This is the last chapter but never fear there shall be a sequel.


It had been a couple of weeks after the events that had followed the chunin exams; Tsunade had taken Sakura and Haku as apprentices. Max still didn't like Sakura as she fawned over Sasuke still and it bugged her since it would always be in the middle of their training. Naruto had grown a lot stronger as Jiraiya helped him with the things Max couldn't do.

Zabuza and Haku had moved into their own flat and but visited often. Max had gone to Suna and officially helped them while they had no leader but also to see Gaara.

Sasuke and Max would train with each other after he had insisted he become stronger and Max felt after how he had helped at the chunin exams and later at the confrontation with Itachi and Kisame he hadn't pushed to fight, so he deserved something.

She hadn't let him copy anything but made him master them on his own. They hadn't become as close as Max and Itachi had but more like a brother/sister bond, though he had been spending a bit of time with Laura.

Currently team 7.5 were exploring, Tsunade had decide they needed to do a few missions together to keep them a team. Naruto had taken point, Max on the left and Sasuke on the right Kakashi bringing up the rear in a diamond shape. For some reason Sakura had had to go with them and was in the middle, but to balance it out Ed was with them, he had wanted to see the ninjas in action.

"What's that hollow stone circle?" asked Naruto over the earpieces

"Stone circle?" was the question from Kakashi as the rest of the team converged on his position, Max took a bit longer because of the fact she was being lazy

"Yeah with runes around the edge" Max's eyes went wide as she remembered Stargate SG1 another TV program she was obsessed with that had a stone circle she ran towards where the rest of her team was. Her suspicion was confirmed as she saw it; it was exactly the same as on Stargate. She tapped on it to make sure it was genuine.

It was, Max was smirking inside, all the things she could do. Then a though hit her. Did that mean earth existed but it was different from her earth, or was it that she was only on a different planet? The first idea sounded more likely.

"Do you know what it is?" asked Kakashi as he saw her face fill with recognition.

"Yes it's a gate to other worlds" said Max bluntly.

"Ha, ha very funny, do we look stupid?" were the smart words of Sakura, she was still trying to make herself look smart as she batted her eyelashes at Sasuke.

"You want an answer for that? Besides, I'm not kidding"

"Then how do you work it" Sakura seemed determined to undermine her. Max looked around until she noticed the DHD (dial home device) she was about to go over to it when the Stargate started to activate.

"Move away from the gate now and don't touch anything that comes through unless it's hostile" Everyone scatter to the trees, the ring stops moving and the blue water like stuff forms. Out of the blue come what Max knows as a MALP.

"What's that?"

"its not dangerous so it doesn't matter" a few seconds later five people emerged Max recognized them as SG1- Daniel Jackson - archaeologist, Samantha Carter – scientist/astrophysicist, Teal'c – Jaffa, Cameron Mitchell the new leader and finally Jack O'Neill the old leader. Max jumped down from the tree she was standing on and landed in front of them wielding a katana and a P-90 identical to SG1's

"What do you want here" demanded Max in English, she was giving the fist impressions and she didn't want it to be bad or weak, Jackson stepped forward

"We mean no harm we're explorers from a place called earth we seek alliances to fight a common enemy" the rest of the team jump down behind Max

"We have no common enemy, do you speak Japanese" replied Max in English

"Yes, I know loads of languages, anyway what about the go'auld" responded Jackson in Japanese with a strange accent

"Never heard of them" said Kakashi

"I have but they don't know of this planet" said Max

"How do you know?" was the question on most people lips

"None of your damn business. Anyway you'll need to see the Hokage, the leader of our village"

"Ok lead the way" said Jackson before explaining to his team, they followed team 7.5 plus extras to the village.

Once again thanks to Max they had a new alliance thing in the making. But what they didn't know was that Max was hoping to go to earth and see what had changes (and see if there were any other TV shows).

She also wanted to go do all the things she had wanted to do in her world and see what where she used to live was like. Unfortunately the FMA crew had needed to go home to report but they would be called for in the event of a treaty coming into the makings.

