I'd just like to say that I've never been to a night club before and therefore the setting of this fic will be based on what I've seen on TV. That and I manipulated it to make it work the way I wanted to.

The main pairing of the fic will be GaaNaru, the other pairings will exist but I don't think I'll be delving too deeply into them. I think that's all I have to say. Now enjoy!

Club Secret

Any idiot could see that Naruto was excited. The fifteen year old was practically skipping down the street, completely unaware that his friend Sasuke was glaring at him. Besides Sasuke, Haku was laughing quietly at the over-energetic blond. Unlike Sasuke Haku was not embarrassed by Naruto's actions. This was, after all, the reaction he expected from the blond.

It had started a few months ago. Naruto had asked if his two best friends wanted to go out Friday night. They had both told him they were busy. A few weeks later Naruto had once again asked them out and they had given him the same reply as before. After this had happened a few more times Naruto had begun to get suspicious. He had then asked questions that got vague answers or no answer at all. Soon after he had demanded that they take him with them on their nights out.

Sasuke and Haku had refused to bend to his demands until that morning when they had decided that they could no longer stand Naruto's nagging and whining. That was why the three friends were dressed up and heading out to the club Haku and Sasuke always went to on a Friday night: Club Secret; the hottest and most exclusive club in town.

"What's so great about this Club Secret anyway?" Naruto asked his friends over his shoulder.

"They always play really good music and the atmosphere is just amazing. Plus, Sasuke's brother knows the owner so we get to skip the line to get in," answered Haku.

"Does that mean I'm finally going to get to meet the infamous Itachi?" asked Naruto enthusiastically.

"Yes," muttered Sasuke ruefully. "You better not embarrass me in front of him."

Naruto's face took on a look of fake innocence. "Me? Embarrass you? I would never dream of it!"

Sasuke growled and not for the first time wondered why he was friends with the annoying blond.

Naruto laughed at the look on his friend's face. "Don't worry, I promise not to be more of an embarrassment to you than I normally am." He paused for dramatic effect before adding, "If you let me stay at your house tonight."

"No," was the automatic answer.

"Please!" begged Naruto pathetically. "I told Iruka that I was going to sleep over at your house and it would be really suspicious if I went back in the middle of the night! He's not like your guardians – he would never have let me come out if I'd told him that I was going clubbing! Please Sasuke! Please!"

"You can stay with me tonight if you want," offered Haku.

Naruto cheered and gave his friend a one-armed hug. "Thank you Haku! You're a great friend, unlike a certain someone I know."

Sasuke ignored Naruto's jibe and pointed to his left. "That's Club Secret."

Naruto turned and stared at the mass of people standing in line before the neon sign that proclaimed the name of the illustrious club. "Wow, this place is popular."

They approached the well-built bouncer that guarded the entrance to the club. From out of his pocket Sasuke fished out a card and held it up to the beefy man. He then jerked his head towards his two friends and said, "They're with me."

The bouncer nodded and allowed the three of them to enter. Immediately they were assaulted by the music that was being blasted out of the speakers. Outside it had been an acceptable volume but inside it seemed to be ten times as loud.

Naruto started when Haku grabbed his wrist and led him towards a flight of stairs. He then relaxed and started to look around the club. Most of the ground floor was open-plan to maximise the amount of clubbers that could fit into the place. The bar ran around the edge of the dance floor and there was a set of doors that led off to the toilets.

Then there was the balcony that circled above the dance floor. This was a place for the VIPs to sit and watch the action below while they took a break from dancing. The three friends made their way across the balcony towards a man who looked like an older version of Sasuke. Naruto grinned broadly as he stuck out his hand for the man to shake. "Itachi! We meet at last!"

Itachi gazed disinterestedly at him. "So you're Sasuke's friend." He then turned to Sasuke, completely ignoring Naruto's still outstretched hand. "Hello little brother."

"Itachi," replied Sasuke icily.

To Naruto's amazement and horror Sasuke then kissed his brother. On the lips. For more than a minute.

