This Is A New Story I Made, I Think The World Needs More FxA and DAxA

Who Agrees????

BTW… There's Gay Love! (Not sex… sorry girls)

It was raining, lovely.

A cool crisp wind kept making it's way onto the bridge of the condor, causing the crew to shiver occasionally, and Stork… well, he jumped out of his skin every time a shiver went up his spine.

Piper, the only female of the group, was currently looking at maps and charts, researching things, being busy as usual. Junko was chasing Radarr, screaming at the blue thing to give the wallop back his sandwich. Finn was reading a magazine, a quiet thing to do, strange… Aerrow was looking out the window.

That's when Finn noticed it, how much he felt towards Aerrow. A quick glance up from his magazine and he caught the red head out of the corner of his eye.

The skyknight was reclining in a chair, head tilted back in a lazy fashion. Both legs were up on the table, his arms dropped down by his sides. Just looking at the passing clouds.

For some reason the blonde just couldn't keep his eyes off of his friend.

That red hair, that carefree smile and those gorgeous green eyes shining, filled with love, compassion and- what the hell am I thinking?

The blonde shook his head at the images running through his brain. And threw his head back to his magazine, he began to read again slowly analysing every word. Until he had to turn the page, carelessly he flipped the paper over, only to catch another glimpse of the redhead.

Growling in frustration, the blonde got up and walked to his room. Making the other crewmembers look at him confused.

"What's up with him?" Piper asked, wondering what could have got the blonde so worked up.

"Who knows…" the wallop replied, panting from running after Radarr, who managed to climb upon the Skyknights shoulder.

Aerrow stood up, took the sandwich from his blue furry friend and gave it to Junko. "I'll go see what's up with him."

"Good idea" the others replied, in unison.

Finn on the other hand was in his room panting and sweating. How could he think of Aerrow like that? It's sick and wrong… isn't it?

Knock, Knock

"Finn, you in there?" adrenaline seemed to rush around his entire body, making him nervous and sweaty. He became shaky and his heart fluttered, as well as getting a little nausea. What the hell is wrong with me… its just Aerrow, I mean yeah… he may be really hot, and his hair might always be soft and those eyes of his are always dreamy and - STOP IT FINN! Just answer the door like you usually would…

"Finn… you okay buddy?"

The blonde opened the door shakily, his heart pounding in his chest and the palms of his hands were becoming very warm.

"Dude… are you okay? You're acting a little strange today…"

"I'm cool dude, just... a little… um… SICK! Yeah... I'm totally fine, just a little nauseas is all… no need to worry…"

"Well if you feel sick I'm sure Piper has something that can help... or Stork probably…"

"Nah… I'll just have a little nap and it'll go away…"

"You sure?"


"Okay… call us if you need anything…"

"Gotcha dude!"

The blonde watched carefully as Aerrow walked back through the corridor, the sapphire eyes looked at his crisp rosy hair, his muscular back and his nice tight ar-

The teen mentally slapped him, walked in his room, and really slapped himself. This is Aerrow we're talking about… I shouldn't like him in that way.

But I do…

And he should know…

That I care for him…

I respect him…

I love him…

And I want to be more than just friends…