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Strange Days

Chapter 16 and Epilogue

By: Cory D. Rose



Imagine his surprise when he came upon his Ranma-chan snuggling with another girl in the ruined remains of a house, some fires burning all around them as they kissed. It was enough to make his old heart warm over with pride, except for one small detail, Ranma was kissing another girl as a girl. That was all wrong, that kind of play came later in the act. Instead he should have been ravaging that girl like only a man could. Happosai thought to himself as he crouched in the shadows of a nearby rooftop and watched the scene below him with perverted interest.

On one hand he wanted to go down there and let them know they had been caught, on the other he wanted to show his student the 'proper' way to love the female body. Unfortunately Ranma was very stubborn and he had never taken to his proper training with much enthusiasm so this wouldn't have been any different so he just watched them and wondered if he could get away with taking their underwear. Ranma was constantly getting in his way and stopping him from rescuing his silky darlings from their unjust enslavement after all so taking if from a female Ranma was always a lot of fun. A perverted grin formed on his old face as he looked down at his student just in time to see the other girl open Ranma's shirt and 'play' with the goodies inside and Ranma didn't seem to mind all that much.

That was a reaction that Happosai hadn't expected, Ranma had always hated his curse so what could have happened to alter that. A question like that was easy enough to answer, that girl with Ranma must have accepted both of his forms unconditionally and liked to play with both. That was a kind of perverseness that Happosai envied unconsciously as he watched, slowly drawing in the erotic energies that were being generated by the two lovers. That was the kind of stuff that he lived for and it was, to Happosai's delight, more powerful than a normal coupling should have caused.

He nodded as he came to a decision, there was something different about this scene and he wasn't going to interfere just yet. The two of them would be having a little talk later about that so called test of mastery that he had taken against Genma the day before. There was no way that he was going to allow that to stand unless he thought the boy was ready and that meant passing certain tests that he hadn't taken yet. He leaned back against the wall that was lost in the shadows and grinned as he pulled out some popcorn and watched the show below him.

His fun was interrupted a few minutes later though as another presence intruded on his free time. He looked over to see Cologne standing at the edge of the building, hatred and anger written all over her face as she watched the scene below and snarled. "You better not be thinking of interrupting them Co-chan, it's a pretty good show so far."

"Son-in-Law has broken my village's rules and I will pay for the death of my Great Granddaughter." Cologne hissed.

"I saw that fight Cologne, Shampoo was killed by those cuties in the colored skirts."

"He is responsible for my Great Grand Daughter just like a husband should be."

"He never walked down the aisle so he has no responsibility to your outdated laws of male dominance."

"I don't care, he will be broken even if I have to kill everyone he loves or cares for." Cologne said with an evil sounding giggle.

Happosai may have been an evil pervert, but he recognized the signs of demonic possession when he came across it and noticed what Cologne had done to herself. He looked to Cologne's aura and confirmed that it was almost completely black and that she wasn't doing much to stop its advance on her mind. That was a bit of a surprise really, the old girl had always had more self control than him and for her to be taken in by this kind of thing was just plain stupid. He rolled to his feet and walked over to her, looking her new clothing over as well.

"Is that a ninja suit?"

"It is easy to move in, especially because of my extreme age and skill."

"Bah!!" Happosai said with a wave of his hand. "Don't give me that kind of armature crap. We both know the real reason why you're dressed like that."

"What would a thief like you know about it?"

"I was in your village long enough to learn some things, like when an Elder was overstepping her bounds or when it was time to put down a male for getting above himself in skill. You're no longer an Amazon are you? I can see all the signs you know, and the change of clothing is a dead give away, you wouldn't have given up your position as an Elder unless something had happened to force you out. Like playing with the forbidden magic perhaps, or delving into things that you weren't supposed to?"

"I don't care. I will make that boy pay for ruining my life and my heir's life with his arrogance."

"I can't allow that Cologne." Happosai said with a serious note in his voice.

"You couldn't stop me now even if you wanted to Happi; I am a hundred times stronger than when we last fought, don't make me take a portion of my revenge on Ranma out of you as well."

"He is my best student to date baby, I won't let you ruin that because you can't stand to have a man be stronger than you. This is sheer arrogance and has nothing to with revenge or anything else. You gave up your soul Cologne; I can see it as plain as day. Give it up or you will regret it."

"You don't have the strength to stop me anymore." Cologne snapped at him.

"Do you truly think that I've ever had to use my full strength against Ranma or any of these other weaklings here in Nerima?" Happosai said with a wicked grin. "I have earned my reputation Cologne, I rarely fight at my full power unless the situation demands it and right now I'm protecting my student."

Cologne glared at him and let her battle aura flare around her even as Happosai copied her. For several seconds they stood there watching each other, and then they attacked with a speed that would have surprised anyone that knew them. They're auras slammed together and merged for a brief second, and then they connected at speeds that allowed for hundreds of actions per second. Down below Ranma and Amy jumped to their feet and looked up at the building where they were fighting and dove for cover as the top floor imploded upward. Lighting the night sky up with fire for several seconds, Cologne and Happosai fought within this and used their auras to keep the fire from harming them. They moved at such speeds that they were able to bounce from one piece of debris to another without having to worry about some of the natural laws.

Narrowing his eyes and focusing his aura even more, Happosai tapped into his version of the Ascension of the Dragon God Technique that Genma had been teaching to Ranma lately. His Aura expanded outward, increasing his speed and strength well beyond what was normal and for the briefest of seconds he was moving so fast that Cologne was standing still in mid movement. His fingers lashed out, tapping the little pins and amulets all over her ninja suit, followed by a kick to the face that would send her rocketing back off the edge of the building when he stopped moving.

He hadn't accessed this much of the technique in at least a century and was mildly surprised to find just jus how easy it was. Once in position he slowed down just a little and smirked evilly as Cologne resumed her movement, the magical devices exploding all around her. He got to watch as her eyes shot wide open in shock and as his speed delayed kick connected with the force of a cannon shell.

Her head snapped back and he winced as he heard her spine shatter from the force of the blow. Her aura died even as her body flew off the top of the building and landed on the ground below. Jumping off the destroyed roof, he landed beside her twitching body and kept his aura flared just enough to protect him in case she committed suicide and tried to take him with her. He spared a glance at Ranma and Amy as they gaped at him from nearby before turning back to Cologne and narrowing his eyes. Even with that kind of damage she was still trying to shape her aura and repair the damage using a forbidden technique. Happosai had to respect her for that at least, she had always been one of the few girls in his life that could be just as sneaky, evil, and determined enough to use a technique that could suck pure life force from any living thing nearby and use it to fix one's wounds.

"Well Cologne? Now what are you going to do? You're broken completely, your days as a fighter are over and even if you could repair your broken body with that technique you should know that I still haven't hit my full power yet."

"W-ill a-all..." Cologne gasped out.

"I always did care for you Cologne, you would have made find wife, but your laws and attitude were enough to keep me from taking that final step into slavery. Breath your last old friend, I will make this quick." Holding out his hand, Happosai collected a large amount of Ki in the palm of his hand formed a ball of Ki.

"Happosai don't, it's not to late..." Amy yelled out.

"You're wrong Guardian."

Amy blinked in shock, the only people she had told that too were Cologne and Ranma. "Huh?"

"I'm not stupid girl, I know of your kind and lot more as well. This has been a fine adventure, the most excitement I've had in decades actually, but when Cologne here sold her soul for power it ruined it all for me. There is no way to get her back now." Happosai said sadly as he raised his hand and focused some more.

"Amy?" Ranma asked, he didn't know what to do and had a strange feeling that Happosai was about to free Cologne in some way.

"Cologne isn't human anymore Ranma, she gave up the one thing that would have allowed her to rest in peace when she died for the power to hurt us. Once she dies, she will be judged and punished by the gods of this dimension." Amy explained. "This will make it so that she has a fighting chance against being punished for eternity. She sold her soul, but hasn't killed anyone yet. If we leave her like this she will eventually kill someone and that will doom her forever."

Happosai nodded sadly. "She was my friend, but I wish it hadn't come to this."

"Alright, after Saffron I know that there are times that taking a life are necessary. I don't like it though..." Ranma muttered darkly.

Glancing at Happosai, Amy saw that he wanted to be alone to do this, so she took Ranma by the hand and led him out of the lot and headed home. They were about a block away when the heard the explosion and saw the flash of light. They both felt Cologne's life energy vanish at the same time, sighing, they took their time on the way back. Deep within their hearts they both knew that they wouldn't bee seeing much of Happosai for a very long time. Ranma had never seen him act like that and wonder for a second if it had been Happosai's true personality, the one that wasn't a lecherous pervert, but the warrior that he might possibly have turned out to be if had taken another path.


Dressed in a set of dark robes Siefried stood in front of a large crystal case he had formed out of the very rock of the cave around him. Within its depths was a pawn he hadn't expected to get his hands on for a while yet, but a bit of good luck had been on his side when he came across her. Dark energy swirled about her body as it poured tiny amounts of corruption into her body with every passing second. He figured she would be done within a few hours and he would be able to send her against the Scouts as the perfect assassin. With a bit more luck she would even take out two other pests as well, though he would have to be careful how Amy Lee was killed.

Who would think that Sailor Saturn would just fall into his lap? He grinned as he stabbed a bit more dark energy into her body using the pathways in her body that channeled her magic. Of all the Sailor Scouts this one was the most powerful in his opinion and the easiest to corrupt. She channeled the exact same energies of darkness that he and his people did and used them to kill. As far as he was concerned she just needed a bit of a mental adjustment and he would have the perfect soldier to lead his soldiers once he took control of this dimension. There would have to be a few adjustments though.

Her mind for instance was full of pure energy, but he didn't really want to brainwash her into being his slave unless he truly had to. Reaching out he tapped a portion of the crystal and it focused more of the dark energy around her head and he used his power to guide it right to the one area of her mind that would make her his. He grinned as he felt her darker emotions beginning to surge and the will power she possessed as she fought against them while unconscious. So much power and ability wasted on one so young and helpless. Sending another surge of power he instructed the dark energies to begin aging her body into that of a woman.

Inside Saturn's mind Hotaru was sitting on a large rock in the middle of an empty plain of dust and weeds. She wasn't sure what was going on but the sky above her was filling with dark clouds filled with dark magic. It hadn't started raining yet, but she had a feeling that if she was out here when it did start she would be in trouble. She shivered a bit in the cold breeze and tried to remember how she had gotten here. No matter how hard she searched she couldn't remember anything except that all the dust and weed plane that stretched on forever seemed familiar.

"Where am I?" She asked herself.

"Where the hell do you think you are?" Snapped a very familiar voice.

She turned around on the rock and nearly fainted when she came face to face with her darker half, Mistress 9. Dressed in a black form fitting dress with a low cut front she was bent over showing a lot of cleavage as she stared at the teenager before her. Her long black hair cascaded down her body and onto the ground all around her with no apparent end to it as far as Hotaru could tell. "What are doing here?"

"I've been here all along." Mistress 9 snapped and straightened up.

"Well leave, you are not allowed here anymore."

"Tut tut, the little girl seems to have gotten a spine transplant while I was trapped here. How very droll."

