And so it begins, the beginning of a tale that spans so far and so wide. A tale of adventure love and deception.


Redone, again (30/4/10)

Max and Laura were bored, they were in the final lesson of the day, maths, not the best lesson they knew of. It wasn't that they were bad at it, it was just boring and their teacher was strict, as in sneeze without her consent and you were as good as dead.

The topic of the lesson was trigonometry they had been doing it for weeks and they were no closer to finishing. Max was day dreaming, she couldn't wait to get home to her computer so she could watch some more Anime, to her it was the only thing that kept her sane.

Laura was thinking about random things like which CSI was the best Greg from Vegas or Wolfe from Miami she just couldn't decide. She decided to ask Louise her CSI buddy after class and thus changed her thoughts to the anime Max had told her to watch, it was called Naruto or something and Max was addicted to it so it couldn't be that bad.

Max was thinking about Shikamaru one of her favourite characters the others being Itachi and Temari, her train of thought was cut of when she saw a board rubber flying thought the air towards her, she casually leaned back on her chair so it missed and hit the wall with a sharp crack waking most of the class who had fallen asleep during a lecture on sine, cosine and tangent which they had heard for the third time.

Max picked it up from her book which had random doodles of ninja weapons and a drawing of random anime characters. Her book was like a time line, the further you got, the better the drawings were.

She turned to a fresh page and began a new drawing, she didn't worry about listening, as well as her drawing, her reflexes and instincts had gotten better from all the times something had been thrown at her.

Next to her Laura sat, dealing cards to the people nearby. She could be trusted to be impartial, she disliked them all equally.

Finally the bell went, every one dashed for the door but the teacher called Laura and Max to stay. As they stood there while the teacher went to get something they looked around, something didn't feel right to Laura, Max however was looking for a place for her new prank.

"Is someone in here?" asked Laura looking around trying to pick out even a slight anomaly.

"I can't see any one," answered Max, her friend had an over active imagination, sometimes and often jumped to conclusions most of the time it was best to ignore it. Max lent back in her chair rocking it onto two legs.

"Maybe they're hiding,"

"Why would any one hide in here? People sell there souls to get out of here. Remember that guy who tried bribing his way out," scoffed Max tilting her chair back as far as she could without it falling.

"It could be stalkers," said Laura as if Max had never spoken.

"Who would want to stalk us?"

"Some paedophile or, or a rapist or even a murderer. Oh god were gonna die!" screeched Laura melodramatically. Max sighed she picked a book from her bag and flipped it open.

"Shut up, we aren't going to die. Though, thinking about it… if we do can I have you essay for English I haven't done it yet," said Max, Laura looked at her, then the book she was reading.

"No because you'll be dead too, isn't that the last Harry Potter?"

"I was going to try to lighten you paranoia mode but there goes that idea, and yes it is the last book, so far its pants," Max said as she rolled her eyes for the fifth time in the last hour, she turned the page and continued reading.

"So we are going to die," and for the twenty-eighth time that day Max felt like banging her head into a brick wall. The two times she actually had didn't count.

"No, we are not going to die, stop being so morbid," seethed Max, she was trying to hate the book in peace.

"I wouldn't be so sure," said a voice.

"Argggggggggggghhhhhhhhh" screamed Laura. Max was startled by the loud scream and toppled backwards in her chair, hitting the floor with a muted thud.

"Shut up Laura! You could wake the dead with that scream but noooo instead you decided that waking the dead wasn't enough, you had to kill my ear drums"

"But, but …."

"If this 'mystery person' wanted to kill us they would have already killed us," explained Max logically. She got back into her chair and tilted it back again and went back to reading, completely ignoring the fact her book was now upside down. It didn't matter, she could easily read upside down.

"I suppose"

"What the hell is that smell?" Laura rolled her eyes, Max was probably going to change the subject away from their impending murders.

"What smell?"

"The smell of clay and chocolate…mmm chocolate," Max sighed, she wished she hadn't eaten the chocolate at lunch.

"I don't smell anything"

"Shush." Max had a revelation and no it wasn't what the meat they sold in the canteen was. Besides everyone knew it was cow tongues and lamb spleen and not what happened to kids in detention.


"Either I'm paranoid or there are two people here hiding in this room watching us one has more mouths than should be possible and the other addicted to pocky"

"How do you know?"

