Chapter 5:The Capture Of Steelbeak and the Escape of Black Scratch    

           "Oh tall, dark, and gruesome! Over here!" yelled DW, making the gigantic Steelbeak charge like a raging bull at Seth and Darkwing. However, the titanic FOWL agent didn't happen to see the pothole in the street until he fell flat on his face.

             "HA! HA! We'll give you one last chance to grab us, metal mouth," laughed Seth as he floated high, with Darkwing clamped to his hand.

              Steelbeak jumped and was to about to grab them, but then, "OH NO! WHAT HAPPENED!" yelled Steelbeak, when he shrunk back to normal size and fell into a cage that Seth pulled up with his telepathic powers.

             "At last, his powers finally ran out. Now let's take him to S.H.U.S.H headquarters and turn him in!" smiled Darkwing Duck as Seth lifted it with his mental powers. 

              "That's great Darkwing! I'm going to make Seth an official S.H.U.S.H agent, and…" began J.Hooter, talking to Darkwing through a communicator that he grabbed from Steekbeak when he wasn't looking, before a powerful hand clubbed him. Lauchpad and the others had been knocked unconscious too by Black Scratch, who now hated both S.H.U.S.H AND F.O.W.L!

             "I'll get that rotten Steelbeak someday…" snarled Black Scratch as he ripped open the wall and ran to a passing train, leaping into the baggage car. All he could he think about was the day he would have Steelbeak right where he wanted him and then, he would have his revenge….

              "Hey, who's in there?!" shouted the conductor, who was checking the cars for vagrants, before a pair of hands slapped him unconscious.  Black Scratch then stuffed the conductor's body into an empty trunk.

               "However, now I have Darkwing Doofus and my own son against me. If they get in my way…" began Black Scratch before an evil smile wrapped across his face…

                                                                                                The End….Or is it?