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Lost Time

It had to have been the worst day of her life. Standing at that airport and staring hopelessly at the digital numbers on the clock. Still, something in her heart refused to believe it so she ran to one of the people behind the desk and asked about flight 140. It was as if something shattered in her when she heard his reply that the plane had just left minutes ago. She shook her head. That couldn't be. How could she have missed her chance? She politely thanked the man and turned to walk away.

On her way out of the airport she saw them. The family all leaving after saying goodbye to a departed loved one. She still didn't understand why the whole family didn't go instead of just one. It would have been easier that way instead of having them as a constant reminder of her foolishness.

The girl turned her head and walked in the other direction to avoid running into them. Just as she thought she was in the clear she could hear one of them calling her name out. She continued walking as if she had heard nothing. Maybe later she would talk to them but right now was not the time. She raced towards the doors and out to the parking lot where her car was parked. She quicked unlocked the door and got inside. She started the ignition and took off. Her car sped off in the opposite direction of her home. She knew that if she went home her mom would be making a fuss and asking if she had gotten the chance to say goodbye. No, she hadn't gotten the chance.

As she drove she thought about how stupid she was. She had let the single most important person in her life get away from her and it killed her. It was her love, the person that had unintentionally stolen her heart. When she had first heard that this person was moving away she was angry. She was hurt and she blamed them for going. She blamed them for leaving her behind. Of course they had gotten mad in retaliation and so they had stopped talking. They still had not made up on the day this person was due to leave. The girl's anger was still there but as time ticked down she started to realize that she just couldn't let her love leave her without so much as a goodbye. She had quickly jumped up and grabbed her keys, despretly hoping that she'd be there on time.

She wasn't though, and now she would have to live with that regret. How stupid it was of her to get angry when there was nothing that either of them could do. They had both just gotten out of high school and were getting ready for college. She had choosen one close to home so that she could stay close to family. But her friend did not. Her friend decided to go across the country and live there. Her friend had even said that they might not even come back to visit. What was the point in it? That was what had riled her up the most. Was she not important enough to come and visit? Was she just going to become a forgotten memory tossed aside?

The girl had unconciously driven to the beach. The place that held so many memories. She felt her eyes start to sting as tears welled up. Her hands gripped tightly on the steering wheel and she clenched her teeth. She didn't want to be crying. She saw crying as a sign of weakness and vulnerablity. A thousand memories flashed through the front of her mind and she shut her eyes against them. Her tears broke through and silently dripped down her face. Her body was now trembling as the full reality hit her. She might not ever see them again and she had wasted their last moments together being angry towards each other. Her body shook even more with the sobs that were starting to come. Lilly's fist hit the steering wheel as she realized that she just lost Miley forever.

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