frowned and turned to his mirror-image. Kaoru smirked.

"I can think of a way to keep you from asking" Rei frowned.

"Oh, really? And what might that b-" beneath the blindfold Rei's eyes widened as she felt a pair of lips on hers. She moved to push him away but Hikaru grabbed her hands. Kaoru pulled away and grinned. Rei took a deep shuddering breath, only to gasp when she felt another pair of lips on hers. She could tell that it was Hikaru. Kaoru's kiss had been confident but Hikaru's kisses are surprisingly gentle and cautious.

"What were you saying?" Hikaru asked finally breaking their kiss. Rei blushed and shook her head.

"Nothing...nothing at all" she could only blush harder as the twins laughed at her expense.


"Haruhi! I would run up and hug you, but I can't see anything!" Rei flailed her arms about slightly, barely missing Kaoru's face.

"Watch it" Kaoru laughed taking Rei's hand in his. "You'll be able to take it off soon enough" he nodded towards Haruhi and followed Hikaru into the waiting carriage.

"Where are we going?" Rei asked curiously as an unidentified figure helped her into the unidentified vehicle.

"You'll see" Haruhi grinned. "Oh! Say 'hi' to Hunni-sempai and Mori-sempai."

"Hello...What are you both doing here? Are your college finals over?"

"No, but we're taking a short break" Hunni-sempai smiled brightly, taking hold of Rei's hand. "I'm so excited!"

"Really? I don't know what's going on right now, so I can't say that I'm excited. A little irritated maybe, but not excited."

"Hey~. Don't be mean, Rei-chan." The twins whined wrapping their arms around her.

"I'm not mean. I'm honest." Rei pouted and turned to Haruhi, or at least where she assumed Haruhi was sitting. "So what is going on, Ruhi?"

"It's a surprise!" Haruhi smiled at her friend. "You'll love it…eventually."

"I'd like to love it now, so spill"

"Reina! Don't be a brat. Patience is a virtue."

"Yes, well I don't have that virtue-"

"That's enough, Rei! You will be surprised by this surprise and that is final. No more questions!" Tamaki cut in sounding very authoritative.

"Wow…if I didn't know who you were I just might have listened to you" Rei smirked.

"We're here!" Haruhi jumped in, sensing a brewing conflict.

"Where's here~?" Haruhi ignored Rei's question and helped her out of the carriage.

"We'll see you in 2 hours!" Haruhi waved goodbye to the boys and led Rei to her room.

"Okay, so now that the idiot boys are gone, care to tell me what the hell is going on?" Rei put her hands on her hips and stared in the general direction of Haruhi.

"Nope! Like everyone's been saying…it's a SURPRISE!" Haruhi grinned and shoved Rei towards the bathroom. "Now go bathe, you smell like curry." With a huff Rei went into the bathroom and took off the blindfold.

"This is nice…where am I?" she heard Haruhi laugh from the other side of the door and sighed. She knew that she wouldn't be getting any answers any time soon.

Haruhi called one of the maids up to the room and gave her instructions to guard the door with her life, and not let Rei out. The maid nodded and moved to stand in front the bathroom door. Satisfied, Haruhi left the room in search of her father.

"Dad? Where are you?"

"Right behind you~" Haruhi let out a startled yelp and spun around. Ranka laughed. "I was just coming up to find you. What'd you need me for?"

"I need you to help me in restraining Rei as we get the dress on her." Ranka nodded in understanding.

"Alright…so did she say that I could wear the dress?"

"No" Haruhi snapped. "She doesn't even know it's her wedding. You can ask her after the officially ceremony-Don't stick your tongue out at me!" Ranka laughed and skipped towards Rei's room. With a roll of her eyes and a sigh she followed her father.

Hikaru paced back and forth. "What if she's so angry that she runs out? What if she thinks that we're being to forceful and demanding and demands a divorce?"

"Calm down" Kaoru let out a long breath of air. "You probably haven't noticed but she gets off on being dominated…at least a little bit" Kaoru chuckled as Hikaru's face turned bright red.

"Don't say that~" Hikaru whined. "I need to keep my mind pure until after the wedding~" Kaoru burst out laughing, whole-heartedly agreeing with his twin's statement.

"Everything will be fine. Trust me. She may be a little irritated at first, but she'll go through with the wedding and then take it out on us during our Honeymoon, if you catch my drift." Kaoru wriggled his eyebrows in faux-seductiveness and Hikaru laughed.

"So who did we choose to be our best man, again?"

"I thought you chose."

"No…I thought you chose!"

"No…You were supposed to choose."

"Shit" they cursed.

After a few minutes of contemplation they decided on who'd be the best man. They put everyone's name in a hat and whose ever name they pulled out would be best man.


"Well crap, I guess that'll work"

"Yeah, I mean he's dating Haruhi now, and Haruhi is the Maid of Honor. It makes sense."

"But that doesn't mean that we can't tease him a little." Evil laughter filled the room as the twins set out to ruin Tamaki's day, only to make it better, only to ruin it, only to make it better and so on and so forth.

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