AUTHOR'S NOTE, IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!!!! THIS STORY ORIGINALLY HAD A PURPOSE. I was talking to my sis about how the 'loveydovey' Uchihacest could NEVER work. And the only way you can argue Uchihacest is through rape or otherwise child molestation. So, I was going to do my 100 challenge theme 'rape' as an ItaSasu piece, just to be like: "Yeah, that's the ONLY way this could work" and this… randomly came out of my fingers when I got on the comp, who'dathunkBut, turns out I can't do that on the site I was planning on I think it would disturb my audience there too much.

So yeah, I'm not really proud of this pieceit's basically… what my fingers crapped out during a huge writer's block.

I'm not scared. Why should I be? T-This is Nii-san, he won't hurt me.

You won't hurt me.. will you, Aniki?

M-My nii-san would never hurt me. You said you wouldn't hurt me, nii-san, you said so.

..But it does hurt, Aniki!

Ow, Nii-san, stop! Please stop it, nii-san! D-Does this... feel good for you, nii-san? It hurts... don't you know it hurts? Nii-san I'm crying! Can't you see you're hurting me?!

I said it, nii-san. I said you're hurting me.. I asked you to stop. I didn't want to, but... why won't you stop hurting me? Didn't you hear me?! Nii-san I'm bleeding! Please stop it, aniki, I'm scared! You're supposed to protect me!! N-Nii-san, why? Why are you yelling at me? Are you angry with me because I talked? I'm sorry.. I'll be quiet nii-san.. please don't call me anymore bad names. I didn't mean to be ingrateful or nasty. Please don't hit me again.. it really hurts..

Nii-san.. I feel sleepy, like I could pass out, I'm sorry, it just hurts so bad.. I want to go to sleep now.

Stop yelling, please nii-san! I'm sorry! Yes, yes I'll be a good bitch, I promise.. I'm sorry I'm crying nii-san.. I'm sorry, I just can't stop! I can't! ..What? Why? Why do you want me to put that in my mouth? Ow! Okay, nii-san, I will.. please stop pulling my hair, I'll do it. Nn, you're choking me, nii-san... and this white stuff tastes icky. You look happy.. why do you look so happy, nii-san? You looked happy ealier, too.. but you were hurting me, you didn't want to hurt me, did you nii-san?

You didn't want to.. it didn't feel good when you hurt me, did it...?

You didn't want to hurt me... Nii-san, I know you didn't mean it...

..You did.. didn't you? Nii-san I'm sorry... I shouldn't have cried or been loud.. I should have been quiet like you said, then you wouldn't've had to hurt me as much. I want you to be happy, I'm sorry I was bad.

I love you, nii-san.