"I said to LEAVE!" Hotaru screamed.

"Who the hell do you think I am?" Mistress 9 snapped. "I am a part of you now and I will be here for the rest of your life."

Seething in anger Hotaru jumped off the rock and transformed into Sailor Saturn. The Silence Glaive appeared in hand and spun around as she tried to cut Mistress 9 in half. Her darker half just laughed as the blade passed through and her body turned to smoke for a second and then reformed. She crossed her arms and smiled as something odd happened, as it was exactly what she had been waiting for. A bolt of lightning fell from the sky and hit the Silence Glaive and suddenly Hotaru fell to the ground shuddering as the electricity passed through her body.

"Hahahah!" Mistress 9 laughed and looked over at the Sailor Saturn, who was looking down at Hotaru in confusion. She was looking at something that shouldn't have been possible.

"What is going on?" Saturn asked Mistress 9.

"I am her dark side. You are her heroic side we are here for some purpose otherwise I wouldn't have been able to appear like this."

Groaning, Hotaru sat up and looked at the two halves of her personality and just sighed. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Hey moron, it's not like I couldn't see this coming from the start." Nine snapped.

Saturn looked around and noticed where they were and seemed a little shocked for a second.

"What's wrong?" Hotaru asked.

"This is home." Saturn said as she looked around. "Like what Saturn looked like back when I used to live here."

Mistress 9 nodded. "I remember his desolate planet. This was such a boring place."

"Shut up Nine." Saturn snapped, showing a bit of anger.

Looking around again Hotaru had to agree with Nine for once and it made her feel a little dirty. "Yeah Nine, shut up." She muttered.

"Humph! You say that now." Mistress 9 said, but I know the truth of this place and you don't Bwha hahahah!"

Saturn spun the glaive around and placed it at Nine's throat. "I seem to be a bit more solid in this form than I was before, so if you want to die..." She threatened.

Smiling nervously, Mistress 9 started to sweat a little. "I'm just trying to tell you two what is going on."

"Right." Hotaru muttered and was about to say more when she spotted something in the distance. "What is that?"

They turned and saw that there were two forms laying on the ground about fifty yards way. Saturn recognized the immediately and jumped into the air and jumped over to them and knelt down beside Uranus and Neptune. They looked like they had been through hell and barely managed to return, just to drop here in the middle of nowhere. She didn't look up as Hotaru came running up and started gasping for air.

"Yep, they be dead." Mistress 9 said as she kicked Neptune's foot experimentally and grinned evilly. "Deep sixed, bug food, and all that. Such a beautiful shade of death too, it reminds me of the good ol'days."

"What happened to them?" Hotaru asked as she knelt down beside Saturn and picked up Uranus.

"Someone will pay for this." Saturn said with almost no emotion, but a rage could be seen building behind her eyes.

"No." Hotaru whimpered and started to cry.

"You pathetic &%$# don't have a clue do you?" Mistress 9 snapped.

Black lightning flashed in the background and a peal of thunder rolled over them with a rumble that seemed to shake the ground itself. In that instant three things happened at once and it proved to be too much for Hotaru to handle by herself. As the two girls stood over the dead bodies of Sailor Uranus and Neptune, Mistress 9 took advantage of their grief and fired two bolts of dark energy. The movement caught Saturn's eye, but she wasn't' fast enough to react in time and a giant hole was blasted through her chest. She was propelled back about ten yards and skidded along the ground for several more feet. Hotaru took a shot to the chest as well, but when the blast hit her she was only knocked over.

"What the hell?" Nine muttered. "Well at least I got one of them and the shrimp here will go down in a second."

"I'm going to kill you." Hotaru snarled as she stood up, black energy started to swirl around her. Then her eyes took on an evil red glow and the Silence Glaive appeared in her hand even though she wasn't transformed.

Mistress 9 just laughed and fired another bolt a her. "You can't win a fight with me here."

"This is my mind, you said so yourself." Hotaru said and started walking forward, deflecting energy bolts to the side with the staff. "I control everything here."

"I live here!" Mistress 9 screamed and powered up a massive blast of energy. "I will have your body!"

Her hands thrust foreword and the blast fired from her hands. A beam of solid black energy so powerful that it pushed he back a couple of inches just to fire it. Filled with anger and grief over her the people she considered her parents Hotaru brought the silence glaive up, holding it in one hand and a huge sphere of energy formed around her and the air started to hum. She glared at Mistress 9 as she brought her arm down and leveled the blade at Mistress 9 and yelled. "Silence Glaive Surprise!"

The two blasts, quite similar in appearance fired out and slammed into each other hard enough to shatter the ground where they were touching. Energy started to crest and wave back and forth as the two girls struggled to overpower the other. Making their blasts grow in size with each passing second. Hotaru groaned as her planet symbol formed on her head, a stylized 'h' that started to glow as she struggled to hold the attack. Across from her Mistress 9 looked like she was about to burst out laughing as she calmly channeled the powerful blast and knew she was just seconds way from winning. When that happened she would be able to whatever she wanted with Hotaru's body.

Above them both they had both completely forgotten about the clouds that were filling the sky. They hadn't even noticed that as the minutes went by that the clouds were growing bigger and bigger as they got closer to the ground. They had really started to glow the two girls fought and massive amounts of energy was released into the atmosphere around them. Off in the distance some of the clouds had already reached the ground, rolling and spinning around as it washed every thing it could touch. Within seconds the only place it hadn't touched was where the two girls were fighting.

The were gritting their teeth now as they poured everything they had into the fight, but Hotaru could tell that Mistress 9's blast was very slowly increasing in strength. She was at her limit and had no way to fight back against it no matter how much she tried. There was no way in hell she was going to give up, but she just wasn't sure how to take the disembodied spirit down permanently.

"Give up! There is no way you can win!" Nine yelled.

"Never!" Hotaru growled even as she felt her feet starting to give against the constant pressure. She had never had to hold something like this for so long and her weakened body was beginning to give out. The only thing keeping her up even then was her stubbornness in the face of certain death.

"OHOHOHOHOH! Your body is mine little girl and there isn't a thing you can do about it!"

Then the clouds of darkness rolled over then and they started to scream as the full force of the lighting storm hit them. Losing control of the energy they were throwing at each other it pools for a second and detonates. Explosions are seen for miles in every direction as spheres of energy rain down on the landscape and detonate like a carpet bombing. Through it all Hotaru's screaming can be heard and in that exact instant, out in the real world, Siefried reaches out and sends the final wave of dark energy into Hotaru's body.

He watches as it spasms for several seconds, even then trying to hold off the dark energy, but it's quickly overwhelmed and her body shimmers within the crystalline coffin she's been in for several days. Siefried steps back and lets the door open to release the form within and smiles as she steps out. Hotaru's age is hard to determine, but it is immediately obvious that she now looks about twenty two or so and has ankle length black hair and a muscular body. Her shiny black eyes glare at him as she steps forward dressed as Sailor Saturn and holding her Silence Glaive.

"Good Morning my dear." He says.

"You." She snarls.

"I just saved your life so you should be a little more thankful."

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you where you stand?" Saturn snapped and Siefried noticed that her eyes had gone to a dull black and he smiled pleasantly.

Everything was going according to plan. Then he held up his hand showed her a small marble sized bit of black energy floating in his hand. "I just removed Mistress 9 from your mind."


"You need to get revenge on the ones that killed your parents don't you?" Siefried said mildly. He hid his grin as her eyes shifted again and took on that glossy shine again and he could feel the thirst for revenge just flowing from her body. He absorbed the energy as he stood there and made sure she didn't notice. Then he pointed to a nearby wall and it seemed to open up like pair of doors to reveal something that looked like a wall of liquid mercury. "Here, let me show you something."

"What?" She snarled.

He waved his hand at the wall and it shimmered for a second before a picture of Amy Lee appeared. In the pictured she started to move and within seconds it became apparent that she was fighting a large group of monsters in a hand to hand battle. She slaughtered them without mercy, each blow removing a head here, or an arm and leg there. She left a path of destruction on her wake that goes on for miles. "This is my enemy."

"What is she doing?"

"Killing a race of beings that haven't the sense to stop and run. She periodically goes to where they live and slaughters them like this just for the fun of it." Siefried explained. "I would like to ask you to stop her. They are ugly and mean, but they are only mindless animals that don't know better."

Hotaru's eyes narrowed and she started to growl. Smiling, Siefried had to repress a laugh and coughed a bit to cover it up. He waved his hand again and a picture of Ranma popped up on the screen during his fight with Saffron. "Her partner here recently murdered the last of the phoenix and condemned its people to a slow death."

"He is just as bad."

"Indeed, though he isn't as dangerous as Amy is."

"They will die." Hotaru hissed as she turned away and vanished in a burst of black light.

Siefried just grinned a little wider and looked back at the crystal case she had been in. "Who would have thought that letting the silence that resides in her soul would have such a profound effect on the girl." He muttered. "She's so blood thirsty now that she will kill anything in her path and I didn't even have to waste much energy prodding the silence to awaken." He giggled a bit. "The show is about to begin and I think it will be a lot of fun to watch."

He looked about for a second and waved his hand at the screen and brought up a real time image of Amy Lee and Ranma as they discussed what Happosai had done to Cologne the day before. He had hoped to send Pluto after her, but she hadn't been corrupted enough by that beast that had been sent to her and it had made her to erratic to control. Her defeat at Amy's hand made things a bit easier for him though since she had lost the use of her powers for a little while. Because of that he would be able to move the time table up by about twenty four hours.

"I love it when a plan comes together." He said with a grin. It would have sounded better if he had a cigar though.


The Taxi pulled to the side of the road and Setsuna got out and paid the driver. She looked up at the steps leading up to the shrine above and sighed. With a weary step she started to make her way up. Behind her the sun was just beginning to rise above the horizon and it gave her just enough light to see where she was walking. She adjusted her purse and took a second to push the hair out of her eyes as she finally reached the top step and looked around. The shrine was just in front of her and she could see a light on over the door.

It opened even as she was walking over to it and Rei stepped out to greet her. As usual the girl was wearing her shrine maiden outfit. "Hello Setsuna, that took a little longer than I expected."

"Sorry about the wait, I had to stop off at…the house and grab a few things."

"Took the time to clean up a bit I see." Rei said as she led the green haired woman through the shrine.

"Just changed clothes and grabbed my purse."

They headed deeper into the shrine and Rei led her to a room near the back. "This is your room for the next few days."

"Thanks, I shouldn't be here that long. Just long enough to recover from being possessed by that thing. Then I can start unraveling this mess with a clear head."

"We hope so." Rei said. "The bathroom is just down there and should be ready if you need to use it. Just put the sign and lock the door if you need to use it. That should keep me or grandpa from disturbing you."

"Thanks." Setsuna said as they entered the room. She noted that it was sparsely filled with the minimum amount of furniture. A desk, chair, mirror, and a small closet were the only things in the room. It didn't have the western type bed she was used to, but it wouldn't take her long to get used to a futon again. It was rolled up and placed beside the desk.

Yawning, Rei backed out of the room. "I'm going to go and start sweeping the yard. Get some sleep and we can get the rest of the Scouts here later to discuss what happened."

