My First Card Captor Sakura Fiction Inspired By the Series...


-Remember that you are mortal -


I do not own CARD CAPTOR SAKURA. Since this would be my 1st fic for CCS, do not blame if the plot is not as good as you expect. NO FLAMES, please!

The song I used here was Yakusoku by CHIHIRO YONEKURA. Haven't heard it, but the lyrics are quite good.




About 6 years ago...

"Let's all put our hands together for Miss Hinagi Clow and our newest CEO, Mr. Eriol Hiiragizawa!"

A guy with deep blue hair went with his piano piece and a girl with beautiful long auburn hair came by his side. The pretty girl went to the stage, and in her hand, she held the microphone. She glanced at the boy lovingly and nodded twice.

The boy started playing the piece and the girl swayed her slender body with the music...

Yakusoku; Promise

Vocals:Hinagi Clow
Arrangement, Composition, Lyrics: Eriol Hiiragizawa

yuugure chiisana kage ga hashaide

watashi o toorisugi ieji e kaette yuku

ano hi anata to konna fuukei

okutte kawashita ne

futari dake no takaramono o

kokoro de musubareta yakusoku

ima mo ima mo taisetsu ni

idaite itsu no hi ka anata ni atte soshite

hataseru sonna hi o

watashi shinjinagara sugoshitemasu

ima goro doko ni iru no deshou ka?

kawashita yakusoku kokoro ni mada aru kana

kisetsu watatte shibatta keredo

kawarazu ano koro no anata dato negatte imasu

omokage musurettemo yakusoku

ima mo ima mo kono mune no mannaka o atsuku shite

shikkari kokoro, kokoro musubareteru

koto o watashi shinjinagara matteimasu

anata ni aetanara yakusoku sotto, sotto

tazunetai ano hi no futari e to modoreru

naraba douka mouichido

yakusoku shite ne shinjinagara inottemasu

(English Translation:

In the evening small shadows dance around

I pass through the roads on my way home

That day with you and this kind of scenery

It was brought to me

A treasure for just two of us

the promise that binds my heart

is important even now

Embracing, someday may be I will meet

You and then it will be fulfilled that day

As long as I believe, I'll be waiting

I wonder where you could be now

That promise I wonder if it's still in your heart

the seasons have changed, but

It doesn't change that time

I wish that it were you

even it your face fades, that promise

is in my heart even now

it burns passionately within me

Our hearts are tied together

As long as I believe, I'll be waiting

if I should meet you, that promise

softly I want to ask

To return to the two of us from that day

If so then one more time, another promise

Make with me, as long as I believe and pray...)

As the music stopped, she smiled gratefully and happily to everyone. The crowd clapped their hands loudly.

"Onee-sama! Good job!" A girl yelled from the audience, with the same look and color of eyes and hair as Hinagi, clapping and waving her hands in the air. "Woohoo!"

"Momo-chan!" Hinagi went down the stage. A guy went to her and gave her a bouquet of white daisies.

"Nice one, my twin sis." He said. "Congratulations!"

"Arigatou, Touya-oniichan." She said softly, "and to you, Momoko."

Momoko grinned at her. "I'll always be your number one fan, Hina-onee."

She hugged her tightly. Eriol went to their table. "Ne, Touya-kun, and Momo-chan!"



"That was an awesome piece," Touya replied. "And my sister's rendition fits it."

"I made that song just for my special someone..." he said.

"Nah, don't go mushy-mushy here!" Touya exclaimed. "So embarrassing!"

They all laughed. "Happy Birthday, Hina-chan..."

"Arigatou... Eriol. Aishiteru..." she kissed him on the cheek.

"Yipee!" Momo exclaimed. "So when's the wedding?"

The couple glanced at each other. "It would be soon..."

A whirlwind of events happened... it led to a series of unfortunate events in the Clow Family...

"Momo-chan! I'd like you to meet someone..." a man with silver hair came to them, with a young boy of 13, with a messy taupe hair.

"Yue-kun!" Touya exclaimed. "Long time no see!"

They gave each other a high five. "Yeah. This is Syaoran Li, my apprentice in photography." Yue said as the boy named Syaoran came closer.

"Konbanwa, minna-san." He replied. When Momo-chan looked his way and smiled brightly, he suddenly stopped. He blushed instantly and ran away like a mad man.

"What has gone into him?" Hina-chan asked. "Is Syao-kun alright?"

"I guess he's just a little shy, that's all." Eriol said. "He never encountered someone looking as pretty as Hina is before. It's natural. He went like this when he first saw you, right?"

Hina nodded. "Yeah. He's quite peculiar, but he's kind."

