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Summary: "So, we're sister huh?" Alex said. "Looks like it." Bijou answered. "Well, do you want our parents back together?" "Maybe." Both girls grinned.

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It's not the end

Chapter 1- I miss you

Bayville, New York

"Stay out of trouble, okay? Ah know it's a camp fohr mutants and the prof. said yah learned to control yahr powers, but don't get into any fights, okay shugah?" Rogue straightened her daughter's shirt.

They were standing in the foyer, and the mansion was unusually quiet. The reason was that the younger mutants, the new generation of New Mutants, were going to their yearly camp.

"Don't worry, mom, Ah'll be fahne, yes, Ah'll remember to write. Really. Honestly." the 10 year old girl said.

"Alraght, have a great tahme then. Call meh if yah forgot something, and ah'll get Kurt tah bring it tah yah." Rogue leaned down to hug her daughter and kiss her cheek.

"Yeah, mom. Thanks. Yah can let go of meh now. Ah'll see yah in one month, kay?" Alex smiled sweetly.

X-23 walked up to where they were standing. She huffed as she walked, as she was pregnant and due any week now. "Come on." she grumbled. "The rest have already gone. She's going to be late."

"Yah shouldn't be runnin' about, Lexa…" Rogue frowned. "Hank said yahr having tah much stress. It's not good fohr tha babe."

Kurt strolled towards the ladies and winked at Alex, who was looking very impatient. "Ready? Zhen let's go."

Alex ran to Logan who was standing by the staircase, looking gruff for no reason. He was surprised when she gave him a hug, and patted her head.

"Goodbye, Grandpa Logan," Alex said cheekily and ran off to her uncle.

"I'm not your…" Logan growled but trailed off and rolled his eyes, lighting a cigarette.

"So… yah know where it is right? Don't yah dare lose mah daughter because if yah do ah'll-" Marie was cut off rudely by her brother.

"Ja, I took zhe ozher kids zhere, remember? And duh, I'm strong enough to protect my niece," Kurt rolled his eyes. Marie glared.

"Yah went there, Uncle Kurt? How was it? Is Miss Gordon scary? Is-" Alex asked.

"Easy zhere, kiddo. You'll see it soon enough, eh?" Kurt grinned and picked up her luggage. Alex held on to his arm while Marie kissed her daughter and whispered Ah'll miss yah... Then, they were gone.

Rogue sighed. One month. It seemed like forever.

New Orleans, Louisiana

"Are y' done, Bi?" Remy sighed. The trip was only for a month, but it seemed like his daughter was packing for a trip around the world.

"Mais… I really don't know which one to bring!" Bijou held up two enormous books in her hands. One said The Oxford English Dictionary, Ninth Edition. The other said The Oxford English Dictionary, Tenth Edition.

Remy scratched his head. Weren't they the same? Anyway, who ever heard of a person who read dictionaries? And on a camping trip? Really! There was so much to do there. But that was Bijou. He didn't know what to say; instead he continued to look at his daughter, who was looking back at him, waiting for an answer. He simply patted her shoulder and went out of her room.

'Hurry, Bi, Pere is starting the car…" He said as he walked down the stairs.

Bijou sighed. She was on her own on this matter. She crossed her eyebrows for a moment then grinned as an idea struck. She packed them both in her backpack. Well, it won't hurt anybody will it? She hurried down where Remy was shaking his head at the clock.

"Sorry. Let's go!" But 10 minutes to the airport, Bijou made her father turn back.

"It's really important! I promise! You have to go back, pere. Please!"

"Mais, Bijou, y'll miss y'r flight…" But Bijou insisted so he sighed and turned back.

He parked outside the gates while Bijou ran in the house and up the stairs of their house. She made her way to Remy's room and opened his drawer. She took out what it appeared to be a photo of a woman. It was slightly yellowed and torn at the side. Bijou wondered for the millionth time where the other half of the picture was.

"Mom, you're so pretty…" Bijou muttered as she stroked the picture. She tucked the picture into her jeans pocket and ran back into the car.

Remy looked confused. Mais she didn't take anything… Non… it's nothing.

At the airport, Remy hugged his daughter goodbye.

"Be good now ma petite. Pere will be waiting for y' here when y' get back, okay?" Remy stroked her long hair.

"D'accord. I promise to write, mais you have to write back, pere. Promise?" Bijou smiled at her father.

"Oui, dat will do. Now kiss y'r pere, hey?" Remy had his arms wide open and Bijou planted a sweet kiss on his cheek.

When Remy got back home, he was feeling tired. He scrubbed his face with his hands as he sat on his bed. He went to his drawer to look for something, but to his surprise, it was gone. Oh… Bijou… He sighed and closed his eyes. Oh, Marie… I need you.

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