"No problem." Setsuna said as she knelt down and started to roll the futon out. She really needed to get some sleep.

"I'll let the others know you are here if Usagi hasn't done so already." Rei said as she walked down the hall.

She moved into the kitchen and took a minute to make a small breakfast before she headed outside and started to sweep the courtyard. It always amazed her that no matter how much she swept the thing it always managed to get covered in leaves in just a few hours. That was where Ranma and Amy found her when they ascended the steps and passed underneath the large gate at the top of the steps.

Rei noticed that Amy had borrowed one of Ranma's Chinese shirts and that it was about two sizes too big for her. Other than that she looked about the same as normal, but Ranma looked like he had just fought twelve rounds with one of his rivals. He had bags under his eyes and a slight limp as he walked. "Hey Rei." He said as they walked over.

"You two are here early. I haven't even called anyone yet."

"We just wanted to check on Setsuna to make sure she made it here alright." Amy explained with a glance at Ranma."

"She just arrived a little while ago."


"She said she had to stop at her place to grab a few things before coming here." Rei said. "As I understand it her two friends died when Siefried blew them up and she doesn't have any place to stay now."

Amy nodded. "Were you going to call a meeting?"

"Yeah, the others should be here in an hour or so."

"Cool, I think we need to finalize our plan to fight Siefried today."

"Do you think your grandpa's idea will work?" Amy asked. "I've never had much luck with plans like that."

"So long as I can focus the energies I can make it work." Rei explained. "I've been training to do things like this all my life."

"We need a back up plan." Ranma suggested. "Normally I wouldn't bother, but stopping this guy is just too important."

"I've got my basic plan in mind." Amy pointed out. "We can still go with that."

Rei shook her head. "I think it's too dangerous to leave the whole attack to you. We need to have Sailor Moon there to help as well."

"Has Pluto said anything about our plan?"

"No, but she hasn't been herself lately." Rei reminded her.

"I thought she still might know about it with her connection to the Gate." Amy responded with a shrug as she looked towards the sunrise in the distance.

"We can ask her when she wakes up."

"Ask who? What?" Makoto asked as she trudged up the last few stairs.

"We were just talking about Pluto." Ranma said. "We were wondering if she knew if our plan to take Siefried down would work."

"She might." Makoto said. "But she can be so vague at times that it is almost impossible to figure out what she is talking about."

"You're here early." Rei said. "Are the others on their way?"

"Yeah, I saw Minako heading this a few minutes ago and Ami said she would be here in a little while."

"What about Meatball Brain?"

The brown haired girl giggled. "She said she would be here later."

Rei growled. "I'll go and drag her here if I need to!"

"Ami said she would swing by her house and pick her up." Makoto explained. "That's why she will a little late."

"Well alright." Rei muttered.

"Hi girls!" Minako yelled as she skipped over to the group. "It's too early for this kind of thing."

"Maybe, but we need to make plans. The earlier we start the quicker we can get it done." Rei said.

Minako yawned. "Still too early."

Shrugging, Makoto glanced over at Ranma and Amy. "So what are you two up to? You are the ones that freed Pluto last night right?"

"Yeah, though Ranma is the one that freed here." Amy said.

"That's great!" Minako yelled and punched Ranma in the arm.

"Hey!" He snapped.

She held her hand and glared at him. "What are you made of, stone?"

"Muscle." He said arrogantly.

Looking around, Rei stares into the trees off to the side of the shrine and glares at something. "I sense evil."

They all stopped and looked at Rei as she held her transformation peen in her hand. "What kind of evil?" Makoto asked.

"I'm not sure, it's familiar though. It's as if I've sensed it before." Rei said. "I think it's just in those trees over there."

Looking within the shadows that still clung to the trees as the sun rose up in the sky they had problems making out details. But after a few seconds that didn't matter as they heard foot steps moving through the underbrush. Sailor Saturn stepped out into the light, her Silence Glaive resting on her shoulder as she walked forward.

"Unholy &%$#." Minako muttered at the imposing figure striding towards them.

She no longer looked like the little Hotaru they remembered from just a few days before, but a fully grown woman. Whatever health problems she might have had in the past were no longer apparent. Instead she had a well muscled body with a dancers muscle definition that made them all take notice of her. Long black hair hung down in streamers around her as she moved, just barely touching the ground every time she took a step. Her fuku also looked like it had recently seen some combat as well, with bits of the skirt frayed at the edges, and her gloves were covered in ash and burn marks.

"Saturn!" Rei yelled happily. "We've been worried about you!"

Instead of answering Saturn continued to move forward, her dark eyes hidden behind the hair that hung over her eyes. They all backed up a bit as they realized that something was seriously wrong with their friend. Amy noticed almost right away that the girl seemed to be staring right at her or Ranma as she moved and had a really bad feeling about what was about to happen. The Scout of Destruction and Rebirth stopped a few feet from the group and glared at them.

"You killed Uranus and Neptune." She snapped, he voice filled with power and loathing.

"What?!" They yelled.

"I will Silence you." Saturn said as she glared at Amy Lee and tightened her hold on the Silence Glaive. "Prepare yourself."

"Hotaru! Stop this, we can talk it out!" Rei yelled, trying to get in between the two girls.

"Stay out of my way Inner." Saturn snarled. "Or I'll add you to the list."

Stunned, Rei stepped back and realized that the Scout of Destruction had just threatened to kill her. The others seemed to be just as shocked as they gaped at the girl that was supposed to be their friend. Ranma on the other hand had a different reaction as he stepped in front of Amy and glared at the Scout.

"Back off girl, or you will have to deal with me." He threatened.

"You are at fault as well Ranma Saotome. I have spent the last few hours learning more about the two of you. I have taken the liberty of extracting the information I wanted from your friends and family." Saturn grinned.

"What?" Ranma asked flatly.

"They didn't want to talk at first, but the fat male squealed like a pig and spilled his guts the instant I sat my blade against his neck." Saturn informed them and her grin got a little bit more menacing. "Then there were the girls, but they didn't take nearly as much to persuade. All I had to do was lie to them and they were more than willing to give me what I wanted."

The rest of the Scouts began to pale a little. "Hotaru, what has happened to you?" Rei asked.

"Siefried opened my eyes to the evil that walks among us. I will remedy that little problem right here and now." She stated and glanced back at Amy and giggled. It made them all wince. "You will be the first one to go. Then your boyfriend here will go and meet his father."

"I can't let you do that." Amy said sadly. "Don't force me to fight you Hotaru, this isn't the way things have to happen."

"Oh, but I must."

"Your aura is full darkness Hotaru, completely black and the longer you stay this way the harder it will be to defeat Siefried and return this dimension to normal."

"Lies! All you want to do is use us as cannon fodder to allow you to keep on killing innocent beings!"

"What?!" Amy stammered. "What the hell gave you that…?"

Suddenly she ducked as the Saturn's hand twitched and spun the Silence Glaive around to decapitate her. Rolling to the side, she caught a glimpse of Ranma and the others diving out of the way. She spun to her feet and slid a couple of feet before she stopped and saw that Saturn, grinning insanely, as she raised the Silence Glaive above her head. Amy cursed as the blackness within her aura started to distort the girl's features. "Time to be Silenced Amy Lee."

"I'm not that easy to kill, Hotaru." Amy growled.

"Hotaru, stop this!" The other Scouts yelled as they pulled out their pens, but hesitated to fight their friend.

"We have a plan to stop Siefried. You don't need to do this!" Rei yelled. "No one has to die!"

Saturn's head snapped to the side and Rei grunted as some force slammed into her and sent her flying away from the girl. She cried out as she slammed into the side of the shrine and slid down the side of the building. For a second the images before her eyes turned black and white, she heard her friends yelling, as if from a long ways away, and then things began to go dark by the time she reached the ground. She fell to the side, skin pale and eyes wide as the others ran over to her.

"Rei!" Minako yelled in shock.

"I will kill any of you that interfere in my mission." Saturn stated with a calm that frightened them. "Now where was I?"

Growling, Amy concentrated and her Nova costume flared around her body with a burst of light. Her cape fluttered around behind her as she jumped back several yards and landed in a crouch. Then Saturn came down from above and tried to pierce her with the Glaive. Rolling to the side Amy brought her bracer up and deflected the fast paced blade as Saturn attacked her over and over again. Sparks flew from them ever time the two items struck each other. She wasn't prepared for Ranma to run forward and grab the handle of the Silence Glaive, but Saturn was and she gave it a twist and slammed the back end into Ranma's jaw with a loud crack that sent him stumbling back.

"Do not interfere boy, you will die in a few minutes."

'Who would ever think I would have to fight Sailor Saturn?' Amy thought to herself as she glanced at Ranma. He seemed to be okay except for a large bruise forming on his jaw. She didn't know if it was broken or not, but figured he would know how to deal with it safely if it was.

"Makoto, we have to stop Hotaru." Minako yelled from behind Amy.

"That isn't Hotaru anymore, Minako." Makoto snapped back and Amy was inclined to agree.

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean that Hotaru isn't home right now. That is Sailor Saturn doing what she was designed to do."

"The world is not in…" Minako started. "Well, okay it is about to be taken over by a psychopath, but we have a plan!"

"She had never listened to us."

"Less talk and more action!" Amy yelled as Saturn turned back to her.

"They can't stop me from Silencing you Amy Lee."

Standing straight Amy formed an aura of power around her and glared at Saturn and made a decision. "They don't need to. I can fight you quite well."

Saturn just smiled and laughed a little. "I'm the last resort Amy Lee and there is nothing you can do to stop. You aren't strong enough."

"Wanna bet?" She snapped back. "I've fought monsters much stronger than you Saturn. Trust me, if you force this I will stop you permanently."

The Silence Glaive spun around Saturn in a blur and came to a stop pointing at Amy; the light gleamed off the edge. "It's time to finish this."

Energy blades formed in Amy's hands as they started to circle each other, constantly watching each other for an opening. Then they suddenly shot forward and for the next few seconds they attacked, sparks flew from their weapons as they constantly slammed into each other. Behind them Makoto, Minako, and Ranma all took a second to transform in a burst of light. Venus took the opportunity to take command of the ones that were there like she was supposed to do when Moon wasn't around.

"Guardian Knight! Take Rei inside as fast as you can." Venus ordered.


"Sailor Jupiter, we need to stop Hotaru at any cost."

"She's stronger than us Venus." Jupiter pointed out.

"We can still slow her down. Look at Amy go, she's holding the girl off, blocking those attacks almost faster than I can see them." Venus said, and then saw something that shocked her even more. Usagi and Ami had just arrived and they were gapping in shock at the fight between Amy and Hotaru.

Amy felt a change in the fight and moved just as Saturn jumped at her with he Glaive coming in from the side. She wasn't sure why Saturn's major attack hadn't been used yet, but she wasn't going to complain too much. All of a sudden Amy realized that the fight was heading right for Usagi and Ami, who still hadn't moved.

The Glaive came in for a quick thrust and Amy deflected the blade to the side with her bracer. Sparks showered the two of them as the blade scared the bracer halfway along its length. "Move out of the way you two!"