Momo ran after the boy. "Ne, chotto matte! Syao-kun? Daijoubu?"

Syaoran looked a little bit to her. "Hai. Ii desu,"

She smiled again, and took his breath away. "Yokatta!"

"Ano... atashi wa, Momoko-chan desu."

He grinned. "Hajimemashite."

They both smiled, as they walk towards the others. They held hands along the way. This will be the night everyone won't forget, with accordance to the Clow Clan...


SEOUL, Korea: November 15, 2006, 6:55 PM

"Momo-chan..." a lad about 20 whispered solitarily in the air as he watched the skies from the top of a penthouse. He was sitting alone there, waiting for the sky to turn in deep blue.

"Today was the day I lost you--- you and your eternal smile..."

He grinned foolishly to himself. "Dakedo, I should not mourn. I know you're still alive."

His cellphone rang. "Ye? This is Syaoran."

He went quickly to his convertible car and drove as fast as he can. "Darn Takashi Yamazaki, he's getting me into big trouble!"


INCHEON, Korea: November 15, 2006, 6:55 PM

"Achoo!" a girl sneezed. "Whew! That was the third time this day! I guess I'll be having a petty cold."

She continued to walk around the city and watched the streetlights open one by one. She smiled contentedly to herself.

"So pretty,"

She walked along again, rubbing her hands with each other to make them warm. "I wonder where my search would start."

She carried her luggage and proceeded to her walk. Kinomoto Sakura ran quickly when she saw the bus going to Seoul.

"Matte!" she cried. The bus stopped and she was so glad. "Is this going to Seoul?"

"Ye." The bus driver replied. "Hurry up!"

"Kamsahamnida!" she thanked the driver. She went to a seat near the window to have a glimpse on where she's up to. Seoul, here I come! Mom, dad, wait for me...

Sakura smiled to herself. "I'll be home soon..."


Syaoran Li went down his blue Malibu convertible. He ran towards another guy, arguing with the police.

"No! No! I said I was trying to go to the right lane! But the ROAD was CLOSED!" he was shouting. "Can't you even speak ENGLISH???"

Yamazaki sighed. "Syao-kun! Koko ni kite!"

Syaoran waved his hand. "What's this again? Are you skipping Korean Classes?"

"Yeah, sorta..." he answered honestly. "Deal with them. Onegai?"

Syaoran glared at him but then he went closer to the police.

"Na wa kabchi kabsida!" the police said.

"Syao, what was it?"

"He said 'Come with us'." Syaoran replied. "Jamshiman gidaryo juseyo."

(He said 'Just a moment'.)

"Jebal hwaeneji maseyo. Malhaejuseyo?" (Please don't get mad. Can you tell me what happened?)

"Dangshinun ku rul algo issumnikka?"

"What did he say?" Yamazaki asked.

"He asked me if I know you, idiot." Syaoran replied. "Ye."

"Tonghaeng kumji!" the policeman pointed to the closed road. (This road is closed!)

"Yama, the road was closed according to them. Haven't you read that sign?" Syaoran pointed to the sign. "God! Practice your Hangeul!"

"Sille hamnida!" Syaoran said. (Please pardon us)

The police nodded. Syaoran went to Yamazaki. "Tell them that you'll give them the license."

"No way!"

"Argh, do it!"

Yamazaki went and put it out. "Igosi nae kukjeunjon myonhojungimnida."

(This is my international driver's license.)


Syaoran grinned and then they both drove away. He reached for his phone and Yamazaki was calling. "Oh man, you haven't changed. The only sentence you know is how to surrender your license!"

"Sorry, dude!" he replied. "That was purely my mistake."

"Of course!" Syaoran exclaimed. "Don't skip the class. Soon, I'll go back to Tokyo for school. You won't have someone to help you."

"Arigatou, my friend!"

"Oh well, never mind that again."

They both drove towards the bus stop...


"We're here at Seoul!" Sakura exclaimed. "At last!"

She went down the bus and then walked slowly. Suddenly, someone went and took her bag.

"MY BAG!!!!" She cried aloud. Syaoran and Yama saw it. Syaoran went back to his car and stopped in front of Sakura.

"Let's run after him!" he said. "Hop in!"

Sakura gazed at him for a moment. "Are you coming?" Syaoran asked.

"Hai. Arigatou!" she said. "Oops! I mean, Kamsahamnida!"

"Don't worry, I speak Japanese language too." He smiled as he drove quickly...

When Syaoran glanced again at her, we was shocked. "M-Momo... Momoko???"

Sakura was surprised. "Pardon??"

Syaoran stopped the car and gazed at her. "It's you! Momo-chan!"


To be continued