"I watch TV and in the anime Naruto there are two people who I imagine would smell of clay and pocky and you'll be happy to know there both killers and both merciless." Max quickly shoved her fingers in her ears ready for the next outburst.

"WHAT?!!!!" Some how Max still managed to fall of the chair again, hitting the floor for the third time that day. The first had been due to her habit of walking around with her laces untied.

"Calm down, they could have killed us before we even knew they were there," Max repeated as she got back into her chair and once again lent back.

"Correct," said the voice, two people appeared both with black cloaks decorated with red clouds and both wore conical hats shading most of their faces. Max was so tempted to do a victory dance at being right but restrained herself.

"Itachi and Deidara of the Akatsuki," Max stated eyeing them up to see if they were going to attack them.

"Who?" asked Laura.

"Some bad guys in Naruto," Max failed to mention that they were the ones that were two of the best ninjas, one loved blowing up people and the other had an unbeatable technique. So if they were to attack, Max and Laura would be so screwed. If Laura had paid attention to her earlier then she would know. Unfortunately when panicked Laura had a short attention span.

"Are they gonna kill us?"

"We are still here, we can here you, un" piped up Deidara.

"Tell me when I start caring," said Max ignoring the evil glare that was sent her way.

"If you know who we are then why aren't you running, un?" asked Deidara, he reminded the girls of one of the boys in their year who was denser than glass.

"As I said earlier you would have killed us if you need to. so what do you want?" Max asked as if she were just talking about her latest piece of homework. Laura groaned, it was so like Max to be so straight forward even in the face of potential danger. It happened a lot when she was getting yelled at for lack of homework. Most kids cowered in fear, however, Max normally had a vacant look on her face and too many witty comments.

"We need you to help us," said Itachi. Max blinked then blinked again then started laughing. She didn't even bother getting back on her chair as she hit the floor again. She just lay on the floor like a rug.

"Why would you the great Akatsuki need the help of us, two small weak insignificant girls?" asked Max he voice was slightly muffled by the carpet.

"Hey! Less of the insignificant!" protested Laura.

"If you listen I'll tell you." Max rolled over so she could see them.

"Ok fire away," Max tried to keep a straight face but dissolved in giggles before composing herself.

"As you know I come from 'Naruto' but it's actually a parallel world and we need your help to save it, I you agree then you will be transported back with us and when your done we'll transport you back and it will only have been 5 minutes because of a time dilation between them"

"And in English for the slow people," asked Max motioning at Laura. Itachi brought out two kunai.

"This is your world" he shakes one blade.

"This is my world" he shakes the other.

"I want you to go to my world, and you leaving will stop time on your world"

"Ok," smiled Laura both Max and the two Akatsuki members got the feeling that she didn't get it.

"What do we need to do there?" inquired Max. she was a tiny bit unnerved by the was she was getting looked at by the two Akatsuki members.

"You need to stop Sasuke from going to the snake Sannin and being consumed. And do all you can to stop Akatsuki from getting the tailed beasts including yourself Max"

"I have a tailed beast?"

"Yes you have the seven tailed wolf inside you"

"How do I know this isn't a trap?" asked Max suspiciously.

"You don't"

"Ok let's go then," Max said brightly getting up from the floor and dusting herself down.

"But… wait, you're going! but they could be trapping us," shrieked Laura.

"If they were trapping us they would have tried to gain trust, they haven't so I can only assume they are trustworthy," explained Max with a lopsided grin.

"You have very strange logic," muttered Laura shaking her head.

"No one knows what life is like, unless you hold your breath and take a dive, in other words, who cares it sure beats this place, do your really want to be stuck doing trigonometry for the next ten years"

"Ok but if we get killed I'm blaming you," threatened Laura, Max shrugged she had scarier threats from a tree. That had been amusing; Max had walked into a tree on a school trip and had said it was out for her.

"So will you go?"

"One condition, we get guns in the form of a summoning scroll so we can summon what ever we want"

"I knew you would say that. Ok, but by the way when you get sent to our world you'll get sent back in time into your three year old selves I'll be five the others will be two. You'll probably look different and you'll have all the knowledge you currently possess, if you die you will just end up back here"

"Ok let's get this show on the road," Max exclaimed. Itachi activated Mangekyo and opened a portal, Deidara walked through first, proving it worked. Max shoved Laura through then walked through her self Itachi quickly jumped through as the portal started to disappear. No one noticed someone race in the room and follow them through.

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