"Stop." Usagi yelled.

Even after fighting her all this time Amy still had to marvel at how fast Saturn was with the Glaive. So she was a bit surprised when the handle shot out and slammed into the back of Ami's head as the two girls tried to get out of the way. The blue haired girl went down with a grunt of pain and collapsed at Usagi's feet. The blond could only stare in shock at her friend.

"Run Usagi…" The blue haired girl tried to say as the world went dark around her.

"Usagi!" Venus and Jupiter yelled as they ran over to their friend and prepared to attack Hotaru head on no matter what.

With Ami knocked out on the ground Venus knelt down to check on the girl even as Jupiter stepped in front of Usagi and glared at Saturn. Usagi tried to run past them, but she stuck out her arm and refused to let the blond past. "Usagi it's too dangerous."

Said blond ignored her, but she didn't move any further as she narrowed her eyes and looked at Saturn and Amy. "What do you two think you are doing?" She snapped.

"I'm protecting myself Usagi so get out of the way before she decides to attack you too." Amy yelled back as she blocked several of Saturn's swift attacks.

"I'm Silencing a threat to this planet, Princess." Saturn explained.

"Stop fighting right now!" Usagi yelled.

Instead of stopping Saturn picked up speed and Amy had to compensate by jumping back. She hit the handle of the Silence Glaive with her energy blade and wasn't to surprised when it failed to cut through. Another shower of sparks was a bit of a surprise, but not a big one. "Back off Saturn, the Princess has given you an order."

Saturn hesitated for a second, and then she just seemed to come to a decision. "I know better."

The Silence Glaive flared with energy and Amy cringed internally as she saw Saturn's aura turn a solid black. They had lost her to the chaos. Then the blade blasted through her defenses, slicing through her energy blades and slamming into her chest. Pain flared and Amy screamed as the blade pierced her shoulder and came out her back. She staggered back as the blade was pulled out and lifted into the air. Blood ran down the edge of the blade and onto the handle. It was an ominous sight.

"Ah shit." Amy muttered.

"No!" Usagi yelled and ran forward and placed her self between Amy and Saturn. "Saturn, back away from her right now before someone gets hurt!"

"Do not get in my way Princess."

Then Jupiter's fist slammed into the side of Saturn's face and sent the girl crashing to the ground. Whatever the reason, the blow had very little effect on the girl as she came to her feet and glared at Sailor Jupiter. "Do not interfere in my duty Jupiter."

"I won't let you hurt Usagi." Jupiter snapped as she placed herself between Saturn and Usagi. "SPARKLING WIDE PREASURE!"

She threw the ball of super charged electricity at Saturn, but it was slapped to the side by the Silence Glaive. The blast slammed into the ground nearby and exploded. Blowing a large hole in the ground where it had landed. In an instant Saturn was up and running at Jupiter, bent over at an almost impossible angle as she brought the Glaive around and swept Jupiter's feet. It sent the girl to the ground with a yell.

Usagi was pulled out of the way by Amy and almost tossed back towards the shrine where Sailor Venus grabbed her before she fell down.

Not one to be taken out so easily, Jupiter rolled to the side and flipped back to her feet. "JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION!"

Saturn screamed and started spinning the Silence Glaive in front of her, creating a spinning shield in front of her. Knocking the multiple electrical blasts out of the air and sending them to the ground all around her. The multiple detonations filled the air and by the time Jupiter finished. Even before the noise died down Saturn was in motion, almost flying at Sailor Jupiter as she came out of the cloud of smoke that filled the air. The palm blow to the chest came out of nowhere and sent Jupiter flying back, but she managed to keep her feet under her as she sent her knee crashing into Saturn's chin. Attempting to knock the girl out, but Saturn seemed to just twist around it. Cursing under her breath Jupiter was suddenly being hit over and over again by the Silence Glaive as Saturn took advantage of the situation. She crashed to the ground, her vision blurry enough to make it impossible to for her to catch herself, and found herself on he back with the blade of the Silence glaive at her throat. It gleamed in the morning light.

"Enough of this." Saturn growled as she stood over Jupiter.

"Put the Glaive down and back away from Sailor Jupiter, Saturn." Usagi ordered as her body flared and Princess Serenity took her place. "Please Saturn, you are better than this, don't let it control you."

"It's much too late for that, Princess." Saturn said softly. The blade began to glow with power that flowed over the shrine and caused everyone's skirts and capes to flutter in the wind. "SATURN DIVIDED WORLD!"


The Silence Glaive slashed out in a side to side arch that would have hit Princess Serenity in the ribs. The ball of light from Pluto's attack slammed into Saturn and disrupted the attack, slightly. Amy grabbed Princess Serenity when she realized that they wouldn't be able to avoid that unknown attack. She concentrated and they teleported right before the blade would have slammed into them. A wave of energy fired from edge of the Glaive and proceeded to cut a large trench in the ground and passed through the shrine, cutting it in half with an explosion of wood and dust.

Time seemed to stand still for a split second before they heard Saturn scream in pain and fly across the courtyard. Then she slammed into the ground and skidded a few feet before she rolled to her feet. The Silence Glaive spun through the air and landed blade first into the ground nearby. Smoke wafted off of Saturn's fuku as she turned to glare at Sailor Pluto. She was standing next to Guardian Knight and using her to stay on her feet. "Pluto, that wasn't a very wise thing to do."

"I will not allow you to kill the Princess."

"I will Silence anyone that gets in the way of my duty, no matter how many try to stop me."

"Saturn, we are at a crossroads. If we take the wrong actions now, Crystal Tokyo will never be given a chance to live. Too many changes have taken place, but if we defeat Siefried we can correct the damage that has been done," Explained the green haired Scout.

"When Amy and Ranma die, time will be reset." Saturn yelled.

The Silence Glaive flared with energy and vanished. Then it reappeared in Saturn's hand and she rested it on her shoulder again. Behind Setsuna, Ranma realized that the position was a hidden stance that allowed her to attack from any position with deadly accuracy. She glanced off to the side where Amy and Usagi were standing out of sight so that Saturn couldn't see them. This situation was getting out of hand and Ranma had a feeling that if Saturn wasn't stopped things were going to get much worse.

"Do not try to stop me again Pluto." Saturn said.

"Venus, prepare to implement that plan I told you about a few minutes ago." Pluto said to the blond Scout beside her.

"No Pluto, you don't have to do that. We can stop her…" Venus said.

"Venus, Sailor Saturn has been consumed be the Silence that gives her power. Hotaru is gone, Sailor Saturn is gone. All that is left is this thing, hell bent on the destruction of everything."


"This isn't the time to argue Venus. DO IT!" Pluto yelled at the girl.

Venus shivered a little as she pulled the Crystal Sword out of her subspace pocket and looked at it fearfully. The symbol of the leader of the Inner Scouts and it held a hidden power within its depths that even Ami hadn't been able to figure out. She glanced over at Amy who lay in the bushes nearby before she turned back to Pluto and nodded. "I disagree with this decision Pluto."

"Noted, but there is only once chance to do this and remember what. Get ready."

"What are you planning Pluto?" Saturn asked as the two talked and looked around.

"I will stop you." Pluto stated.

Off to the side Usagi, now transformed into Sailor Moon pales as she realizes what Pluto has in mind and she turns to Amy. "We have to stop Saturn before Pluto has a chance to set her plan into motion."


"She told me once what she would be willing to do if she ever had to stop Saturn from killing someone." Sailor Moon looked sadder than Amy had ever seen her. "She will kill herself to stop Saturn."

"Things aren't that bad yet. Are they?" Amy asked.

"Saturn has been completely taken over by the Silence that she uses to fuel her powers. She is lost to us now and there is only one way to stop her."


"Amy, she just cut the shrine in half with an attack I've never seen her use before. He other attacks are so destructive that they can't be used in normal combat unless the enemy is about to win. She has an attacked called the Silence Glaive Surprise that can be used to blow up everything from a house to a city just by carefully controlling the power of the blast."

Amy nodded.

"Then her other attack can rip a planet to pieces once it gets going. It's called the Death Reborn Revolution and that is what Pluto is trying to prevent Saturn from using. Once she uses that we are all dead with no way to stop her."

"Then it maybe a good idea for Pluto to use her plan after all." Amy said, and then admitted rather reluctantly. "I'm strong, but not strong enough to hold my own against Saturn for very long."

"No one dies if I can stop it." Sailor Moon said with a note of finality in her voice.

"Then what do we do Princess?" Amy asked.

"We talk to her."

"We've tried that."

"Then we try it again!"

Wincing a little, Amy nodded and they walked over to the others as Pluto and Saturn stared at each other. Sailor Moon didn't look very happy as she glanced over at the unconscious form of her friend Ami and wondered if she might be able to come up with a plan to stop Saturn from killing them all. "Saturn, please calm down."

"It is too late for that, what has been done can only be undone by killing those two." Saturn yelled and raised her glaive above her.

Pluto raised her staff as well. "You are forcing my hand Saturn."

"I have no choice."

Sailor Moon glanced at Amy, a pleading look in her eye that spoke volumes.

"Pluto, back down for a little while, we still have time and committing suicide isn't the answer." Amy snapped.

"Shut up Nova!" Pluto snapped. "This is the only way."

"Bullshit. Your plan is so obvious that that even I can see what will happen. When you do that there will be no one around to make Crystal Tokyo come into being. You're the only one that can do that and you know it."

"This is the only way." Pluto snapped at Amy without looking at her. Her eyes locked on Saturn's weapon as it began to glow with power.

A chop to the back of Pluto's head sent the girl tumbling to the ground in a heap. The rest of the Scouts looked a bit startled and glanced at Amy as she rubbed the side of her hand. Moon looked happy and sad at the same time as she looked down at Pluto and thanked Amy for stopping her from doing something foolish. "Thank you Amy."

"Sailor Moon, Saturn has to be stopped." Venus said as she held up the Holy Blade of the Moon.

Amy glanced at it. In all her years she had never seen the blade in real life before. She had read about it of course and knew that it held great powers that made it incredibly dangerous. Its full power was unknown, but she knew that Venus had used it against Beryl on not one, but two different occasions. "Venus, you haven't used that sword in a very long time. Why bring it out now?"

"Pluto said it was part of the fail safe used to keep Saturn from going out of control. She's vulnerable to its powers."

Sailor Moon turned and looked at Jupiter, who had just gotten over to Ami and was carrying her back to the shrine. "How is she?"

"Looks like a nasty blow to the head, but she should be alright." Jupiter said.

"Good, can you take her inside and put her someplace where she can rest?"

"Sure, I'll be right back."

Stepping over to Ranma, Amy leaned in close to her ear. "We need to knock Saturn out or get Venus into a position to take her down. Any ideas?"

"I'm not sure, but we could try hitting her from two different directions at once." She suggested.

"Princess, we have to try something." Amy said.

"Just try not to hurt her." Moon ordered.

Amy glanced over at Venus for a second and realized that the blond might know a few things that the rest of them didn't. "Come on Ranma. Let's get this over with before anything does go wrong."


"Are you done planning?" Saturn asked. "I was getting a bit bored."

"I think we got everything worked out." Amy said.