The man sitting beside Itachi laughed. "Haku, you sadist, you didn't tell him what he was getting himself in for did you?"

Haku giggled. "We thought we'd surprise him," he answered as he leaned in to kiss the much older man.

"He certainly looks surprised."

Haku turned back to Naruto and laughed at the look on his friend's face. "Naruto, this is my boyfriend Zabuza."

Naruto blinked like a startled goldfish. "Um…Hi?"

"Nice to meet you brat," said Zabuza pleasantly as he shook Naruto's hand.

"And this is Gaara," Haku said as he indicated the man sitting next to Zabuza.

Naruto stared at the redhead who had turned to regard him with intense green eyes. He looked a few years older than Naruto and was wearing all black, easily blending into the shadows of the dark club. He was also extremely sexy. At least, that was Naruto's opinion on the subject. "Hello."

Gaara stared silently at Naruto for a few more seconds before returning his attention to his drink. Naruto huffed, not happy that he hadn't received any sort of reply. Haku leaned in and whispered, "Gaara doesn't really talk much ; I've known him for awhile now and I think he's only ever said half a dozen words to me in that time."

"Mr Sociable," muttered Naruto sarcastically under his breath. He turned his head and his gaze landed on Sasuke and Itachi. Naruto quickly looked away, leaning in close to Haku so he wouldn't be overheard. "Those two, they did that just to freak me out…right?"

"Sorry Naruto, they didn't – Sasuke and Itachi are dating," replied Haku in equally hushed tones. Once again Naruto was stunned into silence. Haku patted his shoulder reassuringly. "It's alright; I had exactly the same reaction when I found out."

Naruto contemplated the situation for a second. He then grinned as he turned to place a hand on Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke regarded the hand wearily before moving to meet Naruto's gaze. The blue eyed boy's grin widened as he cheerfully said, "Sasuke, if I found out anyone else was having an incestuous relationship with their brother I'd say they were crazy and fucked up for doing so. But you were crazy and fucked up before that so I guess you're just following your nature and I accept that and hope you won't ever make-out in front of me again."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Besides from insulting me what was the point of that little speech?"

"I just wanted you to know that I don't think of you differently now that I know your dirty little secret."

"You're an idiot Naruto," said Sasuke irritably even though he was secretly smiling.

"What?!" cried Naruto heatedly. "I just accept you for being the twisted prick that you are and you call me an idiot?! Bastard."

An identical twitch that almost resembled a smile graced the faces of the Uchiha brothers. Haku and Zabuza quickly stifled their laughter at the comical indignation of their blond companion. Naruto turned to rant at them but stopped when he noticed that Gaara was staring at him. Naruto resisted the urge to blush. All of the redhead's attention was focused directly on him, his penetrating green eyes connected and latched onto baby blue ones. It was quite unnerving to be looked at in such a way. However, it also felt kind of…nice being the centre of attention. Even the most anti-social of the group was watching him and only him.

Naruto hastily pulled himself back into the real world. "So what perks do I get for being the friend of someone who knows the owner of the place?"

"Skipping the line and being allowed into the VIP lounge isn't enough for you?" asked Zabuza with a smirk.

Naruto beamed. "Nope! I also want free alcoholic drinks and peanuts. Oh, and a sexy dance partner too. And maybe one of those-"

"They won't sell alcohol to those underage, even in the VIP lounge," interrupted Sasuke before Naruto came out with a really idiotic request.

"What?" whined Naruto. "What about the peanuts then?" Itachi pushed the glass bowl into Naruto's line of sight. Naruto grinned and took a handful from the bowl. He placed a few in his mouth before asking, "What about the sexy dance partner, or do I have to use my charms and dashing good looks to find one of those?"

Itachi curled his lip as he watched Naruto's less than charming display of the contents of his mouth. "Gaara will dance with you."

Naruto choked on his peanuts. Haku whacked him on the back and half a minute later Naruto could breathe again. He looked between Gaara and Itachi with a fair amount of incredulity on his face. From the very serious look on his face Itachi didn't appear to be joking. Naruto wasn't quite sure whether this was a good or bad development.