A few weeks passed and SG1 had been in contact with earth and had come to an agreement. They SGC wanted to use the area near the gate as a Beta site in case the Alpha site was compromised

"Ok to finalize the treaty you'll have to come to a conference on earth with various leaders you are permitted two advisors and no more than two guards per adviser or other leader and two more on top of that. Its going to be in about three weeks to allow any arrangements to be made" said Jackson, he had been designated speaker since he was the only one who spoke Japanese.

the fact they didn't think Max and Laura were reliable since they were only ten physically was part of the reason. And the fact max had been changing random words to make innuendos. Most of the time either Max or Laura had been in hysterics from what they had said to form an innuendo and they could tell that Jackson wanted to laugh so badly. Unfortunately one of the others had caught on and now they were getting non innuendoed translations.

"Due to our alliance with Suna they will be sending their delegation with us and from Amestris some of their people will be coming too" SG1 nodded an left to their hotel room

"Max you'll be my official guard with one of the ANBU you'll be reinstated for the mission and I'll be taking some of the genin as a learning experience but I'll allow you to pick you'll have another ANBU as well" Tsunade informed Max who was delighted at getting back to her old rank.

"I would suggest Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Neji and Hinata, and I suppose my team but only because they would moan other wise I would also suggest Kakashi comes, if only to keep the others in line, I also would like to request Laura be allowed to come along too, she understands the language and she is the most observant person I know if there's something bad about any treaty she'll find it"

"Ok and your next mission is to go to Amestris and explain it, your new ANBU partner will come with you. You leave tomorrow" said Tsunade. Max nodded and left. Tsunade sighed as another masked figure entered the office.

She had been informed that Itachi was back for a bit and so no one recognized him he was back as ANBU. This time his code name was Ryuu, he had been grateful it was more masculine than usagi. Max hadn't stopped teasing him for weeks.

"Ryuu. Nice for you to be back, you understand your mission"


"You'll need to tell her who you are but wait until your almost there, we can't risk someone seeing" the masked person nodded and left.

The next day Max met her new partner by the gates in her ANBU uniform and they wordlessly departed, Max leading slightly since she knew where to go. They were silent most of the trip. Max didn't really have any common ground with her partner that she knew of and he wasn't talking so she assumed he didn't want to talk. Truth was Itachi didn't want to speak in case she recognized his voice.

They reached the mining town quickly and took the train to Central; they had henged into normal people so not to arouse suspicion. They were about half way through their journey when Itachi decided he should tell her and hope she doesn't over react.

"I was instructed to tell you who I was when we got here" said Ryuu catching Max's attention. Max nodded and they released their henge's and both took of their masks. When Max saw who it was she smirked, and glomped him.

"You're my partner how could you not have told me, I'm insulted and shall kick your ass at the next opportune moment" Itachi sighed in relief at least she hadn't tried to kill him. Yet. If it was anyone else he wouldn't have been scared but Max would quite happily beat him into the ground.

They replaced their masks and the henge's. The rest of the train ride was spent catching up properly. Each time they had seen each other it had been briefly. Itachi almost forgot that Max was only ten, she sounded more mature, like she was a teenager.

They arrived in central and made their way to the headquarters to talk to the person in charge. He had agreed to send four people, so on their return journey they were accompanied by Roy, Riza, Maes Hughes, Ed and Al. Since none of them know Max was one of them and Max was keeping her identity secret they journey was silent for most of it, until they got to wind country.

"So who are you" asked Ed

"If you were supposed to know then we wouldn't have masks, you'll probably find out later when theirs less danger of us being noticed" Max hated having to be so blunt but it was part of the job. Max suddenly noticed something in her peripheral vision and held a hand up causing everyone to halt.

"Someone's following us" said Max and Itachi nodded the other five drew some sort of weapon, but when Max saw Riza's gun she decided what would be really funny, she quickly summoned an AK-47, due to the similar size of the normal weapon it wouldn't be too different and handed it to Riza.