"Good, cause I came up with a plan too."

Amy and Ranma dashed forward suddenly, white and blue blurs that converged in on Saturn. Then the dark haired girl flashed forward and jumped into the air before either of them could reach her. Without even realizing what she was doing, Venus started to run as well, the Holly Sword of the Moon in her hand as she moved. Then several events happened at once and most were a little hard to follow.

While in the air Saturn's eyes went completely blank as she lived the Silence Glaive above her head and she screamed. "SILENCE GLAIVE SURPPRISE!"

Spinning around on her heel Amy hands came up and she fired a Nova Cannon at Saturn to try and alter her course and protect Sailor Moon.

Venus pushed Sailor Moon out of the way as Saturn screamed and with the other hand threw the Holy Sword at Saturn.

Moon yelled out even as she realized what was happening.

The Nova Cannon is blocked by Saturn while she is in mid air, disrupting the Silence Glaive Surprise and it leaves her open to the flying sword. The shining blade fills the courtyard with sight as it flies through air and pierces Sailor Saturn's back and bursts out of her chest in a fountain of blood. She screams in pain and shock as she hangs in the air for a half second before falling to the ground. The Silence Glaive lands blade first, sticking out of the ground and still smoking from where the Nova Cannon had slammed into it. Most of Saturn's long hair had been burned off in the wave of power and she struggles to get up even with the sword sticking through her body.

"This won't stop me." She snarls and starts to claw her way towards Amy. "You will die."

Her hands came up and pointed themselves at Saturn. "You are down Saturn, let Sailor Moon heal you."

"Diediediediedie…" She started to chant as she crawled forward.

Ranma glanced over at Amy and wondered what they should do.

Then with a final sigh, Saturn collapsed to the ground and her body seemed to rip itself to shreds from the inside out. Whatever came out looked like black streamers of some kind that spun, twisted, and literally ripped her to pieces before they stopped completely. By that time they had dug a large hole in the courtyard. Sailor Moon staggered over to the hole and fell to her knees as she looked down and saw a pillar of sparkling light rising into the sky. Reaching out she used her power to pull a small four pointed crystal from the crater and she held it to her chest and cried.

"AND NOW! THE SHOW BEGINS!" Siefried's voice called out over the entire city.

The Scouts all jumped and looked around at the smoky cloud like face that seemed to cover the city. It grinned, almost gently, as it started to rain fire upon the populous in a wave of destruction that flowed across the city like Tsunami. It leveled everything in its path as it moved to consume everything within sight. Sailor Moon barely noticed as she held Hotaru's soul in her hands and cried. The rest of the Scouts moved to shield her as the wave crashed over them and Siefried's mocking laughter filled their ears. All around the city, whenever someone died their body turned to energy and rose into the sky and into the clouds.

"He set us up!" Amy screamed as she struggled to maintain the shield.

Then the wave intensified and it was all they could do to stay in place as the ground began to shake. Behind them the shrine shattered into a billion pieces and was almost instantly consumed in fire. This left nothing behind but a cloud of ashes and enough heat to melt the skin off of a normal human. The Scouts weathered it all and came out of it unscathed a few minutes later as Siefried's first attack finished destroying the while city.

Two bubbles of power seemed to shine out of the large cloud of ash that surrounded them. Amy glanced over at them and saw that Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury had been protected as well. They hovered, as if sleeping, a few feet from the ground and Amy realized that Sailor Moon had protected them by activating their powers with her crystal. She was still crying though and almost completely unresponsive to the world around her.

"Venus, what do we do?" Amy asked.

"I'm not sure, but let's see if Mercury and Mars are alright."

Sailor Moon motioned with her hand and the two bubbles of energy floated over to her and deposited the two girls on the ground. She knelt down and made sure their wounds were healing up. "They should be fine in a few moments."

"What about Pluto?" Jupiter asked.

Everyone looked over at the green haired Scout. She was still unconscious on the ground a few feet behind them, though there was a sphere of energy around her as well. It winked out of existence even as they looked at it and Sailor Moon sighed a little as the power drain finally stopped. She glanced at the others and smiled a little. "I saved the one's I could."

"I think we have bigger problems though." Amy said as she looked up in the sky where Siefried's face had been. In it's place he had transformed back into the old man they had met before, dressed in some kind of armor, and was descending to the ground amongst the ruble below them.

Sailor Moon looked at her friends. "Did you all get a chance to place those crystals like Grandpa Hino suggested?"

They nodded, to tired to speak.

"Then we may have a fighting chance to win this."

Kneeling by mars, Venus looked up at Sailor Moon. "Mars was supposed to lead the spell. If she's unconscious out chances of winning this are almost nonexistent."

Holding out the crystal, Sailor Moon scanned her friend with its powers. "She isn't hurt to bad, so I think she should wake up here pretty soon. Mercury is in worse shape, but she should be up and about in an hour or so."

"What about the rest of us?" Jupiter asked.

Ranma shrugged. "We need to distract Siefried until Sailor Mars wakes up."

Grabbing the handle of the Silence Glaive, and still sticking out of the stone of the courtyard from where it had landed. Amy yanked it out of the ground and examined it a little closer. She turned to look at Sailor Moon. "Can we use this thing's power in anyway without Saturn?"

Sailor Moon looked horrified at such a concept.

"Amy I don't think that may not be such a good idea." Jupiter muttered.


Surprisingly it was Sailor Venus who answered. "Well you see the only people that can use our weapons are Sailor Scouts."

"You are impersonating a Sailor Scout, but you don't have one of the Sailor Crystals that make us what we are."

"Then give me Sailor Saturn's powers."

"That is impossible…" Venus started.

"Amy, if you did that you would never be the same again." Sailor Moon said sadly. She was looking up in the sky watching Siefried descend.


"Hotaru's Sailor Crystal would have to be merged with your soul for it to work and that just might kill you." She held up the crystal she had been crying over earlier. "These allow our souls to be reborn whenever we die in combat or of old age. Without them the Moon Kingdom would never have been able to survive in the way that it did."

"I'll risk it." Amy said stubbornly.

"You don't have to risk that Amy." Ranma said.

"Ranma, we need Saturn's power for this to work. That thing up there has enough power now to remake this world. All he needs is just a little bit more and this whole dimension will belong to him." Amy looked a little sad. "It's my fault he's here in the first place and I have to do whatever it takes to make him leave."

"I…understand." She said and looked away.

"So when do we start?" Amy asked Sailor Moon.

Nodding to herself, as if making some final decision, Sailor Moon held up her hand and appeared to grab something. With a burst of light a golden goblet appeared in her hand. The liquid inside glowed with the intensity of a sun as she raised it to her lips and drank it down. Amy winced and stepped back a little as she felt Sailor Moon's power level begin to skyrocket to a level she had never expected. As the last drop of the liquid vanished Sailor Moon turned into Super Sailor Moon and her whole demeanor had changed.

Gone was the typical Sailor Moon outfit with its blue skirt and in its place was a white skirt with blue and yellow edging. The little puffs at the end of her gloves had turned a bright red and her back bow had turned pink and lengthened down to her calves. She turned and looked at Amy and held up Sailor Saturn's crystal. "Once I do this you will be forever changed."

"I know what is coming." Amy said.

"Then do you accept the power of Saturn and the duties that go with it?" She asked formally.

"I do."

The crystal in her hand started to grow brighter and brighter and within seconds its looked like a miniature sun. Squinting against the light Amy wondered if she had made the right decision for a second, then decided that it was to late to back away now. The light suddenly shrank into a tiny pin prick no bigger than a grain of sand and shot across the distance between her and Sailor Moon. It hit her in the chest and Amy felt the world change around her, filling her with a feeling she would never be able to describe even if she wanted to.

To the others her red outfit, cape and all, flared and vanished as she suddenly flared with a bright light. A few seconds later when that vanished Amy was standing there in a slightly altered version of the Sailor Saturn uniform with the Silence Glaive in her hand. She had the white body suit, the purple skirt, and the black bow.

But she also had a red band around the bottom of her skirt and her bracers had taken the place of the usual gloves. The crystals set within the bracers were glowing even brighter than they had before. Her red hair fluttered in the breeze as she assimilated the transformation and noticed all the changes that had taken place within her.

"Amy?" Ranma asked as she stepped forward looking a little worried.

"I'm fine." She said. "There are some odd changes going on within me, but nothing I can't handle."

"Like what?"

"Saturn's power is the power of destruction and it is channeled though the Silence Glaive. I can feel that power urging me to go out and kill everything in my sight."

"You should also have a few other changes." Super Sailor Moon said.

"Yeah, but they are just enhancing my normal powers." Amy explained. "There is even an instinctive knowledge on how to wield the Silence Glaive in battle. I can feel several techniques that I hadn't been aware of. Using them against Siefried should be a lot of fun."

"You know all of Saturn's usual attacks right?" Venus asked.

"Yeah, plus a few adaptations I wasn't aware of a few minutes ago. This is going to be a lot of fun."

Super Sailor Moon stepped forward. "You are to never use the Death Reborn Revolution."

"Of course." Amy lied.

"Then we need to go and meet Siefried. He just landed a little while ago over in that large crater." Ranma said.

"What are we going to do about them?" Jupiter said as she waved at Mars, Mercury, and Pluto.

"I can wake Mars and Mercury up early." Super Sailor Moon said as she held up her crystal again.

"You're using that to much." Venus said. "We can wait for them to wake up on their own."

"No, we need them now."

The crystal flared and bathed the two girls in its light and they instantly started to groan and wake up. Mars opened her eyes first and looked up at Super Sailor Moon as she slowly sat up. "What's going on?"

"We need you to help fight Siefried."

"What happened to Saturn?" Mars asked.

"Sailor Saturn died." Moon said sadly. "Amy has taken her place."

Surprise filled Mars' face as she looked around and spotted Amy wearing the slightly altered Sailor Saturn outfit. "Oh."

"Mercury should be waking up here in a few minutes, can you get the plan set in motion while the rest of us go and fight Siefried?"

"Yeah, I can do that. Do you remember what will happen when I set everything in motion?"

"Yes, getting him there shouldn't be a problem."

"Then go, I'll take care of Mercury…and Pluto." She said as she spotted the other unconscious woman.

"Thank you Rei." Moon said. "Good luck."

"What the hell happened to my shrine?!" Mars screamed as she stood up and noticed the destruction around her.

"We have to go Mars, good luck." Moon said as she turned and ran down the stairs and started to make her way across the city.

"This is just great." Mars muttered, and then something occurred to her. "Why was Usagi only at Super Sailor Moon level?"

All of the Scouts except one had taken off after Super Sailor Moon and Amy didn't look like she was in to much of a hurry. If she would have looked down the stairs she would have noticed that Ranma was waiting for her. She glanced at Mars and looked at her for a several seconds.

"What?" Mars snapped.

"I have a pretty good feeling what is going to happen in the next couple of hours."

"So what!"

"I won't be around for to much longer." Amy said with a shrug. "I figured you had a right to know."

"We will all survive this." Mars snapped.

"Will we?" Amy asked with a smirk. "We'll see won't we?"