Naruto looked at Gaara who was glaring at Itachi. The Uchiha didn't seem fazed by the murderous intent in the redhead's eyes and stared back impassively. Naruto panicked for a moment before mentally slapping himself. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever to panic. He was being offered the chance to dance with a guy who may have been anti-social but was also extremely hot. Looking at it this way there was no reason to panic; he was just being stupid and overreacting.

Naruto beamed at Gaara. "I'm up for it if you are."

For a moment it seemed that Gaara wasn't up for it. Then Zabuza grabbed hold of his shirt and forcefully pushed him away from the bar. Gaara glared back at him as he brushed the creases out of his clothes. He then turned to Naruto and said, "One song, one dance, that's it, got it?"

Naruto nodded, only now noticing how tall Gaara was compared to him. Why the hell was everyonetaller than him?! It wasn't fair; damn his inherited shortness.

Pulling himself out of his internal rant, Naruto smiled benignly at Gaara. "Sure, I can deal with that."

Naruto then grabbed Gaara's hand and dragged him down to the dance floor. Gaara bristled at the contact and tried to pull free. Naruto wasn't willing to give up though and kept a firm grip on Gaara's hand until they had pushed their way into the mass of sweating, dancing bodies. They were instantly absorbed into the crowd, becoming one of those gyrating bodies. The air thrummed with the beat of the music and it was impossible to resist the call to dance. Naruto and Gaara were pushed up against each other by the crowd, their personal space well and truly invaded. They disregarded that fact and instead concentrated on letting their bodies move to the music's rhythm.

Naruto's hands ran up the length of Gaara's body before wrapping themselves around his neck. Gaara's hands massaged Naruto's hips, his intense green gaze locked onto Naruto's enchanted blue one. They rocked back and forth together, their bodies rubbing against each other in an intoxicating delicious way. Gaara's hands cupped Naruto's ass and squeezed lightly. The redhead lifted the blond up before letting him slowly slide back down, creating beautiful friction. Naruto tipped his head back and moaned, his eyes slipping closed for a second as he felt a pair of lips descend on his throat. This was heaven, this was bliss, this was…

Gaara pulled Naruto's arms from around his neck. He then gracefully began to weave his way through the crowd back towards the VIP staircase. Naruto stared after him in astonishment for a few seconds before pulling himself together. He barged through the crowd after the redhead unaware of the angered glares sent his way.

Naruto managed to catch Gaara just before he began ascending the stairs. He grabbed hold of Gaara's arm and turned the redhead to face him before shouting, "What's the big idea; why did you just leave like that?!"

"They changed the track," was the calm reply.

"What?!" cried Naruto in confused exasperation.

"I promised you one song and one dance. As soon as the song was over I was no longer required to dance so I left."

Naruto stared at him in disbelief. How could he act like they had been doing something as mundane as playing chess? How could he go from being a fiery, passionate dancer to an icicle in ten seconds flat? Hadn't he enjoyed dancing with him?

The way Gaara was acting both hurt and pissed Naruto off. The bastard wasn't the least bit attracted to him and probably thought him a fool for assuming that he was; he was probably now going to go up to his friends and laugh about how excited Naruto had gotten over a little dance. Naruto wanted to punch him but restrained himself from doing so. He didn't want to give the bastard the satisfaction of knowing that he'd got to him.

"Of course, how silly of me to think that you'd want to stay longer than you needed to." Naruto had tried to sound cheerful and carefree but his words had come out more bitter and sarcastic than carefree.

Naruto moved back into the crowd of dancers and away from Gaara. Just because one dance partner had been a bastard didn't mean that they were all going to be. Naruto was going to find someone new to dance with, have some fun with them, and forget all about Gaara's snub.

