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TOW Kip's Wedding

Chapter One - Young Love

London, 1989

The bars that lined the streets flashed neon lights. Every so often someone would stumble out of one of these buildings and try to walk a few steps without falling over.

A young couple were making out in an alleyway. Cab drivers could be heard screaming at their passengers to 'hurry up and get in the bloody car.' A group of teenagers yelled at the skies above that they were 'free.'

It was Friday Night in London, May. It was the week that almost every student in the country finishes their school exams.

Unfortunately, Chandler and Ross didn't have a clue what week it was. They didn't know London, had never considered they would ever visit it, but it was the weekend of their friend Kip's wedding. London was the place where he grew up and Ross and Chandler were doing what he wished to do.

"Are any of these kids at least eighteen?" Ross whispered in awe as they walked through Picadilly Circus.

"Are you kidding?" Chandler asked, laughing, "I doubt some of these are even sixteen."

"Really?" Ross swallowed hard. "When I was 16, I was tucked up in bed by 10.30."

Chandler grinned at Ross mockingly. "You're 21 now and you still go to bed by 10.30."

Ross snorted and flushed in embarrassment. "You've got to admit that all this looks…shocking." He said as they watched a young guy throw up all over the sidewalk.

"It's different over here. The drinking age limit is 18 and no-one cares about it anyway."

They walked on further until they came outside a up-market hotel.They walked inside, getting a disapproving glance from the doorman about their casual clothing and then waited for a receptionist to book them in a room.

"I can't believe Kip is getting married," Ross muttered, shaking his head.

"I know." Chandler replied, "I don't plan on doing that for a very long time."

Ross chuckled. "Really? I think Monica would disagree with you on that."

"That is very typical of your sister. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been planning her 'wedding' since, I dunno…sixth grade?"

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with dreaming, ok?" Ross hissed defensively, big brother mode automatically kicking in.

Chandler smirked slightly. "How is she anyway?"

Ross shrugged. Neither of them had seen Monica for a few months. Chandler had been busy with his conflicting schedule of playing tennis, drinking and reluctantly revising for the upcoming college exams.

Ross had been avoiding Monica lately. She was usually with Rachel, a girl who he had been in love with since the ninth grade, but whom had recently got engaged to a prissy, young medical student. Ross didn't want to deal with seeing Rachel again anytime soon.

"I think the last time we saw Monica was last Christmas," Ross murmured.

Chandler whistled softly. "Geez, that long? I guess this weekend is as good as any to catch up with her."

"Hello there, how may I help?" A young woman in her early twenties stepped behind the counter and smiled brightly at Chandler and Ross.

Chandler coughed nervously and pulled Ross back a second.

"Ok, hot." He whispered urgently.

Ross arched an eyebrow. "You're not going to try and hook up with her are you?"

"Why not you try as well?" Chandler nudged Ross in the ribs. "Come on. Carol's miles away. She isn't going to know a thing."

"I am not cheating on Carol." Ross snapped. "We are very committed."

Chandler looked silently at Ross. Carol was in Chandler's English Lit class, and he had noticed her forming an unhealthy attachment to their tutor…their female tutor.

He didn't tell Ross that though. He'd never believe it. "Ok, whatever. It looks like I'll be the one who's getting lucky tonight."

"Chandler, we just got here."

"Yeah, but she is hot. And it's been three months dude!" Chandler stuffed his hands in his pockets, and tried to strike a casual, cool pose to impress the woman.

Ross followed his gaze. "That girl is hot. And British. I bet you couldn't hook up with her."

"Oh yeah? How much?" Chandler asked, the challenge thrilling him.

"Ok, how about if you don't kiss her by midnight tonight you have to cut off your hair in the morning?" Ross suggested, staring at Chandler's hair, which had gone into a 'Miami Vice' phase again.

"Alright, and if I do kiss her – which I will – you have to say to every person that you meet at the rehearsal dinner tomorrow, 'my name is Ross. I still play with dinosaurs.' "

Ross held out his hand grimly. "Deal. I'll have the shaving cream ready and waiting for you."

Chandler shook it and then ambled slowly over to the woman.

"Hey there," Chandler greeted, winking at the girl. "What's a girl like you doing working on a Friday night?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Oh here we go." She said sarcastically. She fixed Chandler with a steely glare. "I'm not at all interested in having a 'stimulating' conversation with you, you're not my type…I don't fancy you. Just because you're American, it doesn't mean you're gods gift to women, ok?"

Chandler blinked hard, suddenly feeling very hot underneath his shirt.

"Um…I think we've got a little confused here." He had to win this girl over. There was no way he was going to shave off his hair. "I'm Chandler Bing, I'm just being friendly. I booked a room last week. He's Ross Geller." he pointed to Ross, who waved nervously.

