Batman and Robin

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Lindsay was coming home tomorrow and as Danny looked around their home it became more apparent that it was getting messier by the minute. In one corner of the room there were chairs placed in a circle with white sheets covered in red cordial stains placed on the chairs and then in the hallway there was chocolate cake on the wall and on the ground below it, there were also juice boxes and bowels of half eaten food scattered around the house.

He felt a soft tug on the cuff of his jeans. Danny looked down and saw Nathan lying on his back.

"Now kiddo what are you doing on the floor?" Danny asked.

"I've decided to roll to where I want to go today"

"So you're going to roll around on the floor all day today?"

"Yep," Nathan replied. "Is today the day Aunty Stella, Uncle Don, Uncle Sheldon, Uncle Mac and Uncle Adam are coming over to play?"

"Yes, I have the water guns ready to be loaded," Danny replied.

"Oh, then today can't be rolling day because I have to play. My rolling day will have to be tomorrow."

"Your Mummy's coming home tomorrow," Danny said as he picked Nathan up off the floor

"Well then, the day after that can be my rolling day," Nathan explained

"Mummy and I will be going back to work then."

"Then I just won't have a rolling day", Nathan said crossing his arms and making his angry pout face.

"How about you go wash your hands, and I will figure out a day for you to have a rolling day" Danny told Nathan. "And you can even invite Joshua to roll around with you."

"My friend's Joshua," Nathan exclaimed

"Yes your friend's Joshua" Nathan began to wiggle out of Danny's arms as he made his way quickly to the bathroom to wash his hands.

The shrill sound of the doorbell rang through the house. Danny heard Nathan yell "I'll get it!"

"No you will not get it," Danny yelled back as he walk to the front door and opened it quickly. "Hey!"

"Hello," Stella said as she, Mac, Sheldon and Don all walked into the house.

"Hell-o," Nathan sang as he slid into the room.

"Nathan what did I tell you about sliding with your socks on, on the tiles?"

"That I shouldn't do it because I'll get hurt, and only you're allowed to do it because you're Batman," Nathan replied

"Yes," Danny said.

"But I've decided that I want to be Batman now Daddy," Nathan announced.

"Is that right," Danny replied, folding his arms.

"I am sick of being Robin. I've had enough."

"But you can't be Batman," Danny said as he shook his head.

"Nathan, everyone knows being a side kick is much better than being a hero," Flack explained.

"Really. Why?" Nathan asked sitting on the floor.

"Yeah really, why?" Danny repeated as he sat on the floor next to Nathan.

"Well it's easy...the super heroes would be lost without their sidekicks because, the heroes are always asked the sidekicks for things and without them they would be lost and wouldn't be able to fight crime," Stella explained

"She's got a point," Danny said as he looked over at Nathan.

"I have to agree with you Daddy, she does. I'll remain Robin."

"Well now that we have that cleared up. Do we get hugs now?" Hawkes asked Nathan as he opened his arms waiting for a hug.

After everyone had gotten their hugs they were all ready to begin their game of 'shooting each other with a water gun' as Nathan called it. In this game of 'shooting each other with a water gun' each player gets the choice what they want to shoot at everyone. Nathan chose coke, Danny chose apple juice, Stella chose milk, Sheldon chose orange juice, Don chose a mixture of coke and apple juice saying that it was a very sticky concoction and Mac chose good old water.

They were all spread out around the house, creeping ever so slowly. Stella made her way into the lounge room, she sneaked past the couch and heard a loud 'ashhar' and felt her back being saturated. She turned around and saw Nathan standing on top of the lounge with a wide smile. He quickly looked to his left and right then jumped off the couch and ran over to the curtain to hide.

Very soon afterward Mac, Sheldon and Danny joined Stella in the 'out' kitchen.

"You should see the walls in Lindsay and my bedroom, there covered in coke and orange juice," Danny said as he sat down.

"You're going have to clean that up before Lindsay gets home," Mac replied

"Fun fun," Stella said with a smirk.

Everyone heard a sudden splash sound coming from the lounge room.

"That didn't sound to good" Danny said as he and the others got up and walked into the lounge room to hear Flack say "Man you're dead."

As Danny walked in he saw a wide-eyed looking Nathan.

"Nathan, what happened," Danny said as he walked closer to see what had happened.

"Well I was about to shoot Uncle Don, and then all of a sudden my tank thing with all the coke in it fell off and splashed onto the DVD player, and also in it, because the thing you put the disc on was out," Nathan explained.

"Looks like you have more cleaning to do than you thought" Hawkes stated.

"Okay, it looks like I'm going to have to go out and buy a new DVD player the afternoon." Danny said with a sigh. So much to do, Danny thought. "Will you mind him while I go out and get some stuff?"

"Sure. What do you need to get?" Stella asked

"Some new white sheets, and a DVD player," Danny replied as he walked down the hallway. As Danny was putting on his coat he noticed Nathan come in with his head down.

"Hey kiddo, are you okay?"

"I'm sorry Daddy, for making so much mess this week," Nathan said looking up at Danny with tears in his eyes. Danny knelt down and wiped away the tears.

"Hey it's okay... they were accidents, okay, and accidents happen. Now if you could go into the other room when I'm gone and put on that pout you give Mummy whenever you want something, and rope them into cleaning the walls. That would be good," Danny said with a smile.

"Okay Daddy. I am after all your sidekick," Nathan replied as he ran into the lounge room and left Danny to leave.