It wasn't that hard for Naruto to accomplish his mission. There were a lot of single people in the club and even though they were all older than him they were still interested in a dance. Some were a little too old though. Naruto politely told those people that he wasn't interested and they moved on. This plan worked well until he came into contact with a group of men that weren't willing to take no for an answer.

"Come on Blondie; dance with me!"

"I'd rather not right now; I've been gone awhile and my friends will be looking for me," answered Naruto as he slowly edged away from the group.

"They can wait a little longer while we dance."

"No, really, I have to-"

"Nobody says no to me!" the man shouted as he grabbed hold of Naruto's arm.

Naruto reacted immediately, his fist flying into the man's face. The guy recoiled in pain, releasing Naruto's arm in favour of cradling his face. Naruto tried to take the opening made but the other members of the group weren't willing to let someone who had injured their comrade get away so easily. They grabbed hold of Naruto and pulled him out of the throng of people towards a less densely populated part of the club that was not watched by security. Naruto struggled all the way to their destination. Most of the blows landed and caused pain but not enough to make them release him.

The thugs through the blond against a wall and held him there. They were no longer interested in a dance – it was time for a good old fashioned beating. Naruto thrashed about in a vain attempt to get loose but it didn't work. Breathing heavily he looked up into the face of the man he had first punched. He was satisfied to see the blood clotting around the burst lip.

"You're going to pay for this you stuck up little prick."

Naruto sneered at him. "Do your worst bastard – my friends and I will dish out ten times whatever you do."

The man ground his teeth together in anger. He placed one hand on Naruto's chest to keep him still as he drew back the other to inflict his first blow. Naruto closed his eyes, readying himself for whatever pain was to come.

"Don't touch him."

Naruto's eyes flew open at the sound of the familiar icy voice. Gaara was a vision of pure fury, hostility rolling off him in almost tangible waves. Naruto shrank back against the wall, suddenly terrified of the murderous redhead.

Gaara's visage had a similar affect on gang surrounding Naruto. Most took a step back and tried to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. There was always one though that seemed to be blind to the danger they were in. "Back off mate or you're next."

The man blinked and missed Gaara moving forward to wrap his hand around the man's throat. The man struggled to prise Gaara's fingers off him but failed miserably. Gaara ended his suffering quickly by throwing him head first into the wall. He then turned his terrifying stare on the man's comrades and hissed, "Don't make me repeat myself."

Those holding Naruto instantly backed as far away as possible from him. The one who had been about to punch the blond was less inclined to follow. "Who are you?"

"My name is Gaara but most prefer to call me," and at this he grinned evilly, "the Sandman."

Those in the group who hadn't been completely intimidated by Gaara and had been ready to gang up on him suddenly weren't so keen on a fight. They all but fled the scene, not even stopping to retrieve their unconscious comrade from the floor.

Naruto watched them go in astonishment. Was Gaara's name really so infamous that it made guys like that piss their pants in fear? Apparently so. Naruto began to wonder if he'd just come out of the frying pan and into the fire.

"Are you alright?"

Naruto jerked in surprise at having Gaara suddenly appear next to him. Those intense green eyes pinned him with an unwavering stare that made Naruto's mouth go dry. He licked his lips before replying, "I'm fine."

Gaara didn't look like he believed him. "If they hurt you they don't deserve to get off unscathed."

Naruto tried to smile reassuringly. "As enjoyable as it would be to watch you beat them to a pulp it really isn't necessary. They didn't do anything to me; I'm fine – honestly."

Gaara analyzed his expression for a few more seconds before nodding in acceptance. He took a step back, making Naruto realize just how close Gaara had been standing to him. He looked up at the redhead and was sure that he caught a hint of worry in those expressionless green orbs. The thought that Gaara was worried about him almost made Naruto smile. Then he remembered that Gaara had snubbed him and instantly became defensive.

"You didn't need to step in – I could have handled those bozos on my own."

Gaara snorted derisively. "It didn't look that way from where I was standing."