The girl smiled a little. "Ok. Twin beds, I assume?"

"Um, yes." Chandler was horrified. He suddenly had the feeling that this girl thought he was gay.

"So what brings you over here?" the girl asked, typing a few things into her computer.

"Our college roommate is getting married this weekend." Chandler explained, "A little premature, but you know what young love is all about!"

"Painful." The girl replied. "My boyfriend dumped me last night."

"Really?" Chandler glanced over at Ross, who had widened his eyes at Chandler in amazement. He couldn't believe it either – this girl was confessing her personal problems. Things were looking promising.

"Yeah, he doesn't like me working on a weekend, but what else am I supposed to do? I've got to pay for my student fees!" The girl sighed deeply and glanced at her computer screen. "You have Room 13. Here's your swipe card to get the door open."

"You look like you could do with a drink." Chandler pointed out, leaning his elbow across the counter.

"Maybe, but I don't finish my shift until 11.30." the girl glanced at the clock. "Forty-five minutes to go."

"Ok, how about this? You need someone to talk to. I'm still on New York time so I'm nowhere near ready to go to bed. Meet me in the bar in 45 minutes."

The girl stared at Chandler. "You're buying me a drink?"

"Yeah," Chandler smiled warmly at the girl. He didn't care about his bet with Ross anymore. He liked her; he wanted to cheer her up.

"Ok. My name is Rebecca by the way." The girl giggled nervously.

"Ok, Rebecca, I'll see you later." Chandler winked at her and walked confidently away, straight past Ross.

"I don't believe you." Ross whispered, catching up with him. "You're playing with the emotions of a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend! All for an easy lay!"

"How low is your opinion of me?" Chandler demanded, stopping outside the elevators.

"Right now, I'd say about 1 per cent." Ross snapped, pushing the button hard.

"Hey, you started this bet, not me! I like this girl. She seems pretty cool and she needs a good night. I think she's grateful that I picked her up!" Chandler exclaimed.

The elevator doors opened, revealing the surprised faces of Rachel and Monica.

"Hey!" Monica squealed excitedly, practically leaping on Chandler and Ross. "Have you just arrived?"

"We've been here hours." Rachel added, grinning at Ross. Ross flushed and nodded awkwardly.

Chandler wrapped an arm around Monica and smiled down at her. "How's it going?" he whispered.

"Fine," Monica replied, smiling warmly at him. "Great to see you again! Did I just hear that you've picked a girl up already?"

Keeping an arm wrapped loosely round Monica's back, Chandler walked them to the bar. "Yeah, she's a great girl. Ross bet me that I couldn't kiss her by midnight."

"Chandler!" Monica widened her eyes.

"Hey I'm single, she's single, we're not hurting anybody." Chandler shrugged.

"So I guess I'm carrying the baggage!" Ross shouted down the hallway.

Monica giggled. "I think you're needed."

Chandler smiled at her. He had missed Monica. Throughout their years at college they had grown close. Chandler had fleeting thoughts over the years whether or not the friendship could get a little more intimate. He always pushed those thoughts out of the way though, knowing that it could ruin everything they already had.

"He'll be fine. I want to talk to you for a while. How's Dave?" Chandler lit a cigarette and perched on a stool by the bar.

Monica settled down on her own stool and rolled her eyes. "Dave's fine. I guess." She looked down at her nails, studying them intently.

Chandler looked closely at her. "You guess? Are things not going well between the two of you again?"

Monica had been dating Dave for a year now, but the two of them always had fights, which led to Monica calling Chandler on campus to get advice. Even though Monica and Chandler had not had time to meet face-to-face over the last few months they always had the phone, something which they were both grateful for.

"Oh he's just being Dave." Monica grumbled. "I didn't tell him I was going to London until a few days ago. He's not happy about it."

Chandler frowned at her. "He's being a little too possessive of you for my liking."

Monica smiled wryly. "Haven't we had this conversation before?"

"Yes, and I'm still right. The guy is a loser." Chandler insisted, "Why won't you break up with him?" Chandler couldn't understand it. Monica was easily one of the most beautiful women he had ever met, and could have any guy on the planet, but yet she chose someone like Dave Turner who was lacking in manners and acted like a complete jackass.

"Isn't it obvious?" Monica whispered, looking away.

"No, I don't see it." Chandler paused and looked at her thoughtfully. Monica stared at him back, her eyes full of hopelessness.

"Oh my god," Chandler whispered, realisation crossing his face. "You love him?"

"Yes, what's wrong with that?" Monica demanded.

"He's a jerk-weed!" Chandler exclaimed. "If an old lady fell over on the sidewalk, Dave would be the type of guy to laugh at her!" Chandler rubbed his temple in frustration as Monica looked at him silently. "He also makes your life miserable, Mon. He spends your money, he cheats on you…"

"Only that one time!" Monica interrupted furiously.

