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Chapter One

Seto and Mokuba were watching television like most of the people in Domino when there was a break in the regular programming and this is what it was.

News Break:

Young man's body discovered in the old winery district late last night, he was taken to Domino Hospital and the Police tell this reporter that he is in extremely critical condition. Both his legs were broken, he sustained a severe head laceration and the doctors are concerned that he might have some brain damage. He was beaten and sexually assaulted they also said.The Police think that he was left there to die. Here is a description of the young man, he is five foot seven inches tall, he had dirty blonde hair in a very shaggy style, and he is very skinny and has an old scar above his left eye. If anyone knows who this young man is, please contact the Domino Police Department right away.

Mokuba jumped up off the floor and he said "Seto could that be Joey?"

Seto was thinking the same thing, but they had just taken him to the Airport earlier that day for his flight to America to visit with his mom and sister so it couldn't be him. Seto looked at Mokuba and he said "Joey's half way to America by now so it couldn't be him."

Just then the phone ran and it was Solomon and he asked Seto "Have you seen the report about that young man? Well could it be Joey?"

"Mokie and I took him to the Airport earlier today for his flight to America, so it couldn't be him." Seto said.

Solomon then said "Seto, didn't you get the call from Joey saying that his flight had been cancelled and he was going to come stay with us till he could get another flight?"

Seto nearly dropped the phone as he heard what Solomon just said and he said "I haven't received any calls from Joey today at all." Then Seto motioned for Mokuba to go get Roland and have him come to the living room. Seto thanked Solomon for calling and he would contact the Hospital right away to find out if it could be Joey who they found.

Roland hurried into the room and Seto asked him "Did Joey call here at all saying that his flight had been cancelled?"

Roland didn't know what Seto was talking about and then he said "I'll check the messages." As they listened, Joey's message was the second one and that's when Seto nearly went ballistic. "Who was the one here today?" He demanded to know.

Roland knew that Seto was upset and he had every right to be, but as he said "Listen, shouldn't you find out if it is Joey they have in the hospital and leave this to me to sort through and find out who didn't give you the message."

Seto nodded that he would let Roland deal with this mess, and he ran to get his keys and started out the door, when Mokie stopped him by saying "Brother, I want to go with you."

Seto smiled down at his brother and he said "Listen, this is going to be a long night and you have school tomorrow so I'm going alone but I promise that I'll call when I find out if it is Joey." Mokuba gave him a kiss and Seto ran outside and got into his car and drove to Domino Hospital.

As Seto drove he thought about how they had just come out and told all their friends that they were a couple and how happy they were. Joey was going to America to tell his mother and sister about them and they hoped that they would be a happy for them as their friends were. Seto couldn't comprehend what happened to Joey and why he was found in that area in the first place.

He pulled into the parking garage and after parking his car he ran into the emergency room and asked about the young man who was just brought in that he might know who he is. Then a Police Officer approached Seto and asked how he might know the young man?

Seto then said as tears were filling his eyes "He might be my life mate, Joseph Wheeler."

Then the Officer said "I'll see if the doctor will allow us to go back and see if you can identify the young man."

The Officer came back with a doctor and together they took Seto into the back and as Seto looked down on the face of the one he loved he fell to his knees and started sobbing and then he finally got out "That's Joseph Wheeler, god who did this to you Joey."

Just then the young man opened his eyes and he softly said "Seto is that you?"

Seto stood up with the help of the Officer and as he touched the side of Joey's face he said "Yes it's me, and then he leaned over and gently kissed Joey on the lips, and whispered I love you."

Joey fell back to sleep and then the Officer said to Seto "I need to ask you a few questions."

Seto nodded that he would talk to him, so they went into the hall and the Officer asked "When was the last time you saw Mr. Wheeler?"

Seto explained how he and his brother took Joey to the Airport for his flight to America and how later this evening he got a call from a Solomon Motou who owned the Game Shop that Joey's flight had been cancelled and he was going to stay at the Game Shop with Solomon's grandson Yugi till they could get hold of me."

The Officer then asked him "Didn't you receive a call from Mr. Wheeler telling you that his flight had been cancelled?"

Seto then told him about the mix up at his house and they were trying to figure out why he wasn't given the message when Joey called. Then Seto's cell phone rang and it was Roland and what he said made Seto's blood boil, he found out why Seto wasn't given the message and it wasn't good.

Seto told the Officer that he had to get home right away but before he left he found the doctor and asked him to call if Joey regains conciseness please then he hurried to get back to the Manor and find out what the hell was going on.

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