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Chapter Nine

Pegasus was terrified by what he felt and he looked at Croquet and he said "We must protect the young ones with our lives because I have a horrible feeling that this new terror is going to be a lot more stronger then Kaiba and the others can begin to even try to destroy and it will come here for them."

Croquet turned to Pegasus and pointed to the young ones and what they saw was nothing short of a miracle. There standing around the fountain Joey, Yugi, Ryou, Malik and Mokuba were holding hands and they were floating in the air and their bodies were glowing with what you'd describe as an soft white almost angelic like and they were chanting and both Croquet and Pegasus started chanting the same words and it felt like the word were being sent to help Kaiba and the others so that they could defeat the Shadow Magic.

Shadi, Armlander, Yami, Bakura and Marik were getting nowhere in their attempt in sending the Shadow Cloud back to where it belonged and then all of a sudden they were enveloped in the white glow being sent to them from the young ones and Armlander shouted "Now we need to concentrate on sending this thing back to the Shadows were it belongs, so close your eyes and absorb the power of the young ones and let it flow over all of us and then everyone's eyes opened and they were almost white and Shadi began to advance on the cloud and everyone else followed him and as they got within a few feet of the cloud Shadi and Armlander both shouted "LEAVE HERE NOW AND RETURN TO THE SHADOWS WERE YOU BELONG AND NEVER COME BACK TO THIS PLACE AGAIN!!!"

Then Kaiba and the others witness a miracle that day when all of a sudden the Shadow Cloud screamed and then all of a sudden there was a flash of bright light and the ground shook and then the Shadow Cloud was gone and Shadi, Armlander, Yami, Bakura and Marik all fell to the ground and as Seto ran to see if they were alright Armlander whispered "The young ones helped with their love for all of you and we have to go and make sure that they are alright."

Back on the Island the same time that Armlander and the others fell to the ground so did Joey and the other young ones and Pegasus and Croquet ran to make sure that they were alright. As Pegasus touched Joey he smiled and said "It's all over and their coming here to us." Then he fainted.

Pegasus then said to Croquet "Make sure that the barrier is down and hurry please."

Shadi picked up Ishizu and all of them climbed into the car and drove to the dock where they all got onboard the yacht and Seto steered to towards Pegasus's Island and as he docked the yacht Croquet was there with the car and as they all got into the car he drove to the Castle and as they drove over the draw bridge there was Joey, Mokuba, Yugi, Ryou and Malik standing next to Pegasus and tears were flowing down all their faces.

The car stopped and Seto, Yami, Bakura and Marik were the first to get out and they ran to their lights and Mokuba and as they enveloped them in their arms the sky seemed to be filled with the love and everyone felt it and as Ishizu woke up Shadi held her in his strong arms and whispered "You are alright now my lovely lady."

Malik and Marik ran back and the four of them held each other and Pegasus was holding onto Croquet as Roland, Clayton, Murdock, Jefferson and Dixon came over and Roland held out his hand and he said "I want to personally thank you for what you did for the young ones and to say that you will always be part of this little band of men that means the world to me and now to Seto, Joey, Mokuba and the others."

Armlander stood there watching all of this and then he said "It is over and for once I want to go home and see my loved ones."

Roland and the other men roared with laughter and soon everyone was laughing and it was such a great feeling to be able to laugh again.

Ishizu walked over to Seto and she said through her tears "I'm sorry and I can understand that you may not be able to accept my apology but I will forever regret this day and all that has happened."

Seto with Joey and Mokuba by his side looked at her and Seto said "Ishizu I know how power can make people do things that they later regret doing and since no one died and I have my life mate and my brother back then that's all that matters."

Ishizu started to turn away when Mokuba went over and touched her hand and as she turned and looked down upon his face he smiled and held up his arms and as she fell to her knees and was enveloped by his arms he whispered "Love came through today and it will always fight against the evil and will win."

Ishizu kissed his sweet face and as Shadi held out his hand she stood and everyone went inside the Castle to rest and be with their loved ones and then Shadi looked at Armlander and he said "Old friend please go home knowing that if it weren't for your help none of this would of happened and we would of all lost the ones we hold so dear to us, so go be with your family an my Ra hold you in his arms and forever." Then there was a flash of light and Armlander was gone and the others just sat and held each other and Pegasus looked upon the sight and as he held up his glass of wine he said "God bless each and everyone of us this day and it was his love and strength that got brought all of you back together."

Joey whispered something to Seto and he nodded and they walked over to where Ishizu was sitting with her loved ones and Joey knelt down in front of her and taking her hand in his he kissed her cheek and as tears ran down their faces he softly said "Lovely lady smile please for us because it's over and we're all alive and together again so smile for all of us."

Ishizu smiled at him and she held him in her arms and the healing process began for all of them. She never asked Shadi to teach her anything ever again. They got married and with Malik and Marik they are happily living in Egypt and they come back to visit their friends from time to time.

Everyone is together and love is what brought them all back together and it's that love that defeated evil and sent it back to where it belonged.

Everyone went home and when Seto and Joey, Yami and Yugi, Bakura and Ryou, Marik and Malik and Shadi and Ishizu all went to their bedrooms and they all made mad passionate love to each other.


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