"This is better but works the same" she said with a grin and quickly demonstrated reloading it and handed two magazines to go with it. They spread out into a circle. They were ready for anything and they weren't disappointed, a group of about nine chunin level ninjas attacked. Max knew the type, they were scavengers anyone who went into the desert ill prepared would be weakened and were easy picking.

Max started spinning her scythe slowly letting it build up speed and on and unseen cue the scavengers attacked. One on each of the Amestris people and two on each of the ANBU.

Roy quickly got rid of his using his flames and Riza quickly targeted her opponent and took him out. Ed gutted his enemy using his arm blade thing and Al, well he basically stood there none of the weapons doing anything, he was to gentle to kill so his enemy was taken out by Riza who was really liking the gun. Maes just threw a dagger thing into one his enemy's throat.

Max decapitated one with her spinning scythe and kicked the other in the head into one of the other enemy nins who was getting shot at by Riza he consequently got shot too. Itachi just killed them with two kunai.

"Man that was easy" commented Ed, Riza was on the verge of stroking the gun and Max really didn't want to be the one to tell her it wouldn't stay forever. It had to be done though.

"Riza, I need that gun back, I promise I will get you one if you give it back" said Max slowly so not to provoke her. Riza sighed and handed it back and Max unsummoned it. They continued their journey without any more incidents and had lightened up a bit. They got to Suna and got told their delegation would be sent in a soon. Since they were ahead of schedule they stopped of at a village to take a break, they headed for the hot springs.

Al had decided to explore the village instead and Ed was glad his new arm was more rust resistant. They guys went onto their side and Max and Riza went into the other. To say she was surprised about Max's age would be an understatement.

"Max? You're so young yet you killed with no hesitation" she said

"It's how I was trained, that wasn't my first kill and it probably won't be my last" said Max they sat in silence for a bit soaking in the water.

"Where did you get that gun?"

"It's my summon, in the shinobi villages some ninjas have summoning animals to help them, I, however, have summoning guns"

"It reminds me of how Ed makes his weapons sometimes; both include pressing hands to the ground or surface"

"It does a bit, ah well" they chatted for a bit until the springs were closing and went to finish their journey.

They were so close to Konoha when they were attacked, it wasn't just a bunch of ninja who weren't worth the weapons they used. There were 15 jounin level and 20 chunin with a few dozen of higher levels. They had been planning to cause chaos in Konoha and a secondary force would come in after to take the village while they were recovering.

Unfortunately more had been hiding near by and they were out numbered and ambushed, they held out for a while but then someone called out to capture them not kill. This threw of Max and the others and they were captured, it had taken twenty to capture Max and Itachi each and ten on the others. They had had all their weapons removed and hands tied apart to separate wooden poles so they couldn't do any jutsu or transmute stuff. The leader came out of a tent.

"Well, well, well, what have we here, the infamous Ookami of the leaf and her new partner along with a group of foreigners" he sneered

"Dude I swear everyone here is blind, why do people point out the obvious" said Max she earned a backhand against her face. Max and Itachi had had their masks removed but they had got back up henge's up just in time.

"Silence, insolent brat" and she was back handed again for good measure. Max was seething; she was not a brat, insolent yes, but not a brat.

"Who are you calling brat you dumb butt" Max received another back hand Max let out a string of curses in various languages and spat at him, she had seen it in movies and wanted to try it out. The leader glared at her and walked off. They were left with a couple of people watching them. Max rotated her jaw a bit, those blows had hurt.

She remembered back to the original team 7 and one of the training sessions. The blow had mucked up her head so she probably had concussion.

Flash back

Max was running down the road she was late for training and Yuri was teaching them something new. She hadn't even had time to get there early to set up a trap. She personally blamed her alarm clock; they should make those things shatter proof. She grabbed an energy drink or seven and drank them as she raced to the training ground.

