Title: Denial: It ain't just a river
Author: chibiness87
Rating: T
Genre: Humour
Pairing: Wedges (That's Wendy/Hodges)
Length: 565 words
Spoilers: Lab rats (Blink and miss it for 7.24 LD)
Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: Season 7 is being replayed on Saturday nights here in the UK, and I was watching this last night, and my muse started battering at my skull telling me I HAD to write a Wedges fic… so it became a post-ep for Lab Rats, because really, that ep makes me laugh every single time I see it. Unbeta'd. All mistakes are mine.
She was fuming. Really fuming. And at herself, something that was fairly new for her. What on God's green earth had possessed her to almost blurt that out to him? And today of all days. The day replayed in her head, making her cringe.

Working on the miniatures. Thinking they were helping Grissom, only to find out from Sara something she should have realised from the start: Grissom would never confide in Hodges. There was no way. There was more chance of him completely throw the rule book out the window and sleep with Sara than using Hodges as a confidant. And then, after she had gone on a spiel at the glory-seeking trace analyst, the words that were making her cringe; I cannot believe for half a second I thought I might…

At least she hadn't finished that thought. Because blurting out feelings for a co-worker in the middle of the lab would be a really, really bad idea. Especially when the co-worker was David Hodges.

Walking though to her kitchen, Wendy pulled the fridge door open almost violently, pulling a beer from the shelf. Popping the top off, she gulped half the bottle quickly, letting the slightly bitter taste flood her senses.

Placing the half empty bottle on the counter, she eyed the contents of her fridge, needing to get her hands busy before she started throwing things in her annoyance. And the mere thought of her being annoyed was annoying her more… why was Hodges getting under skin like this?!

Her mind started drawing up a list as she began harshly chopping vegetables for a quick stir-fry. What could she say about David Hodges? He was Glory-seeking. A suck-up. Kinda misanthropic, lying, fastidious, attentive, organised, neat, clean, thoughtful…

Great. Even her mind was starting to point out his good traits over his bad. God, not since junior high had she been this confused over a guy. He was the only person she had ever worked with that had made her act so, so juvenile! The argument, such as it was, in the corridor. She had asked if they were 12, and for all intents and purposes they had regressed to that age for the remainder of the conversation. It made her want to scream.

There was the phone conversation with Catherine too. Sure, it may have been her impulsiveness that had grabbed his cell phone to dial the number, but did that mean that he had to take it out on her by trying to get her into trouble with Catherine?! He could be so frigging childish sometimes.

And then later when she had decided enough was enough and she didn't want to play his games any more. He had blocked her way out of the room, stepping in front of her time and time again; to the extent she had held him in place to get around him.

Even now, hours later, she was still trying to ignore the slight flutter of her heart that had taken over her when she had done that, as well as her ever so slightly hitched breathing. It didn't mean anything. Nothing. Because if it did, if she stopped and analysed her reaction to him, she knew what she would find. And that thought sort of scared her.

She was NOT attracted to David Hodges.

She wasn't.


Now, if only she could believe that.