Naruto's temper flared. "Well obviously you were standing in the wrong place because I was just about to take them all down before you stepped in and ruined everything!" Naruto paused in his tirade to gather breath. As he did a thought occurred to him. "Where exactly were you standing?" Gaara's brow creased in puzzlement so Naruto tried another approach. "Were you on the dance floor or the balcony?"


"That can only mean one thing then – you were watching me. Instead of brooding upstairs with your drink you were watching me because there was no way you could have spotted me easily in this crowd and known I was in trouble unless you had been following the little blond dot from the beginning." Naruto smirked when Gaara averted his eyes. His theory was correct – Gaara had been stalking him with his eyes. Which then begged the question, "Why were you watching me?"

Gaara was silent for a whole minute, hoping Naruto would lose interest in his question. Unfortunately for him Naruto was burning for an answer and wasn't willing to let the subject drop. Seeing this Gaara turned and made to head back to the balcony. He was impeded when Naruto grabbed hold of his arm, pinning him with a defiant glare that clearly told Gaara that he wasn't escaping that easily.

Gaara let out a low growl of annoyance. "Let me go."

"Not until you answer my question."

"Your question is inconsequential."

"Not to me it isn't."

The two became engaged in a silent battle of wills. In the end Gaara relented and said, "I was watching you because you intrigued me."

Naruto scrunched up his face in disgust. "I intrigued you? You make me sound like a rat in your science experiment. Is that all I am to you – an experiment to observe?"

Naruto took Gaara's silence as an affirmative. He dropped Gaara's arm as if it were toxic and turned to walk away from him. He didn't get very far though as he had barely taken two steps before Gaara had pinned him to the wall with the speed of lightning.

Naruto kicked out and cried, "Get off me you bastard!"

Gaara didn't let him go though; instead he began pressing kisses up the side of Naruto's neck towards his ear. Naruto squirmed uncomfortably beneath him. He didn't understand any of this. One minute it seemed like he meant nothing to Gaara and the next the redhead was pinning him to the wall and sexually harassing him! Mixed messages or what?

Gaara's tongue ran sensuously along the shell of Naruto's ear. He then grunted as the knee Naruto had aimed at his groin connected with his thigh. A growl escaped his lips as he yanked Naruto forward, turned him around, and shoved him face first into the wall. It was Naruto's turn to grunt in pain as he came in contact with the hard surface.

Gaara covered Naruto's hands with his own and placed them against the wall. His body was flush up against Naruto's back as he leaned down to Naruto's ear to whisper, "You're a very interesting experiment to observe. It's been a long time since I've cared to look twice at a human but for some reason I want to touch you, kiss you, claim you..."

"Why the hell should I let you do any of those things to me when you've been such a bastard?" asked Naruto defiantly.

Gaara smirked and began running his hand down Naruto's body towards his crotch. Naruto tried to back away from the invading hand but was unable to. The blond then bit his lip to stop himself verbally responding as Gaara began to stroke him through his jeans. Damn the bastard was seductive.

"You'll let me because you have no choice in the matter." Gaara paused for effect before adding, "Besides, this tells me you want it too."

Gaara squeezed Naruto's crotch making Naruto arch his back and release a groan of desperation. Gaara continued to smirk victoriously as he leaned down to suck on Naruto's neck. The action made Naruto shiver, especially when Gaara's tongue started to lap at the sensitive skin. He tried again to wriggle out of Gaara's grasp, reaching behind him with his free arm to try and inflict some damage. Gaara retaliated by biting down on his neck. Hard.

Naruto let out a scream as the teeth pierced his skin. His breathing started to become shallower as he felt Gaara sucking on the wound, trying to draw more blood to the surface. The blond was really panicking now, his mind continuously repeating the words – he bit me, he bit me, he bit me! He was in the clutches of a psychopath who was physically stronger than him and already had the advantage of having him in a hold in a part of a night club that people generally didn't visit. Naruto was in big trouble and he knew it.

Then, suddenly, the burning pain in his neck was replaced by a dull ache. The presence of the body pinning him to the wall evaporated and Naruto was flooded with a sense of relief. He felt like he was about to collapse but he managed to stay standing. He turned around slowly to see what had happened and was met by the worried faces of Haku and Sasuke.