She arrived half an hour later, to see none of her team mates. She activated FA but was too late as she was jumped on, since FA had been in the earlier stages it took a few seconds to get used to it. She had found herself hog tied and wasn't pleased.

"I was late by half an hour because my alarm broke, I don't think that warrants getting tied up" she said as her team mates and teacher appeared in front of her.

"I needed a volunteer so since you were late you practically volunteered yourself" said Yuri, Max was cursing her alarm clock to oblivion.

"Today we will be learning about how to piss of your captor without getting killed and interrogating without maiming the prisoner, since Max is probably an expert at getting information she will be the prisoner" Yuri was grinning evilly

"I bet this is just revenge for that time your shampoo got replaced by honey, it wasn't me I swear" protested Max.

"Right Itachi your up first, remember not to harm her" he stepped up to her and Yuri whispered a list of what he was to find out from Max. He crouched down to her level and looked straight into her eyes.

"When's your birthday?" he asked

"Every year" was Max's smart reply

"What's your favourite colour?" he said going into a rapid fire style

"Square" Hana was sniggering in a corner

"What is your favourite animal?"

"Duck billed platypus"

"Why do you hate being called Maxine?"

"Because the fire is hot" Itachi figured he was getting no where Max was to good at this, even rapid fire questions didn't faze her.

"So Maxine how are you?" if he couldn't confuse her get her annoyed

"I'm ok, how are you?" she knew the technique and was ignoring it

"What kind of name is Maxine anyway?"

"It's my name because I am special" he was defiantly getting no where, Hana tried next and didn't do much better and Yuri tried and failed to get anything useful out of her. Max was having a great time.

End flashback

Max was brought back to reality when the leader emerged from his tent with a couple of torture devices. The FMA crew were getting worried especially since Max didn't look fazed. Truth was she had gone back to reminiscing. She was kicked in the gut by one of the guards. She glared at them defiantly.

"Pay attention to those better than you"

"I'm sorry I wasn't listening, you can't have been skilled enough to get my attention" said Max, she got kicked again. The others were wondering why she was being this disrespectful. Max was doing this to keep the FMA crew from getting hurt and avoiding the potential political disaster that would follow.

The leader walked up to her.

"You seem to be the one in charge, so I will ask you the questions, every time you don't answer or give an answer I don't like, you will be beaten" he said as one of the others brandished a whip with some bits of wood and metal for more damage.

"Bring it" she said rebelliously. Her eyes were set and her game face was on, she wasn't backing down

"What is your mission?"

"Kick your ass to snow country and back" the first strike stung a bit.

"Who are these other people?"

"People who I was hired to protect duh" Itachi smiled a bit, Max was giving answers with out giving answers, apparently the leader didn't like this answer either as the next blow landed.

"Where are they from?"

"Well when a man loves a woman…" another blow

"Which country you insolent girl"

"If I told you, you wouldn't know where it was" this wasn't the right answer either. Max's back was bleeding slowly now but who knew how bad it would get.

The question half arsed answer session continued and Max's back got worse until the leader decided to try one of the others, he picked Itachi since he wouldn't be able to understand the others, the FMA crew had been careful to speak only in German so they wouldn't be questioned.

Max panicked, she could take this because of her tenant, Itachi didn't have this advantage. Luckily she was saved by a kunai through each of the ropes binding them to the poles.

Max and Itachi sprung into action followed by the FMA crew. Max quickly summoned an AK-47 and threw it at Riza followed by some magazines.

What happened next was a blood bath, something had obviously annoyed Max and she was massacring people ripping their heads off. She didn't like her friends being threatened.

Three Suna ANBU emerged from the tree line to join in. they were followed by Gaara and Temari. Further in the trees were Suna's advisors but they stayed back. Gaara was crushing people to death with simple gestures and Temari was blowing them into trees and slicing their skin with her fan.

Itachi was killing people but at least he looked sane, probably the only one who did. Riza was having a ball, she loved the gun.

