Disclaimer: I don't own Darkwing Duck (You knew that) and I patterned this story as if it was a cartoon, so some unreal things

Disclaimer: I don't own Darkwing Duck (You knew that) and I patterned this story as if it was a cartoon, so some unreal things will happen in this story. Bare with me, it's the first Darkwing fic I made.

                            The Most Dangerous F.O.W.L Agent

                                By Golden Dragon

                                Part 1: Steelbeak's Plan


"I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the vet the animals of crime fear! I am Darkwing Duck!" yelled Darkwing when he jumped through the window to save the S.U.S.H hostages being held by a F.O.W.L agent.

   The feline agent twitched his whiskers as he replied, "So you're the famous Darkwing Duck. Steelbeak has said many nice about you, and sent me, F.O.W.L's most powerful agent, Black Scratch."

    Darkwing gave out a cocky smile as he said, "Oh yeah? Prove it!" That is when he should have kept his big beak closed, for the Black Scratch slammed Darkwing through the floor. When the masked mallard came back up, he was dazed and showed this by saying, "But I don't want to bed, mommy," After Darkwing fainted; Black Scratch smirked as he dug through the papers, wanting something really bad.

     "WHERE IS THE FORMULA FOR GRANDTON CRYSTAL TYPE-C?! This is Lab 606!"yelled the F.O.W.L  cat agent at the top of his lungs at the tied up S.H.U.S.H agents.

      "Oh, this is Lab 606, but I think you're looking for Lab 909," said the oldest looking agent, causing Black Scratch  to look at his card and grumble.

      "That idiot Steelbeak gave me the card upside down! They should call him Steelhead!" moaned the angry B. Scratch as he began walking out the door.

       However, Darkwing had recovered, pulled out his gas gun, and yelled, "Suck gas, evil…" which was cut short when Black Scratch used his super claws to cut through a steel rope, causing a heavy object to land on his head. Dazed again, he said, "Mommy, I don't want to go to school. I want to stay in bed…"

        "So dad, how was crime-fighting last night?" asked Gosalyn to her dad, Drake Mallard. When she saw he had an ice pack on his head, she said, "Maybe I shouldn't ask…"

        "I can't  believe that Black Scratch got the best of me twice last night. That's never happen to me," moaned Drake as he rubbed his sore head.

        "Well dad, there was that time…" began Gosalyn before a knock on the door interrupted her. She opened the door and said, "Hi, Seth. How's our new neighbor?" (No, the Muddlefoots haven't moved away)

        Seth Meowington, a cat teenager, came in and replied, "Hi Gosalyn, Hi Mr.Mallard, I just came to say I can't talk with you two tonight, my dad is expecting an important visitor and don't bother coming. He doesn't like strangers,"

        "WHAT?! You didn't get the formula for grandton crystal type-C?!" yelled Steelbeak as his metallic beak showed a frown.

       "Two things went wrong. 1:You gave me the card upside down 2.Darkwing Dork butted in. I did however get some info on Lab 909," replied Daniel Meowington (who is Seth's father and also Black Scratch)  as he began looking through his folder.

       "Listen, chum. We used grandton crystal type-A on you, giving you super strength and super claws, and we used type-B on your son, giving him telekinetic powers and the ability to fly. But we need type-C to use on me! It's the most powerful and I want it!" yelled Steelbeak before he pounded his fist on the table.

       Seth then came in and said, "Father, I want to stop this life of crime. I don't want to hurt people," but then, Daniel gave Seth a look that made him leave.

      "Sorry about my son, he doesn't yet grasp the rewards of being a F.O.W.L agent. Anyway, didn't you say earlier that the grandton producer was damaged? You know that it's nearly hard to make!" shouted Daniel at Steelbeak, handing him a paper.

       Steelbeak's metal mouth turned to a smirk as he looked at the paper and said, "Maybe we don't need our producer…"

                                                                                                            To Be Continued