Then an aura flared around her and she rose into the sky like a red star, still staring down at Mars. With a burst of energy she flew off into the distance and headed right to where Siefried had landed a couple minutes before. Down below Ranma rose up into the air and followed after her in a burst of blue light.


Her Grandfather's plan had been quite surprising and Rei was still impressed with his simple minded approach to the demon that had managed to kill almost everybody in the district and suck up their lives to fuel his own power. After shaking Sailor Mercury awake she had explained what they needed to do and a few minutes later they had dug out a section of the shrine that had been protected from the blast that leveled everything else around it. The roof and walls were gone of course, but the rest of the room and the fire itself had managed to weather the storm of destruction.

A circle had been placed on the floor right where she sat whenever she was talking to the fire. A number of Ofudo had been placed on the floor around her as she sat within the circle and prayed to the sacred fire. She was using the fire to call out to five crystals that she and others had placed around Tokyo over the last couple of days in order to prepare for when Siefried arrived. She had never done anything like this before, but with the help of her Grandfather's idea and Sailor Mercury's computer they had managed to set up a spirit trap.

According to the old records within Mercury's computer this was how a lot of higher demons had been sealed away when they became a problem. Mercury had spent the last few days researching the problem and found that only a priestess like Rei could even pull off the trap. Because Siefried was so powerful it would take every bit of the power Sailor Mars possessed to seal the demon's powers away. Then it would fall to the others to destroy him before he ripped the seal on his powers open.

She ignored the destruction around her and focused on the fire. She had never done this as Sailor Mars before, but she realized instantly that it depended on her ability as Rei Hino to pull this off. Sailor Mars had nothing to do with it. At first nothing happened as she slowly entered her meditative trance with her mind focused on the five crystals. Then the fire flared up bigger than it ever had been before and images began to form within its depths.

Behind her Sailor Mercury continued to scan the ritual and wondered what would happen. There had been dozens of description of the ritual in her computer, but there hadn't been one picture to show how anything was done so she wasn't sure what to expect. At the same time she took a minute to change the cold wash cloth she was using to keep Sailor Pluto cooled down. Her own head still hurt from where Hotaru had knocked her out too. She rubbed her head as she worked and tried not to make any noise to disturb her friend. Their whole plan depended on this and if it failed their chances of winning were very small according to her calculations.

They hadn't bothered to look around to see if Rei's grandfather or Yuuichiro were among the rubble. They had very little time to pull this off now that Siefried had come within reach and they figured there would only be one chance at this. They could mourn later, when he was defeated and with Sailor Pluto's help they might even be able to reverse the damage. Sailor Mercury looked up as her computer beeped at her and she tapped a couple of keys. The crystals were beginning to respond to the ritual and it would only be a matter of time before they all activated. Then the real fight would begin.


Everything around them was a blasted pile of rubble or it looked as if someone had taken a flame thrower to ground and tried to do some kind of really weird art project. Their ever step sent up a cloud of grey and black dust that after a few minutes had managed to cover their legs and shoes. By the time they reached the area where Siefried had landed they were extremely dirty and pissed off. Super Sailor Moon wasn't sure, due to all the destruction, but she was fairly positive they were going to be fighting where the Crown Arcade used to be.

They spotted Siefried lounging on the shattered remains of a car about a hundred yards away. It was a little hard to make out details but he appeared to be just waiting for them for some reason. Her eyes narrowed a little as they made their way over to him, but before they could get there Amy Lee, as Sailor Saturn flew over them surrounded in a sphere of red energy. She was closely followed by Ranma, dressed in her Guardian Knight uniform.

"They sure are in a hurry." Venus said.

"They are clean too." Jupiter muttered, glaring at the two as they landed a few yards from Siefried.

"They are going to use those special techniques they've been practicing lately. So lets get into position and let them take care of this and make sure the plan works." Moon said.

"When are you going to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon?" Venus asked.

"Here in a little while." Moon said. "Revealing that transformation to Siefried right now could be a mistake."

"Good idea."

"Ami suggested it to me when we walking over to the shrine." Moon explained. "She said he might know that I've reached that level and that I could trick him if I needed to."

Venus nodded, she was a little dumbfounded.

"What are those two doing?" Jupiter asked as she watched Ami and Ranma talk to Siefried.

"We need to get him into position so that the plan works right." Moon explained.

"Ah, so we better get into position." Venus said. "You go over there Jupiter, I'll take that side. Moon, you stay right here, you are already in position. Then all we need to do is wait for Mars and Mercury to arrive."

"Right!" They chorused and took off for the area they had been assigned by Mercury the day before.


"Well my little pawn, it looks like you got a power up." Siefried said with a grin as he caught sight of Amy's new uniform.

"More than enough to kick your ass Siefried." Amy said with a smirk.

"You are going to go down today monster." Ranma said.

Siefried laughed. "Ah, but I've already won this fight. When all of you are dead I will own this dimension and there isn't a thing that anyone can do about it."

"I won't let you do that." Amy snapped and held the Silence Glaive up. "Even if I have to shove this up your ass to make sure you die."

"Let's just kick his ass and get this over with." Ranma snapped. "He's all hot air anyway."

"I think you're right Ranma." Amy said.

Siefried sighed and rolled off the car. He stood up and glared at the two of the for a second. "As always Guardian you have no sense of style."

"&^%$ you." Amy snapped.

"Well alright, but don't say I never gave you chance to surrender my dear." Siefried said with a shrug.

"Oh, as if I'd ever do that."

"Finally." Ranma said.

"You do realize that the more you struggle the stronger I get, right?" Siefried asked. "I can stand her and fight you all day and just get stronger and stronger now that I have unleashed the wave."

"Shut up!" Amy yelled as she attacked, thrusting the Glaive forward and attempting to impale the monster. "I've had enough of your kind!"

His hand barely moved as she caught the shaft of the Glaive and gave Amy an open palm strike to the chest. This sent her flying back several feet before she twisted in mid air and landed on her feet. Ranma shot forward and attacked at the same time, yelling out her attack phrase. "KNIGHT SLATHER HERALD!"

Siefried just chuckled as he ducked the double bladed attack, grabbed the front of Ranma's out fit and threw him at Amy. "Have a present!"

With a growl Amy started running at Ranma, jumped in the air and used him as a spring board to launch herself at Siefried. "Sorry about this Ranma." She called as she flew by.

"Whatever!" He yelled back as he twisted around and landed on his feet and jumped back into the fight.

"SATURN DIVIDED WORLD!" Amy screamed out as she brought the Silence Glaive around and sent the attack flying at Siefried.

The wave of super condensed air slammed into Siefried's outstretched hands and pushed him back against the decimated car. Making it rip itself to shreds as it passed through. Siefried was unharmed by the time it passed, but Amy used that more of a distraction to run up to him and use his head to launch into the air above him and throw him off balance. The Silence Glaive could channel energy and increase it's power, so when she was about fifty feet in the air she spun around and brought the Glaive around and pointed it at Siefried. She had a second before she shouted out her attack phrase to watch as Ranma sent a Möko Takabisha Double into Siefried's back.


The blast lit up the sky as it fired out of the Silence Glaive and for several seconds Amy could feel herself being pushed higher into the sky. At the same time the blast of energy, one of her most powerful yet, slammed into Siefried with the force of a bomb. Ranma was lucky enough to realize what she was going to do and got out of the way at the last second. The blast enveloped Siefried and sent a concussion wave out in all directions for several hundred feet.

Amy hovered in the sky as she watched the dust cloud below for any sign of Siefried. She knew for a fact that a blast like that wouldn't do much damage to him, but she wasn't sure what he would do next. Ranma was hovering in the air about a hundred feet away from her, her blue aura humming loud enough to be heard even that far away. She figured she had to be channeling quite a bit of power to be making that much noise, but from what she was sensing she had it under control. Then they heard Siefried's echoing laughter as the cloud of smoke below them was blown away. Siefried hadn't even moved. All he was doing was looking up at Amy with glowing eyes.

"You will have to do a lot better than that to take me down!"

"Man, I figured I'd at least scratch him." Amy muttered. Off in the distance she could feet the build up of power as their plan went into effect and just hoped that he hadn't noticed it.

"How much longer do you think it will take?" Ranma asked as she flew over to her

"Can't you tell?"


"Just a little longer. Super Sailor Moon is in place for when Mars sets it in motion; all we have to do is make sure Siefried doesn't leave."

"Alright, what about that big blast you were telling us about a couple days ago. That Mega-whatsis thing?"

Amy glanced over at him for a second. "I'll pull that one off next, but I have to hit him with it when he's at his weakest."

"So after his power is sealed?"

"Yeah, and hopefully that will be enough or this is going to be a long fight." Amy said.

"Then let's get down there and kick his ass." Ranma said as she descended to the ground.


"Time for round two you jerk!" Ranma yelled out as she landed.

"Yes, lets fight some more." Siefried said with a grin. "Make me power powerful than ever. Every time you throw a punch or even have a dark thought you add to my power. I've already corrupted this entire planet and increased my powers a thousand fold and now you think you are strong enough to defeat me with these little tricks?"

Growling in anger Ranma launches herself forward in a burst of blue light and attacks him. Siefried continues to grin as he easily blocks Ranma's attacks with mini force fields. He wasn't even trying very hard.

From a few yards away Amy watched the fight with her senses spread out to the max. Every time Ranma hit or even just attacked Siefried there was a tiny burst of dark energy that would flare out and enter Ranma's aura. To normal senses it was invisible, but to her they stood out more than they should have. Ranma's basic nature was hard to change so the darkness wasn't having as much of an effect on him. Unlike what had happened to Genma, Shampoo, and even Cologne when they went over the edge and were consumed.

She glanced to the side where Super Sailor Moon was standing. The Scout was glowing with a pure white radiance that gave her an ethereal quality. Off to the sides Sailor Venus and Jupiter were also glowing as they channeled Moon's power. Off in the distance she could feel the crystals still growing in power and knew that it would only be a few minutes before they would be able to put the plan into action.

What had her worried was the fact that Siefried didn't seem to be all that worried about them. From the beginning he had all but ignored the Scouts and she didn't understand why. It was something to worry about later, after they used the crystals to seal his power permanently. Without those he wouldn't be able to get to Sailor Mars and break the seal and they would have the perfect opportunity to take him down.

With a final lunge Ranma back flipped away from Siefried and landed several feet away. Her aura was faring around her, humming loudly, and she did not look happy at all. "The guy is toying with us!"

"Calm down Ranma." Amy said.

"How can anyone be that strong?"

"This is what the Scouts deal with all the time."

"But…" Ranma protested.

"One more attack, this time between the two of us and they should be ready." Amy explained.

"Alright, but we need something to really surprise him."

"How about one of the Ascension of the Dragon God moves?"

Amy nodded. "That's exactly what I was thinking. The school was designed to channel this level of power."

"The final move?"

"No, I think the second to last attack will work. You haven't fully mastered the final attack yet and if you mess that up you will die."

"I can do it." Ranma said stubbornly.

"Only as a last resort Ranma, now let's get ready to pull off that other move."

Siefried, tired of listening to them talk thrust his hand forward and fired a blast of energy at them. "Shut up and fight!"

