A Look Into Disaster's Sweet Seduction

Author's Prerogative: I will probably get in trouble for this somewhere down the line, but I figured it might just be worth it in order to clear up a few things. I am ecstatic that DSS received such a warm response that I don't even think I could begin to thank you guys enough. DSS was my baby for the longest time and part of the reason that it took me so long to update is that I was always reading back over the chapters to make sure they were perfect. I felt that the ending presented in Chapter 19 was justified. I spent many hours reading hours just toiling over a fitting ending, and I believed I achieved creating an ending that would suit the characters. With saying that, I turned around and slapped an ending on the Epilogue that left me with a choice of doing a sequel or not.

That being said…

At the present moment, no sequel is planned. There are many reasons for this. One: I am a Creative Writing major and, heading into my final years, my time is monopolized with creating works of original fiction. I have many short works that literally clog my mind 24/7 with thoughts about how to improve them so that maybe one day they'll be published. I also have a (possible) novel on the rocks. I have started it and, yes, it will be Fantasy-ish (I put the "ish" in there because it will contain many aspects of the Fantasy genre, but it will be more directed toward Young Adult-- think Eragon meets Lord of the Rings). Two: Since I love DSS so much, I'm terrified that if I venture down the path of a sequel, that it will actually end up like my Kismet trilogy, abandoned and alone. I don't know whether I could do it justice and so that is something to think over. Three: Life. One word about sums that up. Life gets in the way…family, work, school.

HOWEVER, don't think I'm throwing out all possibility of a sequel. I'm actually considering doing a long-ish one shot feature young Hermione and young Tom. The one shot would pretty much stretch from first meeting to…you honestly didn't think I was going to tell you how that ends, now did you?

Now, on to another topic. An explanation of the ending. I have long since held the belief that what is meant to happen will find a way to happen. Hermione went back and killed Tom, but there needed to be a reaction to the action…cause and effect. Tom was meant to grow up and be evil. The world needed that time of turmoil and destruction, and so… No matter what Hermione did (i.e. Killing Tom), there was still not going to be an escape from a future of destruction. It merely moved to a different generation. Would young Dark Voldie get killed like an older Dark Voldie would? Probably, but the sequence of events have to fall in place in order to restore the equilibrium. I hope that makes sense.

If there are any questions, please direct them toward my Live Journal (link is provided in profile)… I will be posting this there as well so just comment and I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions…to a reasonable extent.

Again, thank you for reading. It has been a pleasure traveling this journey with you.