"Naruto are you alright?" asked Haku just before his eyes landed on Naruto's neck. He gasped in shock, hurriedly pulling out a tissue and placing in over the wound.

Sasuke's worried frown darkened as he watched Haku trying to stem the bleeding. He turned to look over his shoulder and for a minute Naruto was unsure what had caught the Uchiha's attention. Then he noticed that Itachi and Zabuza were restraining Gaara a short distance away. Sasuke was glaring at Gaara who seemed to be trying to get the others to release him. They didn't look like they were intending to do so anytime soon.

Naruto turned when Haku released a sigh of relief. The dark haired boy smiled at his friend and said, "Your wound has stopped bleeding."

Naruto's shoulders slumped in relief. He hadn't realised he'd tensed up until Haku had dispelled his internal worries that the wound had been deep. Now that he was safe and surrounded by friends Naruto felt less panicked and more vengeful. He gently pushed past Sasuke and approached the two restraining Gaara. All three men froze and looked at him cautiously. Naruto smiled bitterly before punching Gaara's jaw. "That's for biting me you psychopath."

The hit had snapped Gaara's head to the side. Slowly, the redhead turned back to face Naruto, his lips curled up in a snarl to reveal deadly fangs that Naruto was quite sure hadn't been there before.

Naruto didn't realize he had been staring until Sasuke and Haku dragged him away from the scene towards the exit. "Zabuza, meet us outside," called Haku over his shoulder. The older man nodded just before the three teens disappeared from sight.

As they pushed their way out onto the street, Naruto asked, "Did Gaara always have fangs?" Sasuke pursed his lips and remained silent. Haku was performing a similar gesture, refusing to meet Naruto's eyes. Naruto frowned. "What's wrong guys?"

"Nothing's wrong," was Sasuke's easy dismissal. His eyes told another story though.

They stopped a fair distance away from the people queuing to enter Club Secret. Naruto looked from the face of one friend to the other and could tell that something was wrong. "Don't lie Sasuke – I can tell you're keeping something from me."

"It's not our secret to share Naruto," said Haku quietly. Sasuke sent the effeminate boy a heated look, warning him not to continue. Haku didn't say anything else.

Naruto frowned. "Well whose secret is it then?"

"It's my secret."

Naruto jumped and turned quickly to see Zabuza. The man had appeared as silent as a shadow and scared the hell out of him. "Don't do that!" Naruto shouted, his cheeks tingeing pink for being scared so easily.

Zabuza chuckled lightly before turning to Sasuke. "Itachi's in room 2." Sasuke nodded in reply. He bade his friends a quick farewell and then returned to the club to meet up with his brother. When he was gone Zabuza turned to Naruto. "Listen up brat, Haku is staying at my place tonight. You can stay as well if you don't mind sleeping on the couch."

Naruto turned to Haku in surprise. "I thought you would be going back to your foster parents' place."

Haku laughed. "Naruto my foster parents don't know that I go clubbing on a Friday night! They think I'm going to stay at Sasuke's house and Sasuke's parents think he's staying at mine. Iruka isn't the only one who would refuse to let their kid out of the house if they knew they were going to go out clubbing if they did."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, feeling foolish for not realizing this in the first place. He knew that Sasuke's parents were strict and that Haku's foster parents were over-protective – he should have guessed that they pulled the same trick as him and said they were going to a friend's house when they were really going out.

"Sorry about that, I was guess I was being naïve."

"You certainly were," said Zabuza with a smirk. Before Naruto could reply to this, the older man interjected with, "So do you want to stay at my place or not?"

"Yes please," said Naruto quickly.

"Let's go then," said Zabuza as he began to walk down the street.

As the two teens rushed to keep up with his brisk pace, Zabuza released a silent sigh of relief. He had managed to distract Naruto and make him forget about his burning question. The clandestine of Club Secret had not been revealed. Not yet anyway.

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