They dodged out of the way easily enough and shot forward, their Ki flaring about them like mini tornados. The Scouts are enhanced so that they can fight the monsters that tend to show up and now that Ranma and Amy were both Scouts they found that pulling this move off with their enhanced abilities made things quite a bit different. They shot forward at close to eighty miles per hour, criss crossing back and forth across the field as they headed for Siefried. Then at the last possible second, just when Siefried was about to hit them, they took a small side step and blasted by him. Circled around and suddenly changed directions. This caused the long wall of Ki they left behind them to 'whip' around and slam into Siefried.

They yelled out as the two massive forces slammed into each other and sent him flying off his feet. Amy noticed a change in the air and she looked up just as five colored beams of energy shot up all around the city. In a second burst of energy Amy launched herself into the sky right above Siefried and drew in as much power as she could withstand. The Silence Glaive was placed back in her sub space pocket and she began to form a super powered ball of energy between her hands. It quickly went from a bright red to a blinding radiance that lit up the sky around her.

Ranma, still moving at his enhanced speed raced across the field and took up a position about a hundred yards from Siefried. At the same time Super Sailor Moon morphed into Eternal Sailor Moon, with her yellow skirt and lifted the Silver Crystal high into the air above her. Suddenly five colored walls of light slammed into Siefried and formed a dome of pure energy. They could all instantly feel his powers starting to weaken as the dome formed. Inside he staggered around and looked around frantically, though for a split second he glared up at Amy as she brought her hands forward.


It was Amy's most powerful blast, capable of carving chunks of rock off the moon from the surface of the earth. The beam that came out of her hands formed a pillar of energy ten feet wide and it seemed to scream as it descended towards the dome of energy around Siefried.

Across the field Eternal Sailor Moon brought the crystal forward and fired her own silvery beam of energy. Ranma noticed that the skirts and bows on the Scouts uniforms had turned silver and were glowing brightly. She could even see Ami's glowing high in the sky as he beam fired. She paled as she realized just how much power was being thrown about here. Then the two beams slammed into the dome and Siefried screamed as the atmosphere inside the energy prison seemed to change. Ranma could tell that the guy was getting mad by the black glow that was springing up around him.

"YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED!" Siefried screamed.

As if flexing his muscles, Siefried seemed to expand upward, tripling in size in a matter of seconds. The ground began to shake and rumble, making it hard to stand, and nearly throwing Eternal Sailor Moon off her feet. In that instant Ranma knew he had to do something or the plan was going to fail. She could see it written all over Sailor Venus's face as she struggled to hold the power flow open.

Lit up like a star, Ranma shot forward like a rocket heading right for Siefried. He reached deep within himself and found the power to pull off one final attack. Energy from the three attacks began to arc off the dome and shrike as he drew closer. It hurt at first, but she ignored the pain and managed to force the energy to warp around her. "Ascension of the Dragon God Final Attack!"

The glow around Ranma altered in that instant and for a split second she ceased to be Ranma Saotome Guardian Knight and she turned into a giant ball of pure energy. She could make out the shocked look on Siefried's face within the dome as she changed. Then the ball of energy whipped around, still moving forward a few inches above the ground and formed into a giant winged blue dragon made of energy. Its eyes narrowed in furry as its hundred foot wingspan lifted it above the field of battle and it opened its mouth and fired out a blast blue fire that rivaled Amy's blast by several orders of magnitude.

High in the sky Amy Lee's power gave out and she had just a second to see Ranma transformed into the Dragon God before she drew in her last breath with a smile and fell out of the sky.

Siefried's scream echoed over the city as his body was annihilated out of existence and a giant black cloud of smoke took his place. He wasn't defeated by a long shot, but his plans had just been blown to hell. This defeat set his plans back by years and it would take forever for him to get back this moment. His smoky form swirled about as the continuous blasts ripped him to shreds. Then he saw Amy's body falling out of the sky and he made a smoky dash for it.

The unexpected move took them a second to figure out. Ranma saw Amy falling and pounced on the smoky cloud, firing another blast of blue fire into its back area. Eternal Sailor Moon, gasping for air, stopped firing her energy blast and tired to think of anything to do. Then she saw something that nearly made her faint in shock. Ranma had morphed back into his human form and hovered in the air dressed as the Guardian Knight again. A ball of energy formed in his hand and he seemed to hesitate for just a second before he fired it. Not at Siefried, but at Amy as she fell.

They could only watch as the beam slammed into Amy's chest and blew out her back.

Siefried stopped moving as well as he looked at the now useless body and swirled about in confusion. He hadn't taken that kind of action into consideration when he started this fight. The crystals walls that had formed the dome just a few seconds before realigned itself suddenly and Siefried barely had a chance to defend against the power that slammed into him. With Amy dead he didn't have any way to keep his hold on this dimension. She had been his anchor. Then Eternal Sailor Moon raised her crystal once more and Siefried vanished from existence.

The light from the Silver Crystal continued to grow and in an instant Princess Serenity stood before them and even she was lost to sight as the wave of energy swept across the city righting everything that had gone wrong.

Ranma barely noticed as she landed on the ground by Amy's body and picked her up. She refused to cry and just sat there and rocked her friend's body.

"Ranma." Sailor Venus said as she walked up.

"It was the only way Ranma." Jupiter said.



"Ranma you have to move or you will never be able to get out of this depression! It's been three days already!" Rei yelled at Ranma.

By the time Usagi had finished using the crystal the entire city had been rebuild with not sign that anything had ever happened. The only thing that hadn't changed was that Amy Lee was still dead. Those people killed by Siefried had been restored, but Amy, for some reason hadn't been saved. Even the Sailor Crystal hadn't been able to bring her back from an early death.

Ranma hadn't said a word as he carried her body back to the shrine and sat it in the back yard beside a tree. Then he had sat down beside it and started to wait. He wasn't sure how long it would be, but he was sure that it would happen soon. That had been just three days ago and he hadn't moved an inch in all that time. Except to hold her hand and the girls were beginning to really get worried.

"You have to be strong!" Minako said. "Don't let this consume you."

Ranma didn't blame them, nor did he listen, but they seemed to have forgotten what Amy told them that one day. He hadn't forgotten what she said and knew that if he was patient enough he would be able to see Amy once more. At the same time he watched the crystals on her arms. Something else the girls hadn't noticed after all this time was that the crystals would occasionally pulse with energy for a few seconds. Then go dark once more. He wasn't sure why they were doing it though.

"Will you at least eat something?" Makoto asked shyly as she held out a basket full of food. She was trying to get on his good side.


"Ranma you can't continue on like this." Ami said from behind her friends as they all stood around where Ranma was sitting on the ground.

"None of you understand."

"We understand that if you don't move on you will only cause yourself even more pain." Usagi said.

He glared at them. "Go away!"

"Please Ranma, you have to at least get some sleep and eat something." Ami said as calmly as she could. She wanted to look at Amy's body and find out why it hadn't started go through all the stages of death that body was supposed to. It hadn't even turned to sparkles of light like Hotaru's body had.

"Amy will be back." Ranma stated with a snarl.

The girls gasped and backed off a few feet to talk. Ranma just smirked and turned back to Amy's body and held her hand once more. It seemed to bring him a feeling of peace when he concentrated on her. He remembered quite clearly what Amy had told them so he wasn't worried. Well not much anyway. After three days he was beginning to think he might have misunderstood what she said.

Then his stomach growled at him when he smelled the food Makoto had brought over, but he ignored it and focused on Amy. She was all that mattered to him right now. He watched as the girls moved away cautiously and headed back into the shrine while giving him worried looks. They hadn't noticed, but Amy's chest and back wound had sealed up the day before and there wasn't a trace of blood anywhere on her clothing anymore. It had been so subtle that at first he hadn't noticed either. For some reason they hadn't even bothered to take a closer look once they realized that she was dead. They still hadn't gotten over the fact that he shot her in the first place.

Inside the shrine Grandpa Hino stood with his grand daughter as they stood at the back door looking over at Ranma. "So he's still here?"

"He's so lost in his grief that he won't eat or sleep."

"That doesn't look like the face of a grieving man, Rei." He said.

"He hides it well."

"I've never met anyone that could hide their grief like that." Rei said as she pulled a broom out of the cupboard beside the door and prepared to do her morning chores.

"Don't get too caught up in that man's life or you will most likely be hurt as well." He said as he turned away and went back into the shrine.

"Aren't you even worried about him?!" She yelled.

"Sure I am, but he has to accept it on his own otherwise the situation will just get worse."

"I've never heard you say anything like that before!" She snapped.

"He will deal with it in his own way. At least he hasn't tried to kill himself yet, now that would definitely make things worse. I've been waiting for him to try something like that."

Rei gasped in shock. She hadn't even considered anything like that.


She walked out of the misty fog like a wraith, her beauty was enough to make even a demon sit up and take notice. Her white hair fluttered in a nonexistent breeze as she walked. Upon her head were the symbols of her station and they told everyone her rank and power level. In her hand she held a pair of crystals. The first was a Sailor Saturn's sailor crystal and the other was a small five pointed ruby. They both shone brightly in the mist that filled the world around them.

How long the woman walked is unknown, but she eventually reached the Gates of Time and stood before them. Kneeling at the base of the gate was Sailor Pluto. She looked as she always did, but the woman could tell that this wasn't the Pluto that had just been at the battle against Siefried. "Pluto." She said in a musical voice.

"How may I serve you Goddess Belldandy."

"The changes made by Siefried to your time line have been corrected. Everything except what is to happen to these two." She said as she held the crystals forth.

"They are supposed to have merged into one." Sailor Pluto said as she gazed at them.

"Amy Lee is a dimensional being. Her soul cold not properly merge with Sailor Saturn to take on her duties."

"Is it possible for Sailor Saturn to be reborn?"

Belldandy smiled. "Yes it is, but there is a price."

Sailor Pluto just nodded and The Goddess of the Present held up the Saturn Crystal and it flared with new life. When the light faded away a baby Hotaru was once again looking out on the world. The baby floated over to Pluto and she took the child in her arms. "What about Uranus and Neptune."

This time Bell frowned a little. "They have not been granted a return as Sailor Scouts, but are to be reborn as normal humans."

The time guardian nodded sadly. "They went to far."

"They have made many mistakes since they regained their powers. We are just correcting what should have already happened. Sailor Uranus and Neptune have already been replaced and will eventually need to be trained. It is up to you to find them and make sure these two do not end up like Haruka and Michiru."

"Of course."

"Now this one will be a little easier to deal with." Bell said as she held up Amy Lee's crystal. "When Saturn was infused into her body her soul became Saturn's crystal, but when she died the two split from each other and this is what her soul became."

"So she is still a Scout?"

"Yes, though she is no longer Sailor Saturn. She will take up a different duty within the ranks of the Scouts."

"She will guard the Glaive and its power?"

"Exactly, but I will only make these changes if you think they will be for the common good."

Sailor Pluto sighed as she remembered back over the centuries to when she had met Amy upon her awakening. "I have changed over the years Goddess, but I think Amy will make a good Guardian so long as Ranma is around to help her."

Once again Belldandy smiled. "Good, then there is only one thing left."

"There is more?"