"He eats away at your self-esteem, the Monica that I knew would never have let her boyfriend cheat on her and then forgive him straight away. She also wouldn't change her major just because her boyfriend thinks that being a Chef would mean working long hours!"

"It was my choice to change majors, Dave didn't make me!" Monica gripped her purse and stood up, getting ready to walk away.

"Oh please Monica, you've wanted to be a Chef since High School. You told me that. Now you're on a secretarial course? You hate offices."

"It's more opportunities, more…"

"Money? Is that what he said to convince you?" Chandler folded his arms.

"Look Chandler, I really want this relationship to work. Relationships are about compromises."

Chandler frowned deeply. "I don't see Dave doing a lot of that."

"Just because you don't have a girlfriend, doesn't mean you have to ruin my life." Monica's voice cracked with emotion.

Chandler stood up and sighed, not trying to let the comment hurt him. She was upset, she didn't mean it.

"Monica I think we're getting to the point of having a real 'fight' here. We don't do that." Chandler indicated between the two of them. He lifted up a hand and brushed the tears off Monica's cheek. "I'm sorry if it seemed like I was accusing you of being a push-over. I'm just worried about you."

"Don't be." Monica pleaded, leaning her cheek against his hand. "I'm happy, really I am."

Chandler leaned in and wrapped his arms around her waist. She slowly moved her hands up his arms then rested them around his shoulders. He held her tightly. "I'm sorry," she whispered into his ear, "I know you're not ruining my chance of happiness with Dave on purpose."

They held each other for quite some time, just standing in the bar unaware to some of the stares they were getting. She involuntarily gave a contented sigh, breathing in the cologne on his neck. He buried his head deeper into her hair, almost like he was kissing her head.

"Um…Chandler?" A voice interrupted the moment. Chandler and Monica slowly looked up.

It was Rebecca, the receptionist, looking confused.

"Hey…" Chandler murmured uncomfortably. "How are you doing?"

Monica pulled away from Chandler and gave him an apologetic look. "I think I might go see where Rachel is." She mumbled, walking away. Chandler stared after her.

"So…um…I take it you know that girl?" Rebecca asked. Chandler broke away from his gaze and faced Rebecca.

"Er…yeah. I've known her for years. She's the bridesmaid of a wedding we're both at this weekend."

"I see." Rebecca murmured, studying Chandler closely. "You're completely head-over-heels in love with her, aren't you?"

Chandler widened his eyes in alarm. "Are you kidding? You just met me. How could you possibly think of an idea like that?"

"I have eyes and a brain." Rebecca replied, grinning.

Chandler sighed. "You're wrong. Monica is one of my best friends."

Rebecca smiled lightly. "Yes, and you looove her." She sighed. "I knew you were too good to be true."

Chandler swallowed nervously. "I guess that drink is out of the question."

"You are joking. My boyfriend just dumped me and a sexy, American guy is offering to buy me a drink, no strings attached!" Rebecca rolled her eyes. "How can I refuse?"

Chandler widened his eyes. "I-I didn't mean…it was never going to be a one night stand…" he stuttered meekly.

Rebecca laughed. "Oh please. I need comfort; you need to forget that 'friend' of yours. You also have a bet to win."

"How-how did you know that?" Chandler demanded, flushing deeply.

"I heard you and that guy you came in with arguing about it by the elevators." Rebecca smiled sweetly.

Chandler broke out into a grin and touched Rebecca's arm. "You are way ahead of the game."

Rebecca pulled his head down and kissed him softly on the lips. "Shall I order another room for us?" she whispered.


"Hi, I'm Ross and I still play with dinosaurs." Ross greeted Kip's mother with gritted teeth.

Kip's mother looked at Ross strangely. "Um…hello Ross. Great to meet you. Is that a new expression you kids are saying these days?"

Chandler laughed and choked on his wine. Ross glared at him.

It had been an unpleasant surprise for Ross to find Rebecca and Chandler walking out of a hotel suite that morning. He couldn't believe Chandler had actually got the woman into bed.

"How did you manage it?" Ross hissed angrily as the two of them sat in their seats for the rehearsal dinner.

"Well, ok, I'll be honest…she kinda got me into bed with her." Chandler replied smugly.

"What? Is she blind?"

Chandler gave him an injured look. "I'll have you know she called me sexy."

Ross snorted. "She looked like she had more class than that."

Chandler laughed. "No, believe me, Rebecca is someone who Joey would hook up with."

Ross raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Oh-ho yeah. And it was worth it just to see the look on your face every time you introduce yourself to someone."

Ross scowled. "Yeah. Thanks for that."

Chandler nudged him. "Hey, I think that guy heading towards us is Kip's father. Remember the rule!"

Ross groaned.

End of Chapter One