Roy was torching people left, right and centre, Maes was killing on a lower scale but they were cleaner deaths, Al was fighting back but only to the extent he could, his reflexes weren't too good in the amour compared to the ninjas.

The battle was over in a matter of 20 minutes, what was left was a pile of bodies. The group hadn't escaped completely unharmed though well Gaara had but that was different, Max had done some more stupid moves and the scar on her back now had a medium size bleeding area in the shape of three claws from when three high level ninjas had jumped on her and she only could block two and several slashes from the whip. The rest just had minor cuts and bruises. Itachi was silently gloating the fact he was unharmed. It was driving Max nuts.

"I get it I know, I managed to get hurt but you don't have to go on about it besides I killed more" Max was getting strange looks as Itachi hadn't made a sound. They hadn't been around long enough to know that Max could tell what he was thinking when it was this kind of situation.

Back in Konoha Max got carted of to hospital for the next lecture in the 'you're to young, let the trained people do this' series to which she promptly yelled at them that she knew and wanted something for the damn pain and that they should do their jobs like she does hers. She was slightly pissed off.

It was late by the time she got back to her house and got jumped on by Naruto; she was only patient with him because he didn't know that she was currently plotting deaths and the only thing stopping her was that they already were low on medical staff.

The next days she spent recovering properly her back had got loads of abuse so needed time to recuperate. She would be prepared for the negotiations though.

She had been dragged back to the hospital a day after she got back to her house, since she only left last time because she had snuck out. Now she had ANBU guards on her door and window.

She wasn't happy. She hated being confined and she hated hospitals. Most of all she hated the way the nurses treated her like she was five and took away all her caffeine saturated drinks claiming it would stunt her growth. That would explain her being slightly shorter than average, slightly as in one fricking inch. One. Not two but one. No she was not happy one bit.

She was released from prison with white walls and disinfectant a week later. She had been told to take it easy but Max hadn't been listening, she was just grateful to get out of the hell hole. Unfortunately the nurses had persuaded her team mates and people who she trained with to make sure she didn't exert herself. It wasn't a good week for Max.

"Why are you being so mean to me?" she questioned when Kakashi told her to take the rest of the day off.

"Have you tried to go against those nurses?!?"

"Yes, I ended up getting dragged kicking and screaming back"

"Then you know why, besides its not good for your back"

"You make me sound like I'm one hundred and eighty with back problems"

"Your ten with back problems, how do you get into these fights anyway?"

"I wasn't looking where I was going and practically tripped over their camp" Kakashi only shook his head; if it wasn't an S-class missing nin it was a bunch of rouges.

It was the day before the treaty meeting thingy and they stood in front of the gate a safe distance away ready to go. Max and Itachi were in ANBU uniform with cloaks on top and masks in place. Max had henged into herself but taller and older looking. The rest in their standard gear Laura was as exited as Max to be going to their home planet even if it was in a different dimension.

The SG team dialled the gate and the ninjas and alchemists and random others watched as the wormhole formed. Once the event horizon was stable half the SG team went through. Max was to follow as a scout and report back over the radio.

She thought of the irony, through another portal to a new adventure. Who knows what would happen.

Max stepped through the portal her new adventure awaited with anticipation.


Laura FIN

They turned around to see Max looking at you with an unconsious person,

"Do you need this guy cos he was planing on ambushing you and killing you"

"Yup just dump him anywhere well sort it out"

"Cool, i need to go on my next mission see ya"

"Bye" Max left in a poof of smoke, they were draging the body back to the lab to conferm it was who they were looking for when the guy woke up and knocked out Lauras partener.

He looked a bit enraged so Laura did what any one would do when faced with some one biger than them whith their only back up knocked out. she punched him in the balls and then knocked him out by hiting a pressure point.

Thats how Laura became a hero.



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in the sequel there will be more crossovers but you wont need to have seen/read them before as anthing will be explained or just not needed for you to understand it

This has another cross over with Stargate SG1 but you dont need to know much about it to understand it as most of it will be explained or you probably can guess.




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