"Indeed, there is the most important thing of all." She said and held up the crystal. For a brief second baby Hotaru glowed along with Amy's crystal and when it faded the crystal had vanished. "Without the Silence constantly hounding Hotaru she should grow up to be a very different Sailor Scout."

"What about her powers."

"They will alter over time to fit the new Sailor Saturn. It is Amy's punishment to shoulder the burden of the Silence now and to be honest she will be a much better guardian than Saturn was. Guardian Knight will be linked to Amy now, they already have a bond that can be amplified and modified. She needs an anchor to make sure the Silence doesn't overwhelm her like it did Saturn." She explained and vanished as she said. "Now I will go and good luck to you Sailor Pluto."

Pluto didn't say anything for several minutes, but then Hotaru started to cry and she grinned down at the child. "I am not a mother and if I ever see Haruka and Michiru again I will kick their ass for making raise you."

The child blinked at her and barfed all over the front of her fuku.

"I see I'm to be punished as well" Pluto muttered as the mess ruined her chest bow.


Out in the yard Ranma grinned as a wave of energy suddenly swirled around the body and Amy's eyes popped open and she blinked them a few times. "Wha…" She muttered.

"I was beginning to worry." He said as he helped her sit up.

"I died didn't I?" She asked in a dry voice.

"Yeah, I did as you asked."

"I hope you didn't hesitate too much?" She asked.

"A little, but I forced myself to do just like you asked of me."

She looked around and saw that things were back to normal. "It appears that my gamble worked after all."

"Yeah, though you said you would wake up in two days. I was worried."

"Eh, I am immortal, but it takes a while for my body to heal me. So it kind of depends on how much damage I took when I died."

"Ah, I guess I hit you a little hard then."

"You think?" She growled.

"Lets get some food, I'm starving after sitting here for three days." He said as he helped her to her feet.

"Thanks stud." She said with a grin.

"AGHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! GHOST!! DEMON!! AGHAAAAAAAAAAA!!" The Scouts all screamed and passed out right then and there. Except for Usagi, who took a different rout and bolted, running at full speed and disappearing into the distance.

"Was it something I said?" Amy asked.

"They forgot you were immortal." Ranma explained. "I got tired of trying to tell them you would be back."

"You would think they would remember something like that."

"Indeed." Ranma said sagely, with a nod and folded his arms.

"Cut that out!"

"Yes ma'am."

Amy was moving a bit slowly, but she managed to make her way into the shrine. As she stepped inside she came face to face with Grandpa Hino and he was a little pale. "Hiya gramps, what are you up to?"

"I thought you died." He said and pulled out one of his spirit wards.

"I got better." She said with a grin.

"I doubt that."

"Can I get some food first? I'm kind of hungry here you know." She snapped.

He looked at her for a few seconds, and then shrugged as he put the wards back. "Sure, you can talk to our other guest that refuses to leave."

"What other guest?" Ranma asked as he followed after Amy.

"That green haired Amazon."

"Who?" Ranma asked in a rather apprehensive voice.

"I believe her name was Setonna or something like that."

"Setsuna?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, that's the one." Grandpa Hino said happily.

"Oh good, I need to talk to her anyway." Amy said.

Setsuna was sitting in the kitchen reading the paper and nibbling on a piece of toast when they walked in. She glanced at Amy as she asked Ranma to fix them up a huge breakfast and sat down. They stared at each other for several seconds, like two great cats getting ready to pounce on each other. Then Setsuna spoke in a cold tone of voice. "I don't like you."

After drinking some water Amy shrugged and sighed. "I can't help that."

"I could have avoided all this destruction if you had allowed me to remove Saturn when I wanted to."

"Bullshit." Amy said and smirked at the woman. "We are both older than we look Setsuna and you weren't even thinking straight when Saturn attacked."

"I knew exactly what I was doing." She said frostily.

Amy waved her hand. "Yeah right, sure you did. Siefried tied his essence to me when I came here and used that as a tunnel to get into this dimension without being summoned. If I hadn't died he would have been able to possess me and use me for the rest of my life."

"Immortals don't work like that."

"True, but it still would have been hell. So I asked Ranma to kill me as painlessly as he possibly could the other day. That way we could break Siefried's hold on this dimension." Amy explained.

"If we could have stopped Saturn he would never had the chance when I wanted to he would never have gotten that chance."

Amy shrugged as Ranma sat breakfast for the two of them down on the table and they started eating.

"I loath you." Setsuna muttered and walked out of the room, but she didn't quite make it.

Another Sailor Pluto stepped out of a door that appeared out of nowhere and walked over to Setsuna. She handed the baby Hotaru to Setsuna. "It is your job to raise her."

"Hotaru?" Setsuna asked.

"Yes, she has been given another chance now that this crisis is over."

"What else has changed?"

Sailor Pluto looked over at Amy and Ranma for a second. "Those two are now considered part of the Outers."


"Don't cuss Setsuna, you do have a child in your arms." Amy said.

"What else?" Asked Setsuna.

"Uranus and Neptune have been reborn in a new generation. Haruka and Michiru are no longer Sailor Scouts."

"I figured as much. Anything else?"

"Ranma, you are now Amy's guardian. She is linked to the Silence Glaive now and is charged to use it only as a last resort." Pluto told Ranma.

He shrugged.

"Um, you seem to have puke on your fuku." A slightly horrified Setsuna said.

"Yes, I know." Pluto said flatly.

Suddenly a blond blur flew into the room and tackled Amy out of her chair and sent half the food flying. "AAAAMMMMYYY!"

"I see the Princess is here." Pluto said as she turned back the open door. "Well, I'm going back to the gate. We can talk later."

"Oh yay." Setsuna muttered as her future self vanished back into the time stream.

Baby Hotaru giggled as she watched Amy trying to pry the crying girl off her leg.

"WAHAAAAAAA!" Usagi cried.

"I'm fine! Let go!" Amy snapped.

"I thought you were dead!" Said blond wailed.

"I'm fine!"

Usagi sniffled and looked up at Amy with huge tear filled eyes.

Now Amy was searching around for a crow bar as Ranma started to laugh at her. A few seconds later the rest of the Scouts wandered into the kitchen and watched as Amy tried to crawl away from Usagi. Leaving scratches in the floor as she inched her way across the room and glared at them.

"Help me!"

"WAHAAA!!" Usagi continued to cry.

"I say you should just leave her there." Setsuna said. "She is an Outer Scout now."

"What?" Rei asked.

"Things have changed a bit. It seems that since Amy has been commanded to guard the Silence Glaive and Ranma is her Guardian."

"Oh great, does that mean we are supposed to worry about her going insane?" Rei snapped. "At least we knew Hotaru could handle the thing."

"A little help here!" Amy yelled.

"Little Hotaru has been given a second chance as well." She said as she indicated the baby.

"Ah!" The girls cooed as they surrounded Setsuna to look at the baby as it giggled and watched everything.

Amy glared at Ranma as she finally got Usagi to let go and crawled back into her chair and sighed at the mess they had made. She grabbed a couple of the surviving pieces of toast and ate them as she looked over at the girls. It was quite a surprise that Hotaru had been brought back this early. Though it was quite obvious that changes were already happening to the girl. There was no sign of the black corruption in her aura now. That just left one last thing to do before things could get back to normal.

Ami stepped away form the group and walked over to Amy and looked her over. "How?"

"I told you girls I was immortal."

The blue haired girl pulled out a pair of glasses. "Fascinating. I never really thought you were actually immortal."

Amy shrugged. "I get that a lot, no big deal."

"Still, can I have a blood sample? Hair?" Ami asked, her glasses gleaming.

Sweatdropping, Amy shook her head. "Maybe later."

Ami pulled out her computer. "I want details."

"Let her rest a little Ami." Usagi said as she grabbed a nearby chair and sat down.

"Well alright, but I want to study this."

"Later." Amy snapped and turned to look at Makoto. "Are you feeling better after what Saturn did to you?"

"Yeah, I never expected her to be able to use the Glaive like that. I've always thought it was just a focus for her powers."

Amy held out her hands and let the Silence Glaive appear. "This thing is a very powerful magical weapon. It seems to give the user a high level of skill when they are bonded to it, almost like programming the moves right into the users brain."

"Put that away Amy." Setsuna snapped. "It's to dangerous to just wave around casually."

"It's not as dangerous as you think." Amy said as she put the weapon back in her subspace pocket.

"Aren't you supposed to be transformed to be able to use that?" Minako asked. "Hotaru never pulled it out unless she was transformed."

"I don't transform anymore. I'm back to using my own considerable powers again."

"You still need to train." Setsuna said. "I will make you at least look like a Sailor Scout."

Amy stuck her tongue out at Setsuna. "Nyyyy."

Setsuna glared and the rest of the girls just laughed. Behind Setsuna, when no one was looking Ranma finished off all the food and burped.


The End

Ending Notes – Well there is the end and have to say it took long enough. I developed writers block because of this thing way back in September of 2001 and every time I came back to it after working on my other stories I would get the block again. It serious pissed me off at one point and I posted the first scene of this to my site and said I wasn't going to finish it. Ever. Well I lied, but I probably would never have finished this if I hadn't been prodded into it by Gordon Stevenson at

Send him an email you want, he would like to know what people think of the suggestions he gave me to finish this story off.


A couple of Omake:

Having been completely forgotten about, again, Saturn stomps her foot and glares at all the girls as they argue with each other. "Yo! Are we fighting or what?!"

She wanted to beat her head against a tree. Every time she fought against someone they would all just start talking to each other and completely for get they were in the middle of a fight.

"Arghaaa!!!" She screamed.

She tapped her foot, but they still weren't paying attention. So she pulled out her Sailor Scout cell phone and called Chibi-Usa. At least she would pay attention to her without being distracted.

"Hi Usa!"

"Yeah, can you believe they forgot we were in the middle of a fight? I could blow them away and they would never notice it."

"It sucks!"

"You want what?"

"Ice Cream? Now?"

"But I'm in the middle of a fight."

"I don't care if they are ignoring me, what thing to ask for at time like this?!"

"Oh alright, I'll get you some."

"Wait, they seem to be done talking."

"They are looking at me with a weird glint in their eyes." Saturn fidgeted a little and looked away from them, she took a second to adjust her skirt and flick a bit of dust off the Silence Glaive.

"What do you think they are talking about?"

"Really? In the middle of a fight?"

"Well that does kind of fit doesn't it?"

"Well have to go, they seem to be ready to fight again. Bye Bye!" She said happily and pretended to kiss the phone and giggled a little. Then she turned to the Scouts and glared at them. "PREPARE TO DIE!"


Sayuri and Yuka were sitting in Sayuri's bedroom listening to music when they felt something strange happening. Sayuri, with the dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail looked over at her friend and gasped. "You're glowing!"

"What!" Yuka screamed and looked at her friend. "Aghaaa! So are you!"

"AGHAAAA!!!" They screamed and started running around the room, tripping over piles of clothes, and rebounding off the walls.

"What the hell is that thing on your forehead?!" Sayuri asked as she saw the symbol of Neptune, somehow knowing what it was, etching itself on her friends head